Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Character sketch)

26 Dec

Maan Singh Khurana: 

A 26 years old singer. Gain much attention for his first music album.  Only child of Anukalp Singh Khurana and Natasha Khurana.The hottest hunk  for the girls because of his hot attitude and singing voice. But he never pays attention to them. Very well-known to all off course for his melodious voice and wonderful song lyrics. Though he is famous for his 1st music album but many people still don’t know him by his face, because of his security as he is Khurana’s only heir.

He believes in LOVE. But in a different way. For him love is existing in this world but it is not always about the feelings between a boy and a girl. He thinks he is deeply in love with his music. Music is his passion. Have good command over almost all types of music but mostly like soft music and love to learn about music from old singers.


“People used to say

Love is all a girl need

A man’s desire

But no one understands’

It is music that can flow your heart

With it’s each of the strings

It is love’ “

                      ~~ Written bY S@m~~

Anukalp Singh Khurana

The owner of India’s biggest construction company. Always wants to achieve all happiness for his family. His family means the whole world for him. Though he love his son Maan more than his own life, still always end up quarreling with his son. Deep inside his heart he is concern for his son’s future. But always his wife calms him down with her sweet talks and pouting face.

“How will I make my son understand the real face of this bitter world and the importance of money and power to live in this earth with pride”

Natasha Khurana

Wife of Anukalp Singh Khurana and Maan’s mother. Savior of Maan. It is she who always helps Maan to stay away from his dad’s anger. Always uses her innocent face to vanish her husband’s anger. But so much innocent as she always irritate Maan with her one and only work. Always keep herself busy in search of her son’s better half that Maan happily deject as usual. She hates to see all kinds of girl running behind Maan as she wants a decent girl for her son.

“Every mother wants to see her son settled within a family. I’m also waiting for that day when my son will show a lil bit of love and concern for a girl. That day I will definitely grab my son’s hand and will change his marital status to save him from all those stupid crazy girls.”


Savitri Singh Khurana: 

Now time to introduce our favorite cute Daadi ma’ ooppsss Maan Singh Khurana’s daadi ma. The sweetest daadi with broad minded thoughts.  she lost her husband when Anukalp was only 7 years old. But she is strong enough to raise his child alone as well as took care of the whole Khurana Empire. After Maan born, she stop going to office, but still have much share in her name and Anukalp never take any decision without discussing with his mother.

For Natasha, she is not her mother in law, she is the best mother in the world who always support more than her own son. Maan main to jaan basti hai savitri ki. It is she who supports maan about music though she know her own son wants Maan to see settle in family business. But she wants to see Maan always happy with his own dream.

“I want Maan to see the way he wants to see himself. And when he will achieve all the success in his life, I’m sure enough that Anukalp will be the happiest person among all of us. Though I hate to see these chipku girls running behind my grandchild, just waiting for a perfect girl for our Maan”


Geet Handa

A 21 years old bubbly girl. The youngest daughter of Mohindar Handa. Lost her mother at her early age. But never felt the loneliness of a mother as she is the ladli of Mohindar Handa, Arjun Handa and Ria Handa. Very naughty, becomes friends with strangers within 5 minutes. But not famous to teachers as she always keep herself busy in day dreaming in classes. And unfortunately the results are also not so good.

She believes in fairy tale love story. And spent a good amount of time by dreaming about his prince charming riding in a white horse to rescue her (Geet self thought: BUT for whom??? Chaddo mai avi thodi na janti hu ki kisse chutkara pani hai)

“Roses of red grow in my heart

And they will never wither

Coz they bloom every time I see your smile

Hear your voice in my dreams

Or just think of you in all day long'”


Mohindar Handa: 

Father of Arjun handa and Geet Handa. He WAS a singer totally pure in heart. His prayer was always with Sur aur Taal. But one incident changed his mind and broke his heart. After that day he stops singing as well as NO ONEof this house is allowed to even play a song in Handa Mansion.

“I once lived my life with my music and songs. But all my happiness snatched for all these. Now I just want to concentrate on my family which is my only world of happiness now.”

Arjun Handa

Geet’s one and only elder brother and Ria Handa’s Husband. The only one who handle all the needs of the family now. After a long hectic day he spends half of his time to pamper their ladli Geet. Love Geet as his own daughter. Also a lovely husband. An architecture by occupation.

“I love my family, where Geet is my heart, my gudia. I love Ria and Everyday fall in love with her more for the love she is giving to my family members.”

Ria Handa

Arjun Handa’s wife. Treats her husband’s family as her own. Passing her whole day spending time with Bauji (Mohindar) and Geetu (Geet). BUT one bad habit she has. Whenever she opens her mouth, ends up telling her husband every detail she has in her stomach. Our naughty Geet sometimes use this trick if she needs to inform something to her brother.

“Me happy with my little family, and Geetu is my heart, my daughter. Thank you to God for giving me a lovely husband, a father, and our bubbly geetu. Always pray to God that He gives all my happiness to our gudia and gives all her pain to me. I can never able to see a single tear in her eyes.”



Adi, Maan’s best friend as well as partner of his music albums


Geet’s best friend loves to eat and busy in day dreaming about MSK


Geet’s class mate, love Geet from college days, geet don’t understand his true feelings and consider him as a good friend

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