Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 1)

26 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


A room full with music instruments, where you have to think at least for one minute to search for a little space to put your legs in the floor. There were every kind of musical instruments, Seven-string guitar, Classical guitarDobro, Electric Guitar, Electronic organ, Drum machine, Tanpura.


Near all these there was a couch where a boy was lying on his stomach in his black vest and track pant. His one pillow was above his head to prevent the sun rays to reach his eyes. Another pillow was near his couch, lying carelessly on some music papers.


The whole room was totally cozy for Ac’s low temperature.


Natasha Handa, knocking from more than half hour to open the room door. Though she was restless as it was already near 8am and it was really very important today to wake her son up and made him come on the breakfast table timely, but she could not knock more loudly as her husband will know that his kumvakaran (according to his husband) son is still in sleep.


After knocking more ten minutes, finally she called Nakul (the servent of Khurana Mention) to bring the spare key of the room.


Ye ladla kabhi nehi sudhrega, itni bar kaha usse kal raat ko ki aaj ki din jaldi uth jana, aab agar dad ne kuch bola to pura din sabki upper gussa nikalti rahega“, saying this Natasha entered the room.


The bed was empty as well as the room. Shaking her head she opened the glass door of the attached room. This is the studio.


Entering the room, she saw her son sleeping peacefully still in his jeans and shirt. She felt bad to wake him up; as she knows he worked till late night for his second music album. Cursing his husband, she sat near her son.


Natasha: “Maan, beta jaldi uth ja, its already late baba.”


Maan: “Mom plz na, let me sleep a lil more time. I went for sleep at 5 in this morning.”


Again cursed her husband, Natasha said again, “Beta bass aaj ki din uth ja, it’s already near 8am, and if u missed today’s breakfast in the table, you know na how your dad will react. And then he is leaving today for the whole week.”


Hearing this, Maan opened his eyes hurriedly, “ohhh shit mom. It’s Sunday, why didn’t you tell me first.” He jumped and entered his room.


The real room is totally different from Maan’s music room. It’s totally cleaned up and decorated perfectly with the furniture. The looks of both rooms are totally different.Its walls are also decorated with music signs.

In one corner of the room there are many Indian musical instruments placing very carefully. In one look anyone can understand how good collections of Indian musical instruments he has. Dotara, Sitar, Venu (Carnatic flute), Bansuri, Pambai – unit of two cylindrical drums, Electronic tanpura and many more.

In another corner there was a piano near the big windows. Its Maan’s favorite place whenever he is in so much happy mood, he likes to sit here and sing his songs with daadi ma.

Maan- mom just gimme 5 minutes, I will join u both in breakfast.

Natasha- “ok beta, but come fast.”

Maan shouted from washroom- “mom plz meri kapre bahar nikalkar jana”

Opening the wardrobe and choose a pair of t- shirt n jeans for her son, she left the room.


At breakfast table:


Anukalp was sipping his coffee and murmuring something (sam: off caurse against our Maan)

Savitri came and sat in the front chair and asked Natasha what happened with her eyes.

Natasha had been checking the watch at least 10times from last 5minutes.

Daadi smiled at Natasha and told Anukalp: “subha subha aap fir se humhari pote ki piche per gayi?”

Before he could reply, Maan came down running 3 stairs at a time. “Good morning guys“, he wished and kissed daadi ma and mom and take his seat near Natasha.

Anukalp: “you are 10 minutes late Maan, when will you pay attention about the value of time?”


Maan- “when I will be old enough like you” and winked at daadi ma”


Daadi smiled but Natasha gulped her saliva as she knows what will come next.

Anukalp- “Mai Buddha hu ya jovi hu, tum ye batao ki office kab se join karrahe ho. You know na as I am old n need my son to help me with my work”


Maan- “dad I told you before I’m not ready to work now, and I am quite busy with my next music album”


Anukalp- “and iss music se kya hoga, koi future hai kya iss mai?”

Before Maan could answer Savitri interfered now, “anukalp you again start the same topic, we are here for spending some time together while doing breakfast.”

Anukalp- “ma I am just trying to'”

Savitri- “if u want that much help you can hire a secretary, and I am here also to help you, may be you forget my capability beta.”

Anukalp know there is no use to talk as the two ladies will support his son. “I’m not saying this ma, I know you are still more good than me when it comes to work”

Natasha tried to change the topic. “When will you come back from Lucknow?. You remember nayou will take all of us to our farm house”

Anukalp- “I will mam, but let me finish this deal first”

After breakfast Anukal bid good bye to everyone and went to the car, while going he bend a little and kissed Natasha in front of everyone and said softly “Will try to come back soon, love you sweetheart”

Natasha turned red as usual while savitri teasingly said “ha ha, iss buddhi ko to koi pyaar nehi karti aab”

Maan- “mai hu na dadi ma, aap to avi vi mere liye princess ho, aur ha mitha vi ho SWEEET HEAAART”

Anukalp rolled his eyes and left while Natasha ran to kitchen to save herself from both of their teasing smile.



Maan’s studio:


Maanwas trying to take one sur in tanpura from last one hour, but still not satisfied enough with it.

Aditya- “yaar aab bass vi kar ,accha hi to hua iss baar, khamakha iss bechari tanpura per apna frustration nikal raha hai”

Maan- “Nehi ho raha hai, you heard that song na, there the tanpura’s music was like touching your soul.”

Aditya- “aab tu aise music modern instrument se vi kar sakta hai, kyun time waste kar raha hai, uper se humhare pass jyada time vi to nehi hai”

Maan- “nehi mai ye gaane mai koi fault nehi chahti, kash apni uss singer se ek bar ye sikhpata.”

Aditya- “you know that is impossible as Mohandar Handa stopped singing long time before.”

Maan- “Adi I’m sure enough that he is still singing song in his house, n media konehipata bass”


Aditya- “hehehehe (sam: here come our adi’s famous smile: P)’ager itna hi sure hai to jana unka ghar jake bol , Mohindar ji mai apse iss tanpura bajana sikhna chahta hu”


Maan- “majak mat kar, mai such mai kisi vi tarike se iss sur ko uthana’..”


Suddenly one idea stuck in his mind.

Maan- “waise adi, kyun na hum unki ghar mai ek bar jakar unse puchle”

Aditya: “kya???… Maan tera dimag to thik hai na, you know ki Mohindar Handa stop talking with media long time before and now no one know how he is spending his time in his mansion”

Maan- “I know, but Maan Singh Khurana se kavi koi bach nehi sakta, chahe ya na chahe per sikhunga to mai unse hi”

Aditya- “ha ha, mai vi dekhta hu.Tu shayad vul gaya hai pichri baar ek singer ka kitna beijjati hua tha, bechara to gharmai pair vi nehi rakh paya tha”

Maan- “Mai ghar mai vi jaunga aur sikhunga vi unke pass se, tu bass jane ki taiyari kar”

Aditya- “are you serious? You really want to go to Delhi only for one little music?”

Maan- “chota ho ya baara,mai apne gaane ki saath koi chance nehi lene wali hu.Aur avi dad vi nehi hai, mai mom and daadi ma ko samjha lunga”

Aditya- “Thik hai, mai dekhtahu tickets kab milta hai, per tu mujhe confirm karna fer se”

Maan- “kya adi, u know me, I’m 100% sure that I am going. But try to plan how we can avoid those media while we reach Delhi.”


At Night:


Adi called maan and confirmed that he got tickets for next day evening. He will wait in the airport for Maan.

Now maan need to talk with daadi ma about his travel, only she can manage mom as well as dad’


At dinner time:


Natasha was quiet than other days, from when maan told her about his going to Delhi.

Savitri- “beta, maan choto bacchi thodi na hai, aur ager vo kuch sikhneki liye jaraha hai to humhe unhe rokhna nehi chahiye”


Natasha- “per ma, vo waha jakar rahega kaha, aab vo apne dad ki dost ki ghar to nehi rahega ragini ki chakkar mai”

Savitri- “Vo manage karlega, Aditya vi to hai uska saath”

Maan- “exactly daadi ma, adi aur mai manage kar lungamom, per tum aise dukhi chehre mai rahogi to mai khushi se ja vi nehi paunga mom, pleaseee”

Natasha- “aab meri koi parwa thodi hai dono baap bte ko, ek chala gaya, aab dusri vi jaraha hai”

Shaking his hand Maan seat near his mom, “You know me mom, how much you matter for me, ok if you don’t want I will not go, mai ye song cut kar deti hu album se”

Natasha- “nehi nehi iski koi jarurat nehi hai, ager jana itna hi jaruri hai to tu ja, aur maa vi to hai yaha meri saath, koi baat nehi”

Maan- “you sure na mom, if you don’t want me to go I can cancel”

Natasha- “its ok beta, you go”

Daadi ma smiled at both of them. Maan know how to change her mother’s mind and how much maan’s happiness means to Natasha. Her first priority is always maan’s happiness for which she can go against his husband’s will also.

Maan’s self-thought, “HERE I COME DELHI, HOLD YOUR BREATH”


Precap: Maan reached Delhi and will introduce our bubbly Geet in next part’ Wink

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