Sargoshiyan- Whisper of Love (Prologue)

26 Dec



A girl’ a simple girl’ is sitting in front of the mirror’ wearing deep red lehenga’ but there is no one to help her to get ready’ no one is here’ nor its her wedding day’


She is sitting alone’ her eyes are swollen and red’ continuously tears are escaping from her eyes’ but there is no one to wipe off her tears’


“Where are you mumma’ your gudia need you today’ Papa is not here with me mumma’ just the way he promised you one day'”


She looked at herself in the mirror’ more tears make their way out’


“You promised me Maan’ that no matter what happen you will always understand me’ then why you just turned away from me’ for once at least tried to understand what my heart wanted to tell you today’ you loved me from three months’ but I’ I loved you from the day I started to dream’ started to dream about my future’ started to dream about my prince’ when I heard your voice I started to consider you as my husband’ how could you even think that you didn’t mean anything to me'”


“You mean my world Maan… you were always special for me… you are still special for me Maan… you are still my reason to breath… but what I could do Maan… i can never go against my papa’s will… i can’t be happy with you if my own father is against our relation… nor i can live without you…”


She opens her drawer and takes out a bottle of sleeping pill… and start walking towards the balcony…


It’s raining outside… like the way her heart is bleeding in pain… she reminded about her past days… she was the ladli of her father… but now her father doesn’t even look up at her face…


The rain reminded her about her past…the sweet memories with her Maan… their 1st kiss… their 1st confession of love…


She is sitting in the balcony from past 10 minutes… cuddled up with her heavy dress… it’s her mother’s wedding dress… she always wanted to be the bride of Maan… wanted to hold his hand in front of the world… wanted to declare him as her prince proudly… but destiny planned something else for her…


Drenched in rain she cried her heart out… “Kash Maan, kash aap yaha hoti meri maang varne ki liye…to mai aapki hi bankar aapni aakhri saas le pati…”


Everything in front of her started to blur… then turned dark… she closed her swollen eyes…


NEXT: THE STORY BEGINS… from 5 months before

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