Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 5)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


The whole drive to the university was on silence. Here Geet continued her cursing program for Maan, and Maan smirked at her situation.

As soon as the car parked on the car parking, geet went down hurriedly and ran to the uni gate. On mid-way she stopped and shouted at Maan

Geet: Maan my class will finish at 12.30pm. Don’t be late


Maan: I will wait here


Geet again started running


Maan was watching her retreating back and mumbled, Delhi express


Geet reached the classroom and as usual entered from 2nd door. She sat beside Pinky.


Geet: Kitna miss kia?


Pinky: IS curve derivation ki 2 parts finished


Geet: Good, I don’t need to hang my brain with this boring macro


Pinky: But sir already told that it will definitely come on final


Geet: Then make a note of it for me, I will memories it before xm, no need to understand it


Pinky: Ok


Geet: Where is Piyush?


Pinky: Don’t know, he said he will wait for us in the canteen


Before Geet replied anything, Mr Bakshi (Macro teacher) called out her name.


Mr Bakshi: Miss Handa, tell me why the planned expenditure function is going downward here?


Pinky was slowly telling her the answer, For the decrease in planned investment


Geet overheard half of pinky’s answer and replied to the teacher


Geet: For the decrease


Mr Bakshi: Decrease of what?


Geet: That you said earlier


Mr Bakshi: Miss Handa, I know what I said earlier, but I want to know it from you now.


Geet didn’t answer anything and looked down at her note book


Already students of a group were started smiling at Geet, especially

Sameera, the first girl of the class


Mr Bakshi: This is the last time I’m warning you Miss Handa. If you don’t want to attend class, it’s your choice, and if you come then you have to pay attention here.

Geet: Sorry sir


Mr Bakshi: Sit down and concentrate.


Geet sat down, it’s the regular routine for her in the class.


After the class, Geet entered the canteen along with pinky

A boy came to them and hugged Geet side way

Piyush: kya hua madam? Why are you in a grumpy face?

Geet: Because of our honorable Bakshi sir. I don’t know why he is always after me?

Ragini was passing by them, she mocked Geet, Why don’t he? He knows well how much bad our honorable geet handa in study?

Pinky: oyyeee, what’s your problem? Why are you always after geet?

Geet: ragini mind your own business; you don’t need to think about my study.

ragini laughed at her comment. Oh really, you know geet, I don’t even want to think about you when I will prepare my subjects as your name only harm my result.

Ragini was always the topped in class and teachers loveed her a lot for her brilliant result. For that she wants all the people will praise her and will run after her. 

But here Geet was famous to all because of her bubbly self and friendly behavior to everyone, and that’s why she always taunted Geet for her weak point and that is Geet’s study. As our Geet was always busy in her dream land, her results are very bad in almost every subject.

Geet was going to answer her back, when Piyush interrupted, Leave her Geet.We have better works to do. Let’s go to the mall, we can have some ice cream together.

Pinky: You guys carry on then, I need to go to library for my assignment. You don’t worry geet, I will make one copy for you also.

Geet: Thanks Pinky, But I really need to study this time, Papa is also upset for my result.

Piyush: kar lena xm se pehle. Now let’s go

Before Geet could answer, her phone rang

Geet: hello

Ria: Geetu, teri class khatam ho gayi na?

Geet: Ya Bhabi, why?

Ria: Then do one thing, come fast and on your way bring some cucumber and carrot for salad

Geet: But bhabi’

Ria: Geetu, hari prakash is also not home, and I also can’t go as papa is still not at home.

Geet: ok Bhabi, I am coming

Geet cut the call and looked at Piyush with a puppy face

Geet: sorry piyush, I have to go home now. We will plan this ice cream later, then Pinky can also go with us

Piyush: Ok, but let me at least drop you today, your bro don’t come today na?

Geet: no actually bro hired a driver yesterday

Piyush: but geet

Geet: Bye dear, im getting late already. See you tomorrow.

Piyush: ok then, bye. (self-thought: I am waiting for that day geet when you will don’t even step forward  one inch without my permission)


Here inoutside of uni. Maan was talking with his daadi ma.

Daadi ma was laughing at maan’s comments about geet.

Daadi ma: Seriously Maan, don’t you think it’s too much to comment about a girl like this when you just know her for only one days?

Maan: sweetheart, one day is well enough to know this delhi express.

Daadi ma: Delhi express? Maan do you know one thing? Mohindar handa’s village town is hoshiarpur

Maan: really daadi ma? Then let me change her name from delhi express to hoshiarpur express

And both started to laugh again.

Daadi ma: bas kijiye avi maan, it’s not good to comment about someone in her absence. But I’m really glad there is one girl who can dance above your head

Maan: No need to be that much happy sweetheart. It’s only for some days as after that I will tell mohindar ji my real identity

Daadi ma: and after that Geet will be totally fida over you. She loves MSK na?

Maan: Daadi, stop pulling my legs now. That nautanki is coming, will talk with you later daadi ma

Daadi ma: Thik bhai beta, take care of yourself, love you

Maan: Ya bye, love you too sweetheart


Geet came near car and heard the last line what maan said.

Geet mumbled to herself: Oh, so he has a girlfriend too


Geet opened the car door and sat in her seat.

Geet: I need to go to the bazar for grocery shopping

Maan: ok but mam

Geet: But? U fixed you dating time kya?

Maan: what?

Geet: Hai, with your girlfriend? geet replied with a cheeky smile

Maan: No, I am asking that which mall you want to go for your GROCERY SHOPPING

Geet:  Mall? He he, why will I go to the mall. I will buy all these from roadside. And you need to go with me, samjhe?

Maan’s self-thought: roadside wala? I never went to any mall with mom for shopping, adi ye kaha fasa dia yaar?

Maan: Ok mam, but I never did all these, so I can’t help you on that

Geet: Why didn’t you shop for your girlfriend?

She winked at Maan where a mischievous smile was playing on her lips.

Maan: No, And why are you asking me about my girlfriend again and again?

Geet: Because I heard you to say love you

Maan: ya so? One can only say that to his girl friend?

Geet: no but sweetheart can be called to girlfriend na? I used to heard bro calling bhabi on these names before their marriage. And whenever I caught them u know bhabi used to shy and her whole face turned red like a tomato

 Here our Geet started her bakbak, and poor Maan have no other option to listen

Maan looked at her totally surprised that how a girl can talk too much when before 3hours she was in so much bad mood.

Unknowingly a smile came to his fame

Maan: Hoshiarpur express

Soon he forgot to ask Geet that she had any experience to shop on roadside bazar or not


PRECAP: Karne chala Bazar do anari, vo vi delhi ki roadside per’. What will happen now???

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