Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 10)

27 Dec


Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love




Maan came back to the driving seat and started the car. Pari looked at them suspiciously and asked,


Pari: What happened guys, what were you talking over there?


Geet:it’s none of your concern Pari, you want me to drive this car I will definitely show you that I CAN DRIVE


Pari: so you go outside just to ask how to start the car and how to stop?


This time before cold answer anything, Maan interrupted,


Maan: Pari, don’t you think all these talkings are of no use to both of you, and it will only creat problems between you to in future?


Pari shut off her mouth to hear that, where Geet looked at Maan surprised.


He way Geet used to disturb him with all her antique plans and works, Maan never said anything rude to her, nor he showed any bothered expression in his face, but today she was watching someone new, full of personality with self respect as well as insolence.


Firstly the way he replied to Piyush so self-confidently, don’t know why Geet didn’t able to replied anything rude to her, like he was saying the right things.


And now here with Pari, his one sentence made Pari shut. But he never talked with Geet like this. nor he showed any angriness to Geet.


Geet thought to herself, Duffer, tu to aise hi ye sab soch rahi hai, may be you came to about him that he is educated, that’s why


Then the drive continued for some more time in silence, no one talked with each other, and Geet send a message to Piyush that they will be a little bit late, so that Piyush and Rahul will wait and order food for all of them.


When the car came on the high way, Maan stopped the car and came out of the car, as well as Geet. Pari and Pinky looked at them like what happen all of a sudden, and also came out.


Maan: Geet mam, go and sit in the driving sit


Geet: Pari you go and sit with Pinky, and Maan you will sit with me, eerrr I mean beside me


Maan somehow hide his chuckle as he knew Geet was afraid to drive and that’s why want him beside her.


So here Geet was in driving seat, Maan was in the passanger seat near Geet, and Pinky and Pari was in back seat.


Geet murmured to herself, Babaji aab aap per hi bharosa, bacha lena please


Geet putted the key in ignition and started the car, ten minutes passed, Pari was shocked to understand that Geet was actually telling truths to her.


And our Maan was truly amused to see Geet driving. Though for the first 5 minutes, watching Geet’s face Maan thought she would start crying and do something wrong. But the way she was handling the steering to move the car, the way she was changing the gear every time the acceleration of the car increased and pressing the clunch while changing the gear, it surprised Maan.


And within some minutes the girl was sitting here with so much confidence in her face now.


Geet was maintaining the car speed according to the traffic rule, Also she didn’t want to do anything wrong, so chose to follow the normal speed.


Pari: Yaar why are you so afraid?


Geet looked at Pari from the rear view mirror and asked


Geet: And who told you that I’m afraid


Pari: Of course I can understand to see the car speed


Geet: Now what’s wrong with the speed?


Pari: You truly don’t know? Or you always drive in this speed, I mean ti say snail pace


Pinky: Pari, what happened with you today? She is doing great na? Then why are you still poking her


Pari: I am not poking her, actually I don’t need to do this. I am just saying what I am watching


Geet: Pari, I’m just maintaining the traffic rule and following the maintaining speed, ok?


Pari: Ya ya I understand, now stop the car and let me drive the car, otherwise we need to do our dinner there


Suddenly Geet felt something touched her leg, Shewas planning to shout to think it was an insect, but her voice caught in her throat when she felt a leg pressing the accelerator over her own leg. And in next moment the car speed increased.


Geet looked at Maan worriedly, in return Maan smiled a little at her to assure her that he will maintain the accelerator. In return Geet also gave her a broad smile.


Pinky looked at Geet and said,


Pinky: Geet tu speed kam kar, you don’t need to show anything to her


Pinky knew Geet was not used to in driving, so she was getting worried as soon as the car’s speed increased. Already if Arjun would know about this car driving, he will definitely kill Maan first, and here, poor Maan was only helping Geet.


As soon as the highway came to the end, Geet pressed the brake and looked back at Pari with a face like what-did-you said-to-me


Maan and Geet exchanged their seat and Maan started the car and came to the restaurant.


All were leaving and Maan decided to park the car and wait for Geet here, Maan turned and saw Geet on the same place waiting for him,


Maan parked the car and came near Geet,


Maan: You need something?


Geet: Thanx Maan, you really saved me from her taunting


Maan smiled at her and said, Its ok, but to be honest you are really good in driving


GeetGo and tell that to bro then, actually no don’t even think to tell him, wo tumhe kaccha kha jayega


MaanThen you will be happy that you brother will take my job away


Geet: Why I will be happy? We are friend na?


MaanFriend? But from when?


GeetYou helped me today, right? And friends help each other, to hua na hum friend


Maan looked at her innocent face with amusement and smiled


Maan: Ok friends


Geet: and from now you can call me by my name, no mam no madam


Maan: Ok now you go and enjoy, I will wait in the car parking area.


Geet: What? You are not coming


Maan: What will I do there, you go


GeetNo no, you are coming with me there, no need to be shy


Maan: But Geet?


Geet: we are friend na? Then why are you talking like a stranger?


Maan sighed and said : Fine chalo


Geet giggled at him and both started to walk


PRECAP: Ria accidentally open her mouth and split the news to Arjun that Geet went to local bazaar for shopping. Arjun hell angry on Maan that why he didn’t inform that to Arjun. NOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN???


Guys, this is to all of you from my side as today finally after so many tensions, got scholarship again from my Uni…
AS a treat I will again update another part on saturday, anyone interested… Wink
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