Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 11)

27 Dec

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Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Both Maan and Geet entered the restaurant. Pinky was happy to see that finally Geet’s weird plans would stop with this friendship. Pari  was supper excited to see Maan with Geet, Rahul showed no emotions, he was ok with Maan.


But what amused Maan the most was Piyush’s facial expression. Piyush made very annoyed face to see Maan with Geet.


Pinky: Arreee, why you guys are late. I’m getting hungry now yaar


Rahul: ha ha, first can you tell me when u doesn’t get hungry?


Pari: Rahul, stop making fun of her


Piyush: Geet come on, now sit, I already ordered your favorites


Geet looked at the seats. It was a round table where Piyush and Rahul seated together. After Rahul, one seat was empty, then pari, pinky, another empty seat between pinky and Piyush


Geet didn’t want Maan to seat beside Pari, might be Pari was openly flirt with Maan in the car, that’s why


Geet bend near Pinky and whispered in her ear


Geet: Pinky can you please sit on that chair, Maan will be uncomfortable there, wo kisiko janta nehi na


Pinky smiled softly and stood up


Pinky: Maan you sit here


Pinky went to sit near Pari and Maan, Geet sat on their seat


Piyush didn’t like Maan, wobhi seating beside Geet. The food came, Mexican Hot pizza with mushroom spicy salad, and soft drinks


Pinky served food to all of them, the lunch finished with the chatting, though Maan participated less and concentrated on his food, He only replied whenever someone asked something to him



Handa House:


Arjun was getting ready for his office and Ria was fixing his tie. No matter how much in hurry Arjun is, Ria had to fix his tie, it’s not like He don’t know it, he just don’t want to miss this little amount of time to flirt with his wife


Ria: Aaap ne saari file check karke lia na?


Arjun: Ha baba, I checked everything


Ria: I want to go for shopping with Geet, don’t forget to give me money


Arjun was wearing his watch and just replied Hmmm


Ria: I want to make our baby’s room first, only then I will allow you to plan for a baby


Arjun smiled at his wife’s weird demand, but couldn’t say anything or else again NO BABY this year


Ria: arreee, don’t forget to give some money to Geetu also, poor baby had no money yesterday and need to go to the hawker market (ooopppsss)


As soon as the hawker market slipped from her mouth, Ria shut her mouth. But what’s the use of keep your mouth shut when you already told the main point


Arjun looked at her surprised,


Arjun: What did you say?


Ria: Maaiinnn’ ku’ kuch viii to..oo neeehiii


Arjun: Ria, you were talking about Geet and then hawker’s market?


Ria: nooo, wo I was’ wasss’


Arjun called her and Ria sat beside him in the bed


Arjun: now tell me exactly word to word


Ria: wo I told Geet to go to mall to buy some vegetables, later when she came back I came to know that she went to hawker’s market for shopping. She told me she didn’t have much money


Arjun: But I gave her money before 3days


Ria: May be she needed to buy some books, it’s her new semester na


Arjun: But she could ask money from me or you


Ria: Arjun, please don’t scold her, she was already scared and I promised her that I will not tell you


Arjun: acchaa???


Ria mildly smiled and replied


Ria: now don’t make fun of me, you know na I can’t hide anything from you


Arjun smiled and mentally note to talk with Maan as he told Maan to report everything about when and where Geet went to him


Arjun: Chalo, I’m leaving, already getting late


Ria: Arjun please don’t get mad at Geetu about this matter


Arjun kissed Ria’s forehead and replies with a smile


Arjun: Don’t worry, I will not scold her


Ria: Bye, Love you


Arjun: Love you too sweetheart


In the mall:


All came out of the restaurant and as usual girls became busy selecting dress for them. Piyush and Arjun also went to one store to see some t-shirt for them


Maan noticed one electric guitar, Maan loves to buy musical instrument and it’s his hobby, and one look at the guitar, he just want to buy it now


It was a Melody Maker Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Satin Ebony


The black body comes in a choice of grain-textured satin finishes while the set-in, 1-piece mahogany neck has the slim Melody Maker profile. The wrapround tailpiece, with its tight and solid design,


Geet came from behind and asked him, 


Geet: What are you doing here?


Maan: Was looking at that guitar, it’s beautiful na?


GeetHmmm, You know how to play this?


Piyush: How will he know to play all these?


Maan: So you know playing guitar, right?


Piyush: I don’t need to waste my time in all these stupid works


Maan: Music is not any stupid works, but for understanding this you need to have that heart


Saying this, Maan went to the store


Piyush was hell angry to hear Maan


Piyush: Geet, you really need to change this driver, how dare him to talk with me like this


Geet: But music is not any stupid thing, and’


Geet couldn’t able complete her sentence as she heard the playing tune of a guitar


It was truly awesome, the tune really can touch one’s soul for sure


Geet with the gang entered the shop and shocked to see that it was playing by not other than Maan


Maan was playing one of his new song’s music which he tried to compose for some days. All were surprised as they never thought Maan can play guitar and that too this stunningly


Maan finished playing and was returning it to the shopkeeper who was insisting him to buy it, he would give some discount for him as he just loved his playing. 


Here, maan couldn’t buy now as in his credit card his name was written as Maan Singh Khurana, and he don’t want Geet to know his real name. So he was telling the shopkeeper that he would definitely buy it after somedays


On the other hand, Geet was thinking that Maan didn’t have that much money. She felt sad and planned to help him


Geet: You can take money from me Maan, I have much money to buy it


Maan: Thanks Geet but I will buy it later


Piyush: Hey come on, you can take it from me, I will not tell you to back my money in future, I have the heart to help poor people you know


Piyush smirked at him, he said this as a reply of Maan ‘s earlier speech


Maan felt like replying him backin some rude words for insulting him in front of everyone, but he is not that type of person to shout at anyone, and replied in a calm voice


Maan: Thank you Piyush but I saved that much money to buy my favorite things from my own money


Geet: Then you can take money from me now, and then returned it after we reach home


Maan: Geet I will come tomorrow and but it, don’t worry


Geet: What’s the need to come tomorrow again? Come on, you can borrow money from your friend, right?


Maan: But Geet


Geet: We are friends na?


Maan smiled at Geet, later all sat in the car


All of a sudden Pinky said,


Pinky: arreee, how will Maan enter your house with this guitar, Mohindar uncle will definitely be mad at him


Maan: Then? And why he will be mad


Geet: Don’t worry, we will find a way, we can take it to Maan’s room secretly just like my all the CDs and CD player


PRECAP: What about a song sequence???


“Chup Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan

Chup Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan”

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