Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 12)

27 Dec



Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Maan, Geet and Pinky reached home and saw Mohindar and Arjun was coming out of their rooms with their bags.


Arjun: Geet, where is your mobile? I was trying from last one hour


Geet: Bro wo to’


Arjun: If I can’t be able to call you in emergency then what’s the need of using it


Mohindar: Arjun, is this a way to talk with your younger sister? Maan beta, can you please take the bags and keep in the car’


Geet was already on verge of crying to hear Arjun shouting on her, wo bhi all of a sudden in front of everyone without any reason



Maan looked at Geet and thought it would be better to go from here and let them solve their family matter. As Geet would feel discomfited in front of him. So he left with the bags.


So he nodded and left with the bags to solve their family problem among themselves


Ria came out of her room hearing Arjun’s voice.


Ria; Why are you shouting on her, she was in the university and her mobile would be in silent mood


Mohindar side hugged Geet and Geet kept her head on Mohindar’s shoulder


Geet: Sorry papa’ it will not happen again


Finally one tear escaped from her eye. Ria gave Arjun one deadly look


Mohindar: its ok meri gudia, it happens, now don’t be sad and get ready first


Geet: Why papa?


Mohindar: We are leaving for hoshiyarpur as your Bua’s health is not good


Geet: But papa I have a test tomorrow


Ria: Can’t you attend it later?


Geet: No bhabi, it’s really important to attend


Mohindar: Hmmm, ok then you can stay home only if Pinky wants to stay with you


Pinky: No problem uncle, I will inform dad


Mohindar and Pinky’s dad Shekhar are friends from many years, and Pinky used to stay with Geet whenever Geet stayed home alone


Mohindar: if needed then I will talk with Shekhar


Pinky: Ji, thik hai uncle


Mohindar: You both hurry up and freshen up, we will leave soon


Pinky and Geet both went upstairs


Mohindar: Ria beta, you also go and pack some food for the evening for three of us


Ria: Ji papa


Arjun: Papa, I am going to talk with Geet


Ria: You better say sorry to my Geetu


Mohindar smiled to see Ria’s love for his princess


In Geet’s room:


Geet came out from the washroom after getting freshens; Pinky was in the guest room.


Geet moped and looked up and started to talk with babaji



Geet: See babaji, how my angry bro were talking with me, wo bhi in front of everyone, don’t I have any esteem in front of my friends that he started to puncher my prestige


Geet was busy talking with her babaji when she heard a knock


Geet: Who’s there?


Arjun peeped in and saw his sister sitting crisscrossing her legs in the middle of the bed


Arjun: May I come in madam?


Geet made a cute fuming face and replied,


Geet: Why? You are still not satisfied after shouting at me?


Geet turned other side, picked a pillow and propped her elbows over it cupping her face


Arjun smiled at his sister’s antics and sat next to her in the bed


Arjun: So basically my gudia is angry with her bro


Geet murmured to herself: gussa bhi to nehi ho pati hu babaji’


Arjun smiled to hear that and softly said,


Arjun: Sorry princes, See I’m holding my ears also


Geet turned and hold his hands,


Geet: its ok bro, why are you saying sorry to me, you are elder than me na? You have right on me


Arjun: Baby I was worried for you, that’s why couldn’t able to control my temper


Geet: I know bro, I’m sorryyy too, I promise it will never happen again


Arjun: its ok, now come on, give me your 100 no no 1000 watt smile, you know na I can’t leave in peace to see your dull face


After saying this Arjun made a baby face, Geet laughed laud to see that and side hugged Arjun


Geet: I love you bro, did I tell you that you are the best brother in the world?


Arjun smiled and pecked on her forehead


Arjun: I love you too gudia, you mean the world for us, so you better take care of yourself, ok?


Geet: Okiee bro


Arjun: and if you will face any problem, then must call me


Geet: okk commando


Arjun: aab chal, otherwise papa will start shouting on me


Both stood up and went downstairs hand in hand


Pinky: Areee, problems solve?


Mohindar looked at Pinky as he didn’t understand pinky’s words


Pinky pointed towards the stairs, mohindar looked there and saw Arjun and Geet


Mohindar and Pinky smiled to see the siblings coming down in a happy face


Geet: Bhabi kaha hai?


Mohindar: In the kitchen


Geet: Chal Pinky, lets help bhabi there


Geet and Pinky went to the kitchen to help Ria, and Arjun went outside to talk with Maan




Arjun went near his car and saw Maan already kept the bags and locking the car door


Arjun: Rakh dia?


Maan: Yes sir


Arjun: Good


Maan smiled in reply and was about to leave when Arjun again called him


Arjun: I told you to inform me time to time where Geet went every day, didn’t I?


Maan: ji sir


Arjun: And you are supposed to do your work perfectly, right?


Maan: I’m doing my job perfectly sir, and today also I informed you before going to


Arjun interrupted and said,


Arjun: then why didn’t you tell me that you both went to hawker’s market?


Maan: wo sir


Arjun: Maan I didn’t hire you to let Geet go to the insecure places, and you didn’t even tell me about it. Its better you left the work if you can’t do it perfectly


Ria answered this time from their back,


Ria: I told him not to tell you, cause I know how you will get mad at Geetu for it


Both turned back and saw all came out prepared to leave. Maan looked at Ria shockingly as Ria didn’t tell him anything like this.


He himself hides that part from arjun intentionally so that Arjun didn’t get mad at Geet. Ria blinked her eyes to assure him that she will handle it


Geet sneaked a look from Mohindar’s back and meekly said to arjun,


Geet: And I didn’t tell him that I never went to that place and used to shop in malls


Mohindar laughed at her daughter’s hiding style from her bro’s anger


Mohindar: So basically you used this poor Maan and did an experiment


All laughed after hearing this, Arjun also calmed down


Arjun: This time I’m not telling you anything, but from next time never do anything like this, ok?


Geet touched her throat and replied


Geet: Pakka wala promise


After bidding bye to all Mohindar left for hoshiarpur along with Arjun and Ria


Geet and Pinky looked at each other with a evil grin and all of a sudden shouted together




Maan looked at both with a horrific expression like what the hell is going on


Geet happily looked at him and said,


Geet: So today we will make dinner and later you have to play music for us


Maan: What? And what you will write in your exam then?


Geet: Which exam?


Maan: You said na you have an important exam tomorrow?


Geet: ohhh, that exam?


Geet and Pinky looked at each other and laughed out loudly


Geet: I don’t have any exam, so relax buddy


Maan: Then why you lied inside?


Pinky: Wo Geet don’t like her bua as she used to tell everything negative about Geet all the time, so she always avoided to go there’


Maan shook his head at this girl’s tactics and decided to ignore her weird behaviors


Geet: So maan you will play a beautiful tune for us na?


Maan: Ok I will


Geet: You can play any song in the guitar after hearing that?


Maan: Most of all, why?


Geet: Then you can play my Maan’s songs also na?


Maan: Kya? Your Maan?


Maan shocked to hear her choice of words, about himself


Geet: Oyee hello don’t give me that look, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about MY Maan Singh Khurana, the famous musician, samjhe?


Decided to teased her a little bit, Maan replied,


Maan: Ohh that singer, yaar mai to usse bhi jyada accha hu music mai


Pinky: You can sing also?


Maan: No no, I am not good in singing, but yes can play music in guitar, and wo bhi uss Maan Singh Khurana se better


Geet: Hawww, you are my boss in telling lies Maan


Maan: Kya?



Geet: Remember one thing, East or West, MY Maan is the best, samjhe? And dare you say anything negative about my Maan, I will break our friendship, huhhh


Maan: Acchaaa, this much confidence, and how many times you have met with him?


Geet: still zero time, but will definitely meet with him soon


Maan smiled at her


Maan: Hmmm, wo bhaag jayenge tumse, samjhi?


Geet: No buddhu, he will definitely fall in love with me, dekhna


Maan started to cough to hear her dreams about him


Pinky: See, dara dia na bechare ko


Geet: what? I’m telling the truth na? Only I will be the Mrs, Maan Singh khurana, dekh lena tum dono


Pinky: bas bas, aab andar chale, let’s go inside


Both went inside the house, and here the Maan Singh Khurana still rooted in the same place



Maan self-thought: Ye ladki such mein mujhe pagal kardegi. How can she said with so much attitude that she will be mrs.. I mean my wife. So miss hoshiyarpur express, let’s see your face after knowing my true identity


Maan smiled to himself, he himself wondered, why her declaring herself as Mrs. Maan singh Khurana with so much attitude didn’t feel bad to him



Maan: Chal Maan, be prepare to play the guitar today, but can’t sing in front of them, they will definitely catch my real identity.





Chup Chaap Karti Hain Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan

Geet was standing near the railing of the roof and was enjoying the scenario of the moon lit night, Maan came from behind and hugged her


Chup Chaap Sunte Hain Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan

Maan kept his face on her shoulder from behind closed his eyes, Geet also closed her eyes and both heard the wind whispering something to them’



Writer’s Note:

Sam running in full speed after giving the promo… Wink


Can I expect a good response from all of you after this update and also after giving this precap??? and BIG BIG comments rather than one word like awesome, superb???… pluuueesss… *puppy face*

I will definitely update next part as soon as I get a LOTS of response from all of u… me eagerly waiting for all of your response now… Day Dreaming


LOVE you all…


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