Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 13)

27 Dec


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Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


As soon as Maan went inside the house, he heard both of the girls were talking with their highest voice, and then came a loud bang sound of breaking something from the kitchen


Maan shook his head and murmured,


Maan: one day God will become tired and stop counting their rubbish gossiping topics


Maan reached the kitchen and shocked to see the horrible condition of it. Pinky was looking at Geet and laughing loudly. All her tooth was showing and while laughing she was holding the knife in a way that Maan was thinking anytime it can divide her own throat


Pinky was cutting the vegetables, though the sides of the vegetables pieces were like you can divide each piece into at least three more pieces.


Maan looked at Geet and rooted in his place. She was trying to mix flour with water, but now it’s looking like she was using more of the flour in her face. And the other half fall down in the floor


Maan couldn’t able to stop his laughter after looking at her. She was truly looking like a ghost with the flour mashed all over her face and heir. He started laughing with Pinky


Geet looked at her both unfaithful friends and looked upward with a pouted expression


Geet: Dekha babaji, here I was trying to make something for them, and they are now made a group and making fun of me, chaddo, kuch nehi milega kisi ko aaj


Maan saw her cute pouting face and felt like pulling those fluffy cheeks of her. With great difficulty he controlled his thoughts. He somehow managed to stop his laughing and asked Geet


Maan: waise Geet, what are you trying to make?


Geet: I thought to made my special paratha for both of you, but now I’ll not make it


Maan looked at the melting flour and murmured,


Maan: Thanks God


Geet: What? What did you say?


Maan:Me? Nothing, what can I say Geet, just nothing


Geet looked at him suspiciously and asked,


Geet: Are you trying to make fun of my cooking?


Maan: Mera itna jurrat? No ways, hai na Pinky?


Pinky: Ha ha, you are really good in cooking geet, but don’t you think you need to put more flour in the mixture, rather than mixing it in your face


And again both Maan and Pinky burst out in laughing


Geet: hawww, chaddo, no treat from my side, now make your own food


Saying this Geet left the kitchen in a storm’s speed


Pinky looked at Maan and said,


Pinky: looks like we made her angry


Maan: ya, do one thing, you go and try to minofy her, I will try to clean the kitchen in that time


Pinky: rehne do, first let’s complete making the dinner, then we will clean together. You wait here, I will go and talk with Geet


Maan: ok, you go, hurry up, otherwise mirchi bomb will surely burst today


Pinky: hehehe, don’t worry, she calms down easily


Smiling Pinky went to upstairs in order to calm Geet down


Maan looked back at the kitchen, the whole kitchen was in a mess, Maan rubbed his forehead and started to cut the vegetables in decent pieces


From his childhood he used to help his daadi maa in cooking whenever his parents went to somewhere. For this reason, he had a good command over cutting vegetables as well as in cooking also.


Maan looked at the flour and felt like puking to see the amount of oil in it. Maan used to eat less oily foods for making his perfect masculine body, and Geet accidently put much oil in it.


Maan: Bhagwan bacha liya, I can’t even see its face, forget about digesting these


Maan binned the flours and put some pasta in the stove along with the vegetables, in making one thing he was best (according to his mom and daadi maa) and it was pasta. So he decided to made pasta for all of them in order to avoid those sticky-sticky oily foods.


Geet and Pinky came to kitchen and looked at the kitchen, both were surprised to see the kitchen in the earlier condition, neat and cleaned.


Pinky: yummy, what are you making Maan, its smelling so delicious


Maan smiled at her and replied,


MaanI thought to made pasta for my friends as I am only good in making this


Saying so Maan looked at Geet,


Geet: I don’t want to eat all these


She just ignored to look at him with the fake anger plastered in her face


Yes she faking to keep angry, as already her anger vanished with the yummy smell of pasta.


It is a saying that “insaan ki gussa pet pe jakar nikalti hai” (sam: well something like that I heard)


And with her hungry stomach she couldn’t be able to be angry on Maan


Understanding that, Maan said to Geet,


Maan: Geet, can you please taste it to check the salt is perfect or not


Saying so Maan took some pasta in a spoon and forwarded it towards Geet


Unknowingly Geet tasted it and gave a full dimple smile to Maan


Geet: it’s really delicious, from where you learned to make it?


Now Our Maan Singh Khurana trapped with this question, he could not tell that it’s his favorite and all, and now they knew him as a mere driver, well a graduated driver


Maan mentally kicked himself for made all that unknowingly to calmed Geet’s anger


Maan: Wo I learned that from one of my cousin


Pinky: ohh, he is a chef then?


Pinky replied while munching spoonful pasta for the third time


Geet: oyee pinky, are you planning to finish all our dinner in the kitchen?


Maan: Come on, you both go and settled the plated in the dining table, I’m coming with pasta


Both Pinky and Geet went towards the table, where Maan got busy to mix more tomato paste on the pasta




Trio finished their dinner with a lot of chit-chatting and headed towards the terrace, in the terrace there was a swing.


Its Geet’s favorite place as she used to spend her leisure times sitting on the swing.


Trio spend some times gossiping about some of their little secrets, how many plans Geet made to taunt Maan, and how many plans she had to cancel yesterday after she made Maan’s friend


After hearing her weird as well as horrible plans Maan could only sigh in relief as she actually didn’t try all that on him


Pinky asked Maan about his family, Maan told them about his parents and a sweet lady love of his life, Geet thought he was talking about his girlfriend which Maan also did not try to open up that his lady love was none other than his daadi maa


Suddenly maan asked Geet,


Maan: Geet why you said in the morning that mohindar uncle will be mad if he will see my guitar?


Geet: wo papa never allowed anyone of this house to have any type of relation with music


Maan: what? But why? I mean he is a famous singer in India


Geet: He was Maan, now he hate music and also don’t want any of us to have any attachment with music, even if there would be any musical page came to our home by mistake, he used to become too angry on each and every member


Maan was surprised to hear that, though he knew that Mohindar stopped singing, but never thought that he had this much hatred towards music


But then how could Geet able to hear each and every songs of his, as well as she used to listen songs in the car also


Maan: then how can you, I mean


Geet: How can me able to hear songs and all?


Maan: yes


Pinky: Because Mohindar uncle didn’t know about her affection towards music


Maan: Arjun sir and Ria bhabi?


Geet smiled to hear his question and replied,


Geet: they knew from the very beginning, from childhood I used to listen songs on my way while coming back home from my school, and kept murmuring those lines again and again, Bro noticed that one day and understood that I got this singing quality from papa


Geet stopped for some time then again said,


Geet: don’t know the reason, but from that day he used to buy cds for me


Maan: And Mohindar uncle didn’t notice all that?


Geet: No because bro and bhabi used to hide all these in a perfect place for me, I don’t know why but I love music, it’s like I am dancing with each strings of music


Maan could see the facial expression of Geet’s were changing while talking about music, like she was living in a dream world, away from all the problems and realities


Maan: But why your papa hates music when he himself was a singer


Geet: don’t know why, I just know something happened when I was only 2 days old and after that papa sold all his musical instrument in a water price and also stopped singing


Maan: Arjun sir didn’t know?


Geet: I think he knows, but whenever I asked him, he used to change the topic, so I stopped asking about it, as they will always think something good for me, maybe I don’t need to know it


Maan accidentally split out


Maan: May be because of aunty’s death


Pinky: dad told me, Aunty died when Geet was 1 month old, and uncle stopped singing long before


Maan was about to ask something to Pinky, but words were caught in his throat to see Geet’s facial expression, all of a sudden her face became dull and eyes became teary


Pinky also noticed and looked at Maan with a face like what will we do now


Maan: waise, where is my guitar, let’s play something


Geet: No Maan, I think its already late, we should go to our room now


Maan: ok, chali jana, but after one song, may be YOUR Maan’s one song


(sam wondering, from when Maan starts to consider himself as HER maan… LOL)


Saying so Maan winked at Geet


Pinky: wait then I am taking your guitar from Geet’s room then


Pinky went to take the guitar, maan softly hold Geets one hand with both of his hands and asked softly,


Maan: missing your mom?


Geet: why my mumma left me here Maan?


Saying that Geet looked up at Maan and one drop of tear fall down from her teary eyes.


Maan felt like someone pierced his heart with a sharp knife and felt a pang in his heart.


Maan squeezed her hand and replied softly,


Maan: Who said she left you, she is with you Geet and always will be


Geet: you know when I was in school, all used to came with their parents for the results, though papa and bro always made their time free from works only for that day, but I always made some excuses to not go that day


Geet looked at Maan’s eyes which were reflecting the same pain that she had in her eyes, and surprisingly Geet shared her pains with him


Geet: It really hurts Maan, why all have mothers, but I am not getting the same affection just like others


Geet whimpered like a child and more tears escaped from her eyes that fall down on Maan’s hands


Maansshhh geet, stop crying, don’t you know that your mother is a star now who can always see you?


Geet looked at him with moistened eyes and asked,


Geet: bro used to tell me that whenever I was upset in my childhood, you also know it?


Maan smiled at her and replied,


Maan: yes I also know this as its true, and do you think your mumma will be happy to see her one and only daughter’s sad face?


Geet shook her head like a child, Maan wiped her tears, her whole face was red color due to the crying and it really hurt Maan to see her paining face


After sometime Pinky came with the guitar and Maan asked Geet which song she wants to hear


Geet made Maan play four songs from his own album, which he played and both the girls praised a lot for playing the music accurately like their MSK, less they knew he was playing his own songs music.


Its already 1.30 am when Pinky declared that she can’t stay awake any longer, so Pinky went to her room, when Geet was following Pinky Maan called her from behind,


Geet: Ha maan?


Maan: remember one thing Geet, never felt that you mumma is not with you, she is always with you, whenever you felt alone, look at the sky, you will always find a twinkling star, that is your mumma, who is trying to make you realized her presence and saying you that she is always with you and love you more than her own life. And you are truly lucky to have a bro like Arjun who is protecting you from the cruelty of this world and trust me your father is much sweet than my Hitler father


Maan said the last line intentionally, only to make the atmosphere light and it worked, Geet smiled to hear his last word and wished him a Good Night softly before heading towards her room.





Geet was sitting on her room’s big window and looking at the twinkling star. A peaceful smile was playing on her lips to remember Maan’s words, sleep came into her eyes when suddenly she heard a voice that broke her sleep, a beautiful voice that looked so familiar to her.


Bheed Mein Tanha Hai

Khud Pe Hum Hairaan Hai

Bewajah Muskuraaye Dil Deewana Mera


She went towards the terrace with a slow pace as she don’t want the person know about her presence




Chup Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan

Geet was standing near the railing of the roof and was enjoying the scenario of the moon lit night, Maan came from behind and hugged her


Chup Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan

Maan kept his face on her shoulder from behind closed his eyes, Geet also closed her eyes and both heard the wind whispering something to them’



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