Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 14)

27 Dec



Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Geet came out from the washroom after changing into her pajama and t- shirt. She sat on her bed and quickly took a small prayer to her babaji.


Geet: Babaji, you are upset with me kya? Wo I was so upset that’s why I cried, please don’t think that I’m not happy with what I have in my life. You gave me so much happiness, so much love from papa, he gave me all I want from my parents, he took care of me and never let me felt alone, alone without mumma. Bro loves me so much, and bhabi, she is my mother na? Then how can Geet be a sad girl. And Pinky my best buddy is also with me


A small smile crept in her face when she said the next line


Geet: and now Maan is also with me na? a cute friend. Babaji, you saw na how much I annoyed him, still he became my friend


Saying so Geet giggled to remember her horrible annoying ideas she made to use on Maan, though she couldn’t apply all of them on him


Finishing her prayer she switched off her bed side table lamp and lay down on her bed.Before sleeping she took coughing syrup for the sneezing


After like 15 minutes, she opened her eyes to feel the cool breeze that touched her face. Her windows were wide open and as it’s a moon lit night, the shining light of the moon was coming in her room along with the flowers scent from their garden


Geet got up and went near the window. She looked at the sky and saw some stars, twinkling near the moon. Geet smiled to think what Maan said to her sometimes earlier. A peaceful smile was playing on her lips to remember Maan’s words


Soon sleep came on her eyes as the cough syrup started to work on her



On the terrace:

Maan was sitting on the swing and enjoying the scenario. He was trying to make music for his new song. He wrote the lyrics long time before but was not in a mood to sing


But today he felt like giving that song one music. This song was his favorite because of the lyrics that could touch anyone’s heart. And he always wanted to make that special


He took his guitar from his left side and played a little tune and gave a satisfied smile to himself, and then started to sing his song as he knew no one is in house today, Geet and Pinky is also in deep sleep as its already 3.30am and no one was there to disturb him


So he concentrated on his singing after whole one week


Listen this song while reading.. its truly an awesome song… Smile

Chup chaap


Chup-Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan

Chup-Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan


He stopped suddenly; he was not sure why all of a sudden Geet’s face came on his memory


Chup-Chaap Chup-Chaap Chup-Chaap


He remembered when he saw her alone in the crowd of the bazar, near the bangles shop, in a sad face’



Chup-Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan


Her eyes reflects her soul, so much pure her heart is



Chup Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan


He smiled to remember how she was concerned about him while he was suffering in headache


Chup-Chaap Chup-Chaap Chup-Chaap


Maan shook his head and continued his singing


Chup-Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan

Chup-Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan


He watched Geet coming towards him with a smile plastered in her face


She held his hand, and took him to dance with her


Bechain Si Har Saas Hain Anjaana Sa Ehsaas Hai


In Geet’s room:

Sleep came into her eyes when suddenly she heard a voice that broke her sleep, a beautiful voice that looked so familiar to her


Bekhudi Si KyaHai

Har Lamha Thehra Hai


Geet stood up and thought that maybe she dreamt in her sleep, then she heard the voice again and it confirmed that it’s not a dream


Kitni Mudat Se Koyi Khwaab Na Dekha Hai


She went towards the terrace with a slow pace as she didn’t want the person know about her presence. Her heart was telling her that she knew that person, she heard his singing before


In terrace:


Bekhudi Si KyaHai


He crashed her petite body with him, He was surprised to even think why he was feeling the insecurity all of a sudden, that if he left her, she will leave him, He was swiftly spinning her around himself


Har Lamha Thehra Hai


When he turned back, she disappeared


Kitni Mudat Se Koyi Khwaab Na Dekha Hai


Maan smiled to think that Geet’s innocence was making him weak


But why? She was not the one whom he made friendship


Chup Chaap Jo Nazrein Tumhaari Barsaye Behoshiyaan


Maan heard footsteps were coming towards him, he turned and saw Geet was standing near the terrace door. 



Maan thought he was again imagining her (sam: buddu, this time it’s really her)


Maan went near her and pulled her closer again. Closer to himself


Chup Chaap Jo Nazrein Tumhaari Barsaye Behoshiyaan


Geet looked at his face, totally surprised by his sudden act, while Maan tucked her one heir strand what was disturbing him


Chup Chap Behkhudi Mein Hum Bhool Aaye Do Jahan


Geet made an angry face and looked at him ready to shout, but when she looked at his eyes


Bechain Si Har Saas Hain Anjaana Sa Ehsaas Hai


She lost herself in the depth of his eyes


Bheed Mein TanhaHai

KhudPe Hum Hairaan Hai


Maan cupped Geet’s face and looked at her eyes which had so much confusion about what was happening


Geet thought she was still in her sleep and dreaming, a beautiful dream. And Maan assumed that he was still imagining Geet as Geet went to sleep a long time before


Bewajah Muskuraaye Dil Deewana Mera


Geet smiled a little hearing this line. She freed herself from his grip and stood near the railing, she looked at the moon and guessed it’s a moon lit night



Chup-Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan


She was enjoying the scenario of the moon lit night, Maan came from behind and hugged her


Chup-Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan


Maan kept his face on her shoulder from behind and looked at her glowing face, Geet also closed her eyes and both heard the wind whispering something to them


(remove the sindoor n mangal shutra from ur imagination)


Chup-Chaap Karti Hai Baatein Jab Teri Yeh Khamoshiyan

Chup-Chaap Sunte Hai Dil Ki Halki Halki Sargoshiyan


Maan closed his eyes thinking that if he opened his eyes, then this beautiful dream would came to an end


Bechain Si Har Saas Hain Anjaana Sa Ehsaas Hai

Chup-Chaap Chup-Chaap Chup-Chaap


Suddenly one drop of rain fall on Geet’s face and made her realized that it’s not a dream, it’s the reality, which hit her hard


She freed herself and turned around; Maan also opened his eyes and shocked to understand Geet was actually there. Both looked at each other horrified to even think about the moment which took place before sometimes


PRECAP: Not decided yet. It’s up to all of you. You want either to regret or think about the situation before taking any wrong step


Phewww.. finallyyy… its done… 2day me truly scared while posting this… Disapprove

I’m not sure u guys r going to enjoy this song sequence or not… hope u all vl lyk it… *finger crossed*

Pleaseee… give me a proper comment rather than only one word awesome, beautiful etc etc… 

It took me whole 2 days to write… as i kept cutting each line 4 3tyms…LOL… so plz dnt 4get to inform me u enjoyed it or not…

So can i get HUGE comments from each and everyone???




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