Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 15)

27 Dec



Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Maan kept his face on her shoulder from behind and looked at her glowing face, Geet also closed her eyes and both heard the wind whispering something to them


Maan closed his eyes thinking that if he opened his eyes, then this beautiful dream would came to an end


Suddenly one drop of rain fall on Geet’s face and made her realized that it’s not a dream, it’s the reality, which hit her hard


She freed herself and turned around, Maan also opened his eyes and shocked to understand Geet was actually there. 


Both looked at each other horrified to even think about the moment which took place before sometimes


Five minutes passed, still both stood there without even uttering a single word. Maan’s face was totally flashed where poor Geet’s eyes would come outside in any moment. Both of them were totally embraced at that moment


Maan suddenly turned around in order to avoid Geet’s face. He was planning about how to make a excuse to Geet


Geet poked on his shoulder and asked meekly like she was making herself sure,


Geet: Did you also take cough syrup like me?


The question made Maan baffled in his own thoughts and he was like “did I hear right?


Geet came in front of Maan and asked again the same question with a little bit loud voice this time,


Geet: You also catch cold like me na?


Maan: Wo Geet


Geet sighed in relief and said,


Geet: I knew it, because of the syrup you thought me as your girlfriend


Saying so Geet giggled


GeetI know Maan you have a girlfriend and you sang that song for her


Maan rubbed his forehead as he really couldn’t understood what just happened before sometime and why. 


The reality was he didn’t have any girlfriend and he knew that it was Geet. Then why he did all that


Geet could understand the turmoil to see his face so she tried to make situation light


Geet: It’s ok Maan, you don’t need to feel guilty, and I know you are not a bad boy


Saying so she squeezed Maan’s hand a bit and smiled softly, as a reply Maan smiled at her a little bit though it didn’t reach his eyes


Maan: You should go and sleep Geet, tomorrow you have classes, remember?


Geet: are haa, ok ok me leaving now, you also go and take a small nap


Saying so Geet started to leave, Maan too went to took his guitar which was lying at the corner of the terrace now


Geet stopped near the door and spun towards Maan and saw his disturbed face, she called him from behind, Maan looked at her


Geet: you don’t need to feel guilty yaar, I know you can never do anything wrong with your friend


Maan smiled and said, Good Night Geet


Geet wished him the same and left


In Maan’s room:


Maan was lying on the bed though sleep was far far away from his eyes. Whenever he was closing his eyes, terrace’s scene was playing in front of his eyes.


Maan talked to himself,


Maan: Why Maan, why you did that? Geet is only your good friend, then why you went so close to her. Why you crossed your limit? She is so innocent to even think about your mistakes. Why Maan why?


By the passing time, sleep came on his eyes, though the whole night passed with restlessness


Morning came,

      With the bright sunrays,

             With a new bright day


Pinky, Geet and Maan trio sat in the car and went to the college. During the whole ride, Maan was totally in silent mood, where our Geet was in her hoshiyarpur express mood. She was talking as if she didn’t even remember yesterday night’s incident


Piyush as usual waited near the university’s front gate for them (well for Geet of course) and this time another shock was also waited for Geet. Pari was also there with Piyush.


Pinky and Geet were busy in their gossips when Geet’s eyes fall on Pari who was standing with Piyush. As well as Geet saw Pari from the car she made a yucky face like she bite some bitter things in her mouth.


Pinky: oyee Geet what happened? Why your face changed all of a sudden?


Geet: kuch nehi pinky, nothing


They walked towards Piyush and Pari.


Piyush: Why both of you are so late today?


Geet: We celebrated and made home alone party


Geet replied with a wide smile. Both Maan and Pinky smiled to see her facial expression


Pari came forward and said, Hi Maan


Maan smiled and replied, Hi Pari


Geet fumed in anger to see Pari openly checking out Maan, and it looked like Maan even didn’t feel bad at all


Geet: We are getting late, Chal Pinky


Saying so Geet started to leave, when Maan asked her


Maan: When I will come to take you?


Geet: 12.30 pm, and you don’t need to wait here now, you can go to home and come later


Before Maan could reply, Geet left, leaving a puzzled Maan behind


Maan: May be she is still angry with me for yesterday’s incident? Maan you ruined everything


(sam scratching her head, she is not angry for yesterday Maan, she is angry to see you with Pari)


Precap: Maan was sitting in the car waiting for Geet, when his saw Ragini (I’m using this name instead of Sameera) coming outside from the university campus. Abb kaha jayega Maan, as Ragini knew his face as well as his real identity


I wrote this part as per all of ur demand, HAPPY NA???

Today’s update is little in size, but i will again post another update on Sunday,happy now?

Know about ragini, read Part 1 again, u vl come to know who is Ragini

Thnx Tich, my real cutie fluffy pie, for suggesting me the name, thnx to Neha,Arpita, Maaneet gurti, Mishty Raty,Alwayz gurtu, Rachana, Prem, Devanshi for suggesting me sooo many names… Love u all… Hug


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