Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 16)

27 Dec


Before posting next part, I’m clearing one thing, Geet used to listen Maan’s all the composed songs where there used so many musical instruments. And in the terrace she heard Maan’s voice without any music for the 1st time. That’s why she didn’t recognize that two voices were same, moreover she didn’t even thought this was the same MAAN SINGH KHURANA, for whom she was crazy about.

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


After going home he took a shower for a long time in order to forget yesterday’s memories. It’s making him guilty to think that Geet believed him blindly, where he crossed his limits with this innocent girl.


After taking the shower he called his mom and Daadi for a long time. He shared his problems indirectly with his mom, and it really helped him a lot.


Here our Natasha Khurana and Savitri Devi were sure enough that their Maan was falling in love, but didn’t want to make him all worried, so decided to give him some time to understand his feelings.





In the university:                                 

Geet entered in the classroom and took her seat near Pinky. She was still mad at Pari because of her flirty behavior with Maan. And felt bad to see Maan replying her hi with a smile, where the whole drive Maan was in so gloomy face. So basically she was on full silent mood during the 1st class. And poor Pinky literally became tired to ask Geet what happened.


To add more fuel in the oil, Pari was continuously talking about Maan all the time in 1st class. Geet made an excuse that she needed to go to the study room, and decided to bunk the 2nd class.


Piyush also followed her in the study room in order to spend some time alone with her.




In the study room:

Geet was looking at the book and changing the pages one after another in between every two minutes, though all the words were dancing above her head.  She was surprised at herself that why it’s bothering her so much to see Maan with Pari, moreover yesterday’s incident’s flashback was coming in front of her eyes. And all these were making her confused. She was confused about her own feelings. Even she was not replying properly to Piyush’s questions.





Outside the university campus:


Maan reached before the time and was waiting for her. His eyes pooped out to see Ragini coming out from the uni gate with more two girls.




Maan: What the crap man, what is she doing here?


Maan took the newspaper and opened that in front of his face, so that Ragini could not able to see him.


But fate decided something else for him. Ragini bid good bye to her friends and came towards her car, which was parked beside Maan’s car.


After unlocking the key, Ragini was about to enter when he saw Maan, who was looking at the front, trying to find Geet in the uni gate, from above the newspaper.


Ragini was surprised to see Maan there, she knocked on the window of the front passenger seat


Maan looked there and saw Ragini, who was smiling at him


Maan opened the car door and as soon as Ragini came inside, she  gave Maan a tight hug


Ragini: oh my god, is it really you Maan?


Maan: Hi ragini, how are you?


Ragini: you 1st tell me, am I dreaming? Maan Singh Khurana in Delhi, wobhi here, in front of my uni


Maan smiled at her question and replied to her indirectly,


Maanif you continue to call my name this much loudly, then it will take only 5 minutes for the reporters to come here


Ragini: sorry sorry


Maan: I came yesterday as I have to meet with one of my friend here


Ragini: Your friend is here? In my uni?


Maan: yaah, actually he is junior than me, need him for some musical help


Ragini: And you didn’t even tell me that you are here, in delhi?


Saying so Ragini made a face


Maan: I thought to finish my work 1st, and then will definitely come to meet aunty and uncle as well as you


Just then Ragini’s phone rang


Ragini: Ok Maan, need to rush now


Maan: bye then, say hello to uncle and aunty from my side


Ragini: you are coming today for dinner, and that time wish mummy- papa hello by yourself


Maan:I will try to come, not sure


Ragini: and where are you staying now? You can stay with us


Maan: Thank you so much but I have so much work in studio, and will leave in 2days


Ragini: ok ok, but don’t forget to visit me, I mean visit us


Maan: I will definitely come


Ragini: bye then


Maan: Bye


As well as Ragini bid him good bye and left, maan sighed in relief that geet didn’t come and saw them together, and then definitely she would think Ragini as his girlfriend





In the library:


Piyush was trying to talk with her from last half hour andgeet was replying whether in a small nod or a hmmm


Now Piyush was hell irritate on Geet, she caught Geet’s one hand and asked,


Piyush: sweety what happened?


Geet: it’s nothing Piyush


Saying so Geet tried to left his hand when Piyush caressed her hand and asked again,


Piyush: Why are you so tensed from morning?


Geet freed her hand and replied,


Geet: I said na nothing happened, I need to keep this book in the shelf


Geet stood up and went near the books shelf


Piyush was getting hyper now, as Geet was avoiding her from the morning, and also he was feeling insecured from that time Geet took Maan’s side in the mall


Piyush: What the hell is wrong with this girl now? I need to make it clear that she can’t avoid me


Piyush followed Geet’s way and saw her in a side of the room where there was no other students


Piyush went near Geet and caught her waist and turned her towards him, now there was a little gap between them


Piyush: Why are you avoiding me Geet?


It happened so quickly that Geet was shocked to understand anything 1st, and then she tried to go away from Piyush


Geet: What’s wrong with you piyush, leave me


Piyush jerked her towards him more and trapped her between him and the wall


Piyush: 1st you have tell me clearly what’s running in your head


Geet was feeling disgusting to feel his breath near her, and she tried to jerk him from herself


Geet: I said leave me, stay in your limit Piyush, you are crossing it now


Piyush: ohh really, I am crossing it? What’s wrong in it if I touch you?


Asking that he tighten his hold, all the insecurities and Geet’s avoiding him, made him furious that hw didn’t even realized what was he doing


They heard the sound of the bell and Piyush’s hold loosened a little, Geet pushed him and ran away from there


tears were coming from her eyes


Thnx to Nalinisavitha Deivasigamani for the pic… Smile


She took her bag from the disk and ran directly towards the gate, she saw Maan sitting in the car, and ran hurriedly




Maan was talking with Adi in the phone, when he saw Geet’s running form, didn’t know why he felt like something was wrong


Maan: Adi, I’m calling you later, bye


Without waiting for the reply Maan cut the call and came out of the car


Maan: geet, slow down


But Geet came in full speed and hugged Maan tightly


Maan was too shocked on Geet’s behavior,


Maan: Geet, what’s wrong? kisine kuch kaha kya tumhe? 


Geet: I.. I w..aasss’.was sssooscaaa..rredd


Maan: what? Geet hua kya?


Geet looked up at him, her eyes were red and tears are coming continuously from them



Maan was totally stunned to see her like that, without even asking anything more, he took her near car and made her sit in the car


He sat on the driving seat and started the engine. After coming out from the uni area he stopped the car in a park side road and looked at Geet


She was looking downward on her hands, which were lying on her lap, tears were still coming from her eyes


Maan called her three times but looked like she was in her own thoughts. So Maan kept his one hand in her shoulder that made her jerk him hand and looked at him with fear


Maan: Geet, it’s me. It’s me Maan


As soon as Geet saw its Maan near her, she hugged him again and started to cry loudly, while clutching the corner of his shirt tightly



Maan was feeling helpless to see her like this, he hugged her back and started to cress her heir.


PRECAP: Maan consoling Geet, Piyush and Maan aamne-samne


I am planning to make a turn of time in the story, may be one month, as i’m truly upset with the number of likes, first I thought to increase the number of parts that i planned b4 I started to write the story, and thought to add more Maaneet romantic moments, 

but now as my readers like to only read and forget to press the like button, and moreover getting only 29-31 comments every time, so its better for u all as well as me, i should stop making u all bore with my writing. this story will finish in part 21 or 22



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