Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 17)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


It’s been a while, almost half an hour, still Geet was crying on Maan’s embrace, poor girl didn’t even think his friend would do something like this with her.



And here Maan was totally shocked to see her crying bitterly. It’s hurting him to see her in this state.


Finding no other option Maan tried to talk with her softly while caressing her heir


Maan: geet what happened? You had a fight with someone?


Geet’s hold on Maan tightened more and her hiccups increased


Maan: you don’t want to tell me?


Geet nodded her head and looked at Maan with her puffed eyes, her head is still on Maan’s shoulder.


Using his fingers Maan removed her tears and cupped her face,


Maan: kisine kuch kaha kya?


Geet: Wo piyushhh


And more tears started to came in her eyes, Maan guessed something happened between Piyush and Geet which made Geet upset, his jaw tightened and eyes became red in anger, which petrified Geet more, and she said


Geet: Maan I never think he could step so low that he will force me, I promise I’m not a bad girl


Maan caressed her cheek and tried to calm her down


Maan: sshhh Geet, I know you much better than all, ok? And I know you can never be wrong


Geet: I went to the library as I didn’t feel like stay in the class, and Piyush also followed me and when he touched my hand I felt uneasy, so I removed his hand and went to the book shelf and there he


Geet couldn’t complete and a sob came out from her mouth.


Maan: its ok Geet, you don’t need to tell me anything, but please don’t cry, let’s go home


Saying so Maan started to the engine, still holding Geet’s one hand


On the way Pinky called and Maan received the call and told her Geet was not feeling well, she will call Pinky later




After reaching home, Maan send Geet to her room to freshen up and he went to his room


It’s almost an hour, still Geet didn’t come out from her room, so Maan thought to call Geet for lunch


When Maan knocked the door, the door slightly open as it was not locked from inside, Maan called Geet and then after getting no response 


he entered the room hesitantly


There Geet was lying in her bed holding a doll, her eyes were full of tears



Maan sat near Geet in the floor and called her, which made her frightened again


Maan: Geet it’s me


Geet: sorry Maan, I didn’t notice you


Maan: wo I called you many times, and getting no response I came here


Geet smiled a little to see his hesitant form


GeetIts ok Maan, I trust you


Maan looked at her and smiled at her in reply


Maan: now come on, get up, I’m hungry


Geet: Maan you go please, I really don’t feel like


Maan: geet stop being a cry girl, Handa girl never get afraid for the work she didn’t


Maan took her hand in his, and looked at her eyes, which was showering respect for him, and he knew Geet will listen to him and now he had to make her understand the situation


MaanGeet, why are you sad when you are not in fault , it’s his fault that he disrespect your friendship and tried to cross his limit


Geet lowered her eyes and one drop of tear fall down on Maan’s hand, Maan made Geet look at his eyes and said sincerely


Maannever let anyone make you weak for that work, on which there was no fault of yours at all. It’s his bad luck that Piyush lost a good friend of his, not your fault that he thought your friendship in a wrong way.


Geet: but all will talk about me na?


Maan: never, cause your friends know how pure you are, like a small child


Geet made a cute angry face at his last line and her red nose became redder now, Maan giggled at her and again said


Maan: those who are your true friend will support you because they know you by your heart. And about others, why to worry for those people’s word who don’t even exist in your world, hai na?


Geet smiled at Maan and said, Thank you


Maanbas bas now go and come downstairs, I’m already starving from a long time


Saying so Maan made a face holding his tummy


Geet laughed at him and went to freshen up


Maan saw her leaving towards washroom and his face became worried again, he had to face Piyush to make him realize how big mistake he did to misbehaved with Geet, only it will make Geet normal again









Frnds, before reading this portion, please read the prologue one more time, the present part is related with the prologue..



It’s raining from so long, Mohindar, Arjun and Ria reached home very lately, as on the way back to home their car’s engine stopped and it took a lot of time to start the car again.


Mohindar directly went to his room, where Arjun went towards Geet’s room


Ria looked at their retrained figures, everything change now, in a matter of one week this family’s happiness turned into a dark shadow now.


Whenever Mohindar came from any journey it was Geet who used to came first to hug her father and started to tell each and every details against her brother,Arjun. And now she used to sit in her room all day long, it’s been 3 days, she totally stopped stepping outside of her room.


Now a days Arjun also become upset for her gudia, though Geet is telling them that she is fine, but her face tells all the truth, what’s going on her now.


Arjun tried many times to talk with her, to make her realize everything is alright, but their Geetu is upset as her father stopped talking with her. And it’s the biggest punishment for her. Don’t know when everything will be like before


Arjun knocked Geet’s door many times,


Arjun: Geet, gudia, open your door, hum pounch gaye ghar pe


But no reply from other side of the door


Ria come near Arjun and whispered,


Ria: maybe she is sleeping Arjun, let’s go, you can talk with her tomorrow morning


Arjun looked at Ria in moist eyes, its making him weak to see his gudia living like a dead body


Ria cups his face and smiled a little and said,


Pia: don’t worry, she will be fine soon, we are here for her, right?


Arjun nodes and both headed towards their room





In Mohindar’s room:


Mohindar come from the washroom and go to the bed, while switching off the light he finds a paper folding near the table lamp.


He takes his spectacles and takes the paper, he opens it and understands that its Geet’s handwriting


(some lines are copied from Books of quotes, and i add my own lines with it, and the latter is made by me using photo-scape, i hope no one will copy it in future

While writing this letter i was getting lil bit senti, dnt know why, may be bcz i’m my Abbu’s ladli)


As soon as he completes reading the letter, his facial expressions change. The paper slips from his hand and he ran like a maniac towards Geet’s room, while shouting for Arjun.



PRECAP: Maan and Piyush, face to face


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