Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 18)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Geet came back in her room after freshen up and found the room empty. She heard Maan calling for her from downstairs to hurry up and come down.


Geet came down and the smell brought a smile on Geet’s lips.


Geet: spicy chicken pizza with a lot of cheese


She murmured to herself and entered into the kitchen.


She became horrified to see tears coming from Maan eyes.




Geet: Maan, what happened?


Maan smiled at her with teary eyes and replied,


Maan: nothing Geet


Geet: You quarreled with your girlfriend?


Maan looked at her shocked and asked,


Maan: Now from where this girlfriend came between cooking?


Geet: Then why are you crying?


Maan: I’m not a cry baby, the tears are for this stupid


He gestured towards the onions


Geet: Let me help you?


Maan: its ok I will manage, I don’t like to see tears in your eyes


Both looked at each other, and then Geet changed the topic


Geet: accha listen, put some extra cheese please


Maan: Then go and cut the extra amount of cheese please, until that I made the chicken curry for pizza


Geet went towards the table in order to cut more cheese, where Maan got busy in the cooking




Meanwhile Maan pampered Geet a lot to make her happy and make her forget the incidents totally.


They heard the phone rang and Geet went out to receive the phone and Maan thought to finish the cooking within the time



Geet talked with Ria bhabhi who informed her that they are coming back home tonight, but would be late so there was no need for Geet wait for them. Mohindar told Geet to take her dinner and sleep early. They will talk in the breakfast table.


Then Geet came to the kitchen again and together both made the dinner to eat.







It’s already 11.30pm. Maan was busy talking with his mom, when he heard a knock on the door


Maanmom I’m calling you later, ok?


Natasha: What happened beta?


Maannothing to worry mom, may be all came back from hoshiarpur


Natasha: ok we will talk later, and you better hurry up Maan, your dad is already angry on you for going delhi without telling him


Again the door banged this time a little bit loud than before, Maan looked at the door and told his mother


Maan: I will mom, bye, love you


Natasha: bye beta, love you too


Maan hurriedly opened the door and saw Geet looking at him with her big eyes and mouth open, like she was stunned with something


Maan: what?


Geet suddenly turned around and screamed,


Geet: don’t you have any shame to stand in front of a girl in your vest?


Maan looked at himself and then banged the door shut on her face


He went to take his shirt and after putting on the shirt he opened the door, he saw Geet’s eyes closed and she was peeping with her one eye towards Maan, Maan murmured,


Maan: drama queen


Geet: how many packs?


Maan: what?


Geet: buddhu, six pack or four pack?


Maan: geet, you are here to ask me this? Wo bhi at this time?


Geet: I came as I was feeling scared to stay alone in the upstairs’ room.


Maan: So? You choose to make me scared now?


Geet: here I came to you as a friend, and now you are making fun of me?


Geet cutely pouted at him. Maan looked at her carefully. She was wearing a write small kurta in pink dots and holding a pink medium size teddy’s hand in her left hand, and the way she was pouting and looking at him so cutely that Maan was feeling like pulling her cheeks.


He somehow controlled his mind and told Geet to go and take rest. He will sit near her room.


Geet: but Maan


Maan: Geet, you need to sleep na? You have your classes tomorrow. So come on now


Both went upstairs, Geet was silently following Maan though she was still confused about what he was trying to tell Geet


Maan stopped near Geet’s room door. Geet turned at him. Maan smiled and say,

Maan: you go and lock your door from inside. I will wait here until you sleep


Geet felt touched to see his concern towards her and his honesty


Geet: but how will you sleep then?


Maan: you go, I will go to my room after you will sleep and until your family members will come


Geet: but papa will be late to come na?


Maan: I have my habit to wake up the whole night, and don’t worry, if I feel like sleeping, I will again go to my room


Geet: pakka na?


Maan: Ha baba, now go, or I’m leaving


Geet: I’m going


And mumbled in a low voice, dusht danav kahike


Geet went inside the room and locked the door. She was not feeling like going to uni the next day and face Piyush, deep inside she was really hurt and didn’t have the courage to face his real face again.


Geet: Babaji why he behaved like this with me? Is he truly a pervert like the other boys in the uni?  I truly considered him as my friend, then how could he even think of doing this with me


She prayed to her Babaji that somehow she could able to avoid Piyush in the uni. And with a decision to act like cought cold, she would try to avoid the uni the next day, she went to sleep




Have to rush now… vl pm 2mrw… hav xm… plz pray 4 me… n dnt 4get to like n cmnt as i’m updating inspite of my xm only to make my all readers happy


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