Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 19)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Sun rays coming in between the curtain and falling on her face.


Made her stir in her sleep and she opened her eyes to welcome a new day



Geet: ello, I just sleep for so long time that couldn’t even for a second? All might be reached home at night


Geet made a baby face and cursed herself for sleep like a drunker the whole night and went to the bathroom for freshen up hurriedly


She came back within 15 minutes and taking her dupatta she went to open the door


She opened the door and came out from her room, but stood rooted in her place to see the scenario in front of her eyes


There Maan sleeping in a sitting position, his back is in the wall near the door of Geet’s room. Geet unknowingly pinched herself only to check whether she was in dream or not and as a result shouted at her own pinch. The sudden sound made Maan jumped from his sleep. He looked at Geet who was looking at her with her big doe shape eyes


Maan: Good morning, had a sound sleep yesterday?


Geet ignored his morning wish and asked him with a serious face


Geet: Maan what are you doing here?


Maan stood up and cleaned his shirt which had some marks of dirt and then replied,


Maan: wo Geet, Arjun sir called last night in order to inform that they were stuck in the highway due to an accident. So I thought to wait a little longer here, as you were afraid, but didn’t realize when I fell in sleep here


Geet felt so overwhelmed to here that he spends the whole night in a sitting position wobhi in the floor, only because of her.


Geet: but Maan, you were here all the night


Maan noticed her nose was changing its color into red and she would cry in any moment, so he replied jokingly in order to make the situation light


Maan: I didn’t sleep here in my own will, it’s just I was tired and fell in sleep all of a sudden. Now don’t start all the melodramatic dialogues like the heroines in the films



Geet made an O shape face to hear Maan’s dialogues,


Geet: I never used any melodramatic dialogues Mr. Sharma


Maan made a weird face and asked her totally forgetting that he used his sir name as Sharma


Maan: now from where this Sharma comes down?


Geet: because you are talking non sense Mr. Maan Sharma, and I used to call my brother also in his sir name when he irritated me with his nonsense talks like the way you are doing


Maan remembered about his fake sir name then.he murmured to himself


Maan: ohh ha, Sharma, Sir name


Geet: kya?


Maan: nothing, I’m going for freshen up, until then all will come and we can leave for your uni


Maan turned to leave but Geet meekly said from behind


Geet: is it important to go to uni today?



Maan turned and replied sincerely


Maan: don’t let people the chance to talk about you when you are not the wrong one, and as far I know you are a brave girl to face the culprit


Geet looked at him with a dull face, she had to go and face all hazards made her face pale


Maan can see the changes on her face, as this girl is way too innocent to hide het turmoil that was blowing inside her heart and mind


Maan: don’t worry, I will be with you the whole time you will be in uni


Geet looked at him and smiled as she knew he would not let her face any problem as far he would be with her





Finally Geet was back on her own chirping mood as all her family members reached home and Geet talked with all and cleared her tummy and mind’s tension for a whole half hour


And now they are on their way to uni. Maan parked the car near the uni and Geet came out from the car. Maan looked at Geet from the car’s window and said,


Maan: you just wait here and let me park the car, and then I will go inside with you


Geet: ok


Maan found a place for car parking and that took him 5 minutes, when he came down from the car, he saw Piyush talking with Geet and was trying to catch her from her shoulder, to which Geet was jerking him and telling him to stay away from her


This made Maan hell angry and he went towards them and came in between Geet and Piyush like a wall


Maan: Don’t you have brain to understand she don’t want to talk with you


Piyush: hey, just stay out of this ok?


Maan looked at Geet who was standing behind him and clutched his arm for behind, He asked to Geet,


Maan: You want to talk with him?


Geet answered using her head negatively, and clutched his arm more tightly, Maan can understand she was afraid again with all these and moreover they were in the uni entrance and all were looking at them


Maan: Piyush, Geet don’t want to talk with you right now, so please stay away from her right now


Piyush opened his money bag and picked some money and offered Maan and said roughly


Piyush: Take this money and go, have some good food from a well-known place, and give us some time to talk privately


That’s it, Maan is in full anger as he insulted the Maan Singh Khurana, but he didn’t want to made a scene in front of uni nor he want to made more problem for Geet 


Maan: I said leave, otherwise it will not be good for you


Piyush tried to touch Geet’s wrist in order to pulled Geet towards him, where Geet was trying his best to remove Piyush’s hand, and Maan punched on Piyush’s face as now Piyush really crossed his limits



One punch, and piyush was on the face, where blood oozing out from the side of his lips


Maan pointed a finger towards him and said,


Maan: dare you try to come anywhere near Geet, or I will make your life a living hell, and trust me I have the power to do that, from next time keep that in your mind, stay away from Geet or you will face the hell in this earth


Saying so Maan grabbed Geet’s hand and went towards the car, he made Geet sit on the car, then went back to his sit and started the car’s engine.

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