Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 2)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


It’s already late morning. Sun rays escaped from the gaps between the curtains to welcome this new day. But here the girl is still cuddled up with the duvet and sleeping peacefully. 

There was not a slightest movement in the girl, who was lost in her dreamland, oblivious to everything around her. The sun rays caressed her half face since her rest of face was covered with her long curly hair.

The room is decorated with a combination of pink and white. Just like a fairy tale story’s room.

At one glance one will think it’s a doll house or a little girl’s house. The colors of the walls are pink and white with a light design. All d furniture is well designed according to the room’s color.

The alarm went off for the 3rd time’ and now here the phone start ringing.

Yawning and cursing under her breath to the caller, she received the call and just stood on the bed after hearing something from the other side.

Pinky- “oyeee geettt, MSK is coming in delhi

Rubbing her eyes Geet again checked the caller number and sat down, then asked again, Kya kaha, maine galti se kuch aur suna pinky

Pinky- “heheheheh’ geet tune galat nehi suni, MSK is actually came on Delhi yesterday, I just read that in newspaper

Geet- Per newspaper walo ko kaise pata chalega, MSK ko media mai se aaj taak kisine kavi thodi na dekha hai

Pinky- “Vo to nehi pata, tu khud dekh na aaj ki paper

Geet- pinky ager ye pehle ki tarha galat news hua na to tu dekhna mai teri kya haal karungi, pichre baar teri vajai se mai papa se baal baal bach gayi thi

Pinky- “aur agar iss bar such hua to???”

Geet- pher bro ne jitna vi chocolate laya hai na Malaysia se,sab teri

Pinky- “chal mai avi mandir jati hu taki bhagwan se keh payu ki MSK ek din ki liye sachi mai ajaye

Geet- aur agar na aya na to fir tu ate samay apni liye hospital ki ek seat book karwalena

Pinky-“kyun geet, ghar mai sabki tabeyat to thik hai na?” (sam scratching her head: poor pinky, apni liye thik kar le)

Geet- kyunki mai teri vo haal karungi ki tujhe agle ek month hospital ki bed mai hi rehna hoga n vo vi tute-futi haddio ki saath

Pinky- “mai jaun geet’ tu breakfast kar le, thik hai, mai vi karleti hu (self-thought: avi 1hour pehle jo vi khaya tha sab teri baat se hazam ho gayi hai)

Geet- Chal bye’ sab meri wait karrahi hogi



After freshen up, geet came to downstairs.

Geet- Good morning Papaaa, good morning bro, n where is my sweety cutie bhabi

Mohindar- “morning princes

Arjun- “good morning meri pyaari gudia

Geet- bhabi kaha ho tum, mujhe bhug lagi hai

Ria came from kitchen with a plate of noodles for Geet (sam: humhari drashti ki favorite maaggiii)

Ria- “good morning geetu, ye lo apni breakfast

Geet- thank you bhabi, ager aap na hoti to kaun mujhe itni pyaar se khana deti 

Arjun- “oyee nautanki, teri bhabi se mere shaadi hone se pehle maine hi tujhe breakfast bana deta tha, remember???”

Geet- oh ho bro vo 6month pehle ki baat hai, avi to nehi dete ho na?

Arjun-“kyunki avi to teri’

Mohindar- “bas karo tum dono, phir se shuru ho gaye

Geet made a cute pouting face at her papa which melts Mohindar instantly.

Mohindar: ” aur arjun tum to bara ho na, behave

Arjun-“sorry dad

Geet winked at Arjun with an wicked smile’ 😀



After sometimes Arjun left for office and Mohindar joined him for the lift to go to the park.

Ria was putting the dishes on the basin while Geet came from back and hugged her cutely

Geet- Bhabi you know na I love you sooo much

Ria- “kya baat hai, aaj subha subha apni bhabi per itni pyaar arahi hai?

Geet- aisa nehi hai bhabi, vo kya hai na ki’.

Ria- “Newspaper ki Music sides meri kamre mai hai, jakar dekh le, MSK wali news such much mai hai.”

(NOTE: Mohindar never allowed music side news in this house and that’s why Ria always separate them while giving the newspaper to him. And from the blood may be, Geet loves music from her childhood, and Arjun and Ria know that.Geet dnt know the bitter past as she was only 3 years old that time and Arjun was 12 years old. They always support her behind Mohindar’s back as they can understand Geet loves music as much as their father loved once)

YAAAHHHOOO, Geet shouted with excitement that made Ria jumped.

When Ria looked backward but Geet is already crossed half of the upstairs. Shaking her head with a smile Ria got back to her work.



Running all the way Geet reached her Vaia-Bhabi’s room and picked up the newspaper and start reading the whole article:


“NEH DELHI: Hundreds of people flocked to the Delhi Airport premises to just see a glimpse of the famous singer MSK. Yes after the long wait of all the Delhi music fans will be over as the biggest music singer came to Delhi today morning at 5am. But all the fans became very upset as no one recognized MSK and MSK also didn’t introduced himself.

From the air line’s record it is confirmed that MSK came from that flight and landed on Delhi also.Now let’s see why he come to Delhi all on a sudden”



Geet’t self-thought- kya yaar, kisine nehi samjha MSK kaun hai? Mai waha hoti to thik hi samajh jati. Kitni baar suna maine usska har ek gaana

And again our Geet lost in her dream land with her dreamy MSK’


Here in The Taj Mahal Hotel at the same time (I dnt knw it’s truly 5 star hotel in delhi or not as I’m not an Indian and found that in google search)

Maan: Shit man, I told you before, I don’t want any media problem while I reached Delhi, tujhse ek kam vi nehi hoga kya?

Adi: “sss’sorryyy maan, mujhe such mai pata nehi chal raha hai aisa kaise ho gaya

Maan-Thanks god ki kisine mujhe pehchana nehi, warna mujhe aaj hi wapas dourna parta, especially from those stupid ladies

Adi-” heheheheheee, tu ladkio se aisa vaag ta kyun hai yaar, waha kitna shundar shundar ladkia tha

Maan- Because all are behind me for my fame and my dad’s property

Adi-” aisa thodi na hota hai yaar, koi to ladki hogi jo sirf tujhse pyaar karegi, only you, the way you are

Maan- oyee, ya sab na sirf kitaboki baate hai, kitabo mai hi accha lagta hai, real lyf mai aisa thodi na hota hai

Adi- “aisa nehi hai yaar, ye to tere galatfeh”.

Maan- bas kar aab, I don’t have interest on these bull shits, mere dimag mat kha aur uss ghar mai ghusne ka plan bana, I don’t have much time.

Adi- “Plan to aab hai per’. ” , adi stopped in mid and looked meekly at Maan.

Maan- per???… adi ager iss bar tu kuch vi garbar kia na to mai tujhe jinda nehi chorunga



Adi- “nehi garbar nehi kia, but uss ghar mai ghusne ka rasta thoda kaccha hai

Maan looked at him suspiciously now’


PRECAP 01: What will be the way to enter Handa Mansion for Maan???


Come on frnds’ guess karo, guess karo… dekhtihu kaun sahi andaza lagati hai’ 😀


PRECAP 02: Maaneet meet for the first time, kya Geet pehchanega Maan ko???

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