Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 21)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


As soon as Geet entered Handa house, astonishing them Pinky came and hugged Geet tightly


Geet: Pinky, what happened, u ok na? everything in your house’


“Shouldn’t we the one to ask you that?”

Pari said who just came


Geet understood what had happened. Pinky was tensed for Geet and inspite of going back to her own house, they came there directly from uni


Both came out of the hug


Geet: pinky relax I’m fine. See


Ria came and looked at them suspiciously and asked why all were here all of a sudden


Pari: vo bhabi, we have to submit a group report tomorrow, need to work on it


Geet: lets go to my room 1st


Trio went toward Geet’s room




Geet’s Room:


Pinky: Geet why you hide all these from us, we are friends na?


Geet: aisa nehi hai pinky (nothing like that pinky) it’s just I thought to tell you all everything today, but then


Pari: tell us everything 1st. then we will handle everything together


Geet narrated everything what took place that day in library as well as today’s incident. Long tear again made its way down from Geet’s eyes and Pari n Pinky both side hugged her from both sides


Pinky: its not your fault geetu, stop crying na


Geet wiped her tears and said in a meek voice,


Geet: I never consider him as a bad boy, we were good friends na? then how he behaved in that way with me, now all will talk about me on my back


Pari: no one will say anything to you, and dare you think yourself alone. We are with you geet


Geet smiled widely where still tears are lingering in the corner of her eyes



Geet: thanks guys for believing me


Pinky: oyeee, ye kya baat hui? We all are friends na? so obviously we will support you where you didn’t have any fault at all


Pinky: you guys carry on, I’m going to washroom.


Now pari and Geet were alone in the room


Pari: waise Maan is such a hero na? the way he came in between and punched Piyush? So dreamyyy

(sam scratching her head, again start her ram kattha I mean MAAN KATTHA)



Geet looked at her making a golgappa face when Pari was blabbering continuously about Maan



After sometime Ria called them for lunch and they all came down together for lunch


Near the last 3rd stair, pari slipped her feet and was about to fall down when Maan caught her from her waist and balanced her from falling 

(sam thinking, it would be sweet if Geet was on Pari’s place, haina???)


Maan: samhalke Pari



Pari: thanks Maan, you know you just save me like a hero save her heroin in film


It made Geet’s mouth wide open


Geet murmured to herself, Kamina always up to flirting openly, even in my house now


Maan made a weird face at Pari’s dialogue


Maan: what?


Geet: nothing, just leave her useless words, where are you going Maan? Come, join us in lunch


Maan: no, vo actually I have some urgent work, so I’m leaving now


Geet: but where?


Maan: will tell you later when I will be back


Geet: ok


Later Pinky and Pari spend whole evening with Geet, in order to make her mood light. Both left after assuring Geet that they were in her side and will be with her in uni, so no need to bunk classes like today




At night:


Geet was feeling bored, she opened her cupboard and choose one red sari to wear. It’s her mother’s sari. She wore the sari and light make up and planned to surprise Mohindar and Arjun when they would be back from outside


Later she decided to check whether Maan came back or not


She knocked the door and noticed that it was open, she entered into the room and look at the condition of his room. All his dresses are in messed up condition like he searched for something in hurry


Most of all so many paper pieces on the floor, all the papers were in a crushed position as if he crushed them in anger


Geet bend down and opened it, there were some words written on it


I’ve been living with a shadow overhead

I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed



Geet: what is it all written on it?


She again picked another paper piece and there same lined are written, one more line added,


I’ve been living with a shadow overhead

I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed

I’ve been lonely for so long


Geet: what was he doing? Will ask him later


She was about to go when something caught her eyes


She bends down and took the page, her eyes pooped out to see the words written on it



(Its many of ours habit that whenever we don’t have any work and find a paper and pen, we used to sign our name on the page. Maan also did the same thing, when he was thinking about the lyrics for his song, he started to sign his name “Maan Singh Khurana” continuously on the paper piece)


Everything started to come in front of her eyes. The very 1st day when Geet felt like she heard this voice before, his playing guitar so smoothly, his singing song on the terrace, a song she never heard before


Geet ran to her room and opened her laptop. She search on chup chap karti hai baatein jab teri yeh khamoshiyan then again on “Chup chap sunti hai dil ki halki halki sargoshiyan


The lines of Maan’s song, which he sung on the terrace. But as usual no related song was there


Geet: you lied with all of us Maan. But why you did it? To know more about my papa and later to make fun of him in tour golden world? That’s why you asked me so many questions why papa stopped singing all of a sudden. You have to tell me the truth now. I can’t let you do what you planned against my papa



Fresh tears made their way down on Geet’s face. Again she misunderstood another person in her life, again she considered someone wrong as her friend


On another side:

Maan was sitting in the passanger sit on the car, Adi driving the car.


Adi: you sure, Geet will believe your words and help you? we don’t have much time


Maan: She will adi, she is good in heart, a innocent girl who always helps her friends


Adi: hmmm, lets see then


Maan thought to himself, She will make all kind of faces, i know, but later she have to trust me, we have this much believe in our relation



Maan couldn’t control his laugh to guess her face when she will know that he is the Maan Singh Khurana


PRECAP: hmmm, what made Maan go out so hurriedly??? and what will happen now???


me updating in my jaundice n dengu condition, still ONLY liquid foods for another month…Cry… CAN I EXPECT all your supports (means likes n comments) for this part???… *preety pluessseee*

And yes, next update will depend on my 2mrw’s blood test report, as still blood coming from my mouth…Cry


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2 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 21)

  1. HARSHITA (Jaan :-* )

    January 1, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    lvlu luvly…………

    Luved Daddi’s and natasha’s interoogation … bichara Maan…. pooor baby… Then Maan and Geet’s convo…. Gooddddduuuuu I wish Maan Geet ko ghr pr hi rok le…….. aur kahe aaj se tum yahin rhogi Geet.. ………



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