Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 22)

27 Dec

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Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


“Sometimes destiny plans about something which we never imagine in our wildest dreams, we thought that maybe it’s a dream and it will disappear when we will open our eyes and will come out from our dream land.

But! Alas! Destiny’s plans are always play their own acts, no matter how much it hurts you, you can’t turn around, nor have any choice rather than facing it”



Geet opened her eyes as more fresh tears made their way out from those beautiful hazel eyes. It’s more than one hour now, still she is sitting on the floor of his room, waiting for his answer


She didn’t know how she came from her own room, how she is leaving here in this one hour, she is waiting for his explanation, and still somewhere in the deep corner of her heart, she don’t want to face the truth and begging to the God to turn it as a mere dreams of her.


She heard him calling her name, his voice started to get clearer and she could understand that he was coming to her direction now. But she didn’t have the courage to call him back.


The door opened and Maan came inside of his room, his voice stuck in his mouth to see her sitting in the floor, her face drenched in tears and more tears are coming down, she was looking at him with so many questions on her eyes


Maan rushed to her side and sat near her,


Maan: Geeet, you ok na? what happened? Kya hua tumhe?


She looked at him, she had so many questions to ask him, but didn’t have the courage to voice it out


She took Maan’s hand and placed the paper in his palm where Maan Singh Khurana were written all over the page


Maan took the paper from her hand and looked at her face. Getting no answer from him she cupped his face in her small palms and finally asked,



Geet: yyyeee’ yeee tuum’ ttuuum nehiii hooo na?


Maan looked at her face, a simple question, and a simple answer, but he felt like someone cuts his heart with a sharp knife. There was so much pain written all over her face. 1st time in his life he didn’t know what to say or what not



Geet: ttuuum,.. tum sirfff maan ho naaa?


Maan cupped her face and wiped all the tears, he made her look at him and said sincerely,


Maan: Geet , mai sab bataungi, per pehle tum shant ho jao, aur ye rona band kardo please


Geet looked at him and removed his hands from her face.


Geet: 1st tell me the truth Maan, yes or not


Maan closed his eyes in pain, he never thought his one single lie can hurt someone so badly, that too the person who is in a very special place in his heart now, Maan opened his eyes and again cupped her face



Maan: 1st listen to me carefully. Let me explain to you, then tumhe jo samajh na hai samajh lena


Suddenly she became numb, because his statement made it clear – his real name. She stood up and started to move


Her whole body was shivering heavily and Maan understood how much hurt she is at this moment.


Maan: geet, let me explain 1st


Not needed, came a cold reply from her side

Suddenly she tripped and Maan came hurriedly to save her from falling. She removed herself from him and started to move away, but maan jerked and made her face him

Maan: ek baar bolneki mouka to dekar jao


Geet turned in another side and replied in the same cold voice


Geet: you missed the chance Maan


He saw her went out from his room. From her voice Maan understood that she was fighting not to break down in front of him. He thought to give her some time to settle her mind


Maan: I will make you understand Geet, you have to understand me


He saw her tripping again, blood ouzed from the corner of her nail as it broke, he rushed to her and before she could protest, he lifted her in his arm.


Maan: let me at least help you geet, please


Geet didn’t protest anymore and turned her face to another side. He came to Geet’s room while Geet on his arm.


He settled her in the bed and sit near her, Geet’s eyes are red and puffy and Maan could understand how much hurt she was


Maan: Geet don’t you give me a single chance to explain everything?


Geet: I just know that you lied to me, that’s it


Maan: but I had a reason geet


Thinking about the reason her anger again overcame inside her.


Geet: I know that Maan, I know why you lied to all of us


Maan: matlab?


Geet hold his shirt collar and said with pure hatred



Geet: to know more about my papa na? And later you can make a new article so that all will make fun of him in your so called golden world?



Maan shocked to see so much hatred in her eyes. All her pain now replaced with pure abhorrence, that too for him


Maan: Geet, there is nothing like that


He tried to hold her shoulder but Geet jerked his hand away


Geet: Dare you Maan, dare you try to make me fall on your all innocent acts now. I know you now. That’s the reason na? that’s why you asked too many questions like exactly when and why my papa stopped singing all of a sudden, right maan? You also used me in all these so that you can easily came in touch with everyone perfectly, hai na Maan? Ohhh I forgot, it’s the great Maan Singh Khurana, how can I say like that? I should not call you by your name, How’s Maan Sir?


Maan was speechless to hear all these from her, but he tried to explain again


Maan: Geet, don’t think like that, I can never think anything bad or do anything wrong with this family, please try to understand


But again Geet stopped him


Geet: That’s why you  came to help me that day, and punched Piyush?  So that you can place your name in the soft corner of my heart. But do you know what it is Maan? How it feels to hurt or to be cheated? Papa used to tell us in our childhood that these media people have no heart to feel, they only think with their brain, and that too for their own benefit. And we used to laugh at his words, but today you make him right, now leave from here




Maan: you are all wrong Geet


Geet ignored his words and said in a cold voice


GeetI’m not interested to hear neither your rubbish excuses nor your face


That was it. Maan stood up and started to leave from her room, he stopped near her door and said without turning back,




MaanI thought to tell you everything today, but see, destiny already played his own bitter game. You came to know by yourself. I know you don’t want to hear anything, but let me tell you one thing clearly Geet, I never thought to betrayed to any of you, as a singer I always respect your father like my own teacher, nor I thought to use you, it’s just you became my good friend here. But I can never think of using you. And about Piyush, I will bit him to death if he dares to come near you again, you liked it or not. I will be always there with you to help you


Saying so, Maan left the room, leaving a hurt and confused Geet tangling in her own thoughts


PRECAP: now the main TWIST??? BUT what???

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