Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 23)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Geet opened her eyes and closed it after feeling the slight pain on her neck. She discovered herself in a sitting position on her own bed. Last night’s incident started to play in front of her eyes.


She was awake almost the whole night, didn’t know why she could not be able to believe that Maan can step so low for his own benefit. And it angered her more that how could she became so blind in her friendship that she didn’t recognize that he can harm her own family. She would not let this happen at any cost. Later sleep came over her tired eyes after all the incidents that occurred in one day


Determining on her own decision, she went towards washroom to get ready for her uni.


She came down after getting fresh. All are in the breakfast table. Geet felt too much emotional to see her whole family in front of her eyes. 



She wiped the small tear line from the corner of her eyes and moved towards them.


Good morning, geet wished everyone; she kissed on her papa n bro’s cheek and hugged Ria, then took her seat next to Arjun


Mohindar: beta, what happened? Why are you looking so tired?


Geet looked downward on her plate and replied meekly,


Geet: nothing papa, what will happen to me?


Arjun looked at her carefully and then holding her chin he made her look at him


Arjun: what happened to your eyes gudia? Is there something which is disturbing you?


Geet nodded her head negatively and gave a weak smile


Geet: no bro, it’s just I had headache at night and couldn’t sleep properly


Ria: then you should have called us baby? Did you take medicine?


Geet: I’m fine guys, relax. Now can I please concentrate on my food?


Arjun sighed helplessly as he knows how stubborn his sister can be at some times. So he decided to ignore it and later would talk with her after coming back home


Arjun: ok chalo hurry up, complete your breakfast, or else I will be late again, and too for you as usual


Geet gave a confused look to her brother and then asked,



Geet: what happened to your car?


Arjun: what will happen to my car baby?


Geet: no I mean why will you come with me?


Arjun now looked at her confusingly, this time Ria replied to Geet,


Ria: Maan didn’t talk with you before leaving his job?


Geet looked at Ria like she was talking in some alien language.


Ria: you really don’t know that he left his job?


Geet: no, but why bhabhi?


Mohindar: he said he needs to leave for Mumbai, don’t know why he was looking too tensed


Arjun: yes papa, I too noticed that. I took his phone number. Will call him to ask if anything wrong or not


Mohindar: hmmm. Geet you didn’t play any new prank on him na? geet, geet you ok beta?


Geet was busy in thinking about yesterday’s incident when Arjun shook her


Arjun: you ok na?


Geet: bro I’m not feeling good, can I go to my room and sleep for some time?


Ria: you go and sleep for a while, you will feel better


Geet left the table with a blank face.



Mohindar looked worried to see her


Mohindar: what happened to her all of a sudden? Something is disturbing her


Ria: don’t worry papa, may be for her headache she is not feeling good


Arjun: hmmm, may be, let her sleep sometime and later give her breakfast along with some pain killer, she will feel better. I’m getting late now. Bye papa, bye jaan


Mohindar: bye beta


Ria went with Arjun to bid him good bye



In Geet’s room:


Geet lying on the bed and busy in talking with herself



Geet: he actually left yesterday? Without even giving any prove for his innocence, couldn’t he prove to me that he is not wrong. I mean I know I’m insecure, but what can I do? I am insecure for my own family. But if he is right, then he should come with some solid proves na?

But Geet, you yourself stopped him to say anything. He tried na? and duffer, you told him to leave from here. How can you forget that he helped you so much. And he is not bad by heart. Babaji, now what will I do?


Her cribbing to her God got disturbed on a phone call. Checking the caller id she received the call



Geet: ha Pinky, bol


Pinky: oyeee geet, did you check today’s newspaper?


Geet: nehi to. I’m not in a mood to talk now re. Can’t we talk later?


Pinky: geet 1st at least check the newspaper and then give me a call. I’m waiting for your call, ok?


Geet: humppphh, ok fine. Let me check then


After cutting the call she open her laptop and browse to the online newspaper site as she is not in a mood to go downstairs now


But the headline pooped her eyes open



Geet: ohhh my God… !!!



In Mumbai:


A man was standing near the glass window and looking outside. All the media people made a gathering in downstairs for the recent current news. And here, he was not in a mood to go there and answered to their questions. But he had to


He felt a hand on his shoulder. He closed his eyes,


he knew right now Adi was looking at him worriedly.


Adi: you sure you ok Maan?


Taking a deep breath to erase the tension from his face, he closed the window glass. He composed himself and turned to face Adi



Maan: I’m fine adi. You don’t worry. I will handle it


PRECAP: what was written in the newspaper??? And why Maan came back in Mumbai all of a sudden???


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