Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 24)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


In Delhi:


Pinky: but Geet , are you sure, you can stay without your family? I mean you were the one who said not to join that time


Geet: but I want to go now Pinky, it will be good for my future, and the course is only for 3months na?


Pinky: geet, what’s going on your mind? You are not planning anything else na?


Geet: of course not re, and besides, if later I don’t feel like stay away from my home, then I will come back again


Pinky: but


Geet: and you are also going there, and here how can I will be able to stay without my best friend?


Geet said with a evil grin. She knew how to handle pinky, and among all she is the only person she can manage this much easily. She heard a sigh coming from other side



Pinky: ok I am telling baba to talk with uncle. But we need to reach there tonight, so go and talk with uncle and then start packing your bags.


Geet cut the call after making plan with Pinky. It took almost more than 1hour to explain everything to Pinky and make a wonderful plan.


She was feeling so alone right now, and more over the news just made Geet more afraid, afraid of losing her friend. She actually thought Maan as her best friend, and she herself didn’t know why, she was now feeling so sad, she didn’t feel this much alone after her fight with Piyush. Then why now?


Geet: babaji, please sab thik kar de na. I just hope everything will be fine, otherwise he will not even look at me for a glance, forget about talking with me.


She sat down on the bed and looked at the clock




Now she is in guilt to tell so much to Maan in anger.  Poor maan tried so many times to say something and made her understand. Geet cursed herself to open her mouth with her non sense talks


Geet: gaddhe, ullu ki patthe, bohut bolne ka shokh than na? aab dekh. Poor maan tried to say something. And you fool just start blabbing your own ram kattha. Geet now what will you do? I just hope Pinky will manage papa and bro


She looked at her babaji and said with pouting face



Geet: babaji, mai to aap ki acchi bacchi hu na? then why you always choose me and send all those problems into my address. Please please, help me now. So that Pinky can manage papa and my detective bro. pluweshhh


That time on Mumbai:


Whole hospital’s outside was filled with media people, as well as the employees from Khurana Construction. All are waiting to know the actual news.


The door opened and one person came outside, surrounded by at least 30 bodyguards. All of them were surprised to saw the man where busy to shove away all the people and made a place for Maan to stand and said something.


All looked at him and all of a sudden whole crowd stopped their talking to see the man, by giving only one glance one can guess who he was.



No one saw him earlier as it was his decision to stay away from the media people. He wanted to make his own dream true without the tag name of Khurana. And moreover he hates media people and their gossips. So he preferred to stay away from them and live a peaceful life.  And Anukalp also used to give him the freedom and didn’t let people know him by his face. Maan only attended some close family’s friends programs. So media didn’t get chance to see him before.


All started to whisper on themselves to know who he was when they heard his voice


Maan: The head chairman of Khurana construction, Mr. Anukalp Khurana is still in ICO and under doctors’ observation. After we come to know anything positive regarding his health, we will arrange a conference with the media and answer all of your questions. But until that, I, Maan Singh Khurana, son of Anukalp Singh Khurana, requesting all of you not to make this place crowded. We just want all of your cooperation to have patience and wait for the conference. Thank you


He turned to leave when one news reporter questioned from behind.


Reporter: here we all were waiting from last 13 hours and he came here to say to leave us from here, that too without any news?


Maan turned and said in a calm yet cold voice,




Maan: By standing in the hospital entrance and blocking the entrance door, you all are just hampering the environment. Because other patients are also here for their treatment and they can’t able to enter inside for this crowd. And I think one life is more precious than your five minute’s news report.


Silence prevailed to see the maan now standing with a cold face, where his eyes were totally red, no one can guess what the reason behind this is, was it for the anger on that reporter? Or the pain he was trying to control to see his father surrounded by all those machined in the hospital room?


Maan went inside of the hospital and all the bodyguards started their work to make the entrance clear.


He reached near the ICO room and heard the doctor to say that they were still trying but medicines were not working on his father.


He saw his mother crying and his Daadi ma consoling her not to get worried. He suddenly felt proud to have his grandmother beside him at this moment.


This old lady lost her husband when she was only 25years old and raised her son, his father who was only 7 years old that time. She herself alone took care of the whole Khurana Empire as well as made sure to make her son a portrait of his husband.


From yesterday when Maan came back in Mumbai, Not for once Maan saw his Daadi ma in tears. She was consoling her daughter in law that everything will be fine.


And that made Maan to be strong and not to break down in fear. He had this much believe on his father that he will survive and nothing will happen to him.


Savitri Devi came to Maan and said in a soft voice, 


Daadi ma: you don’t worry beta, nothing will happen to your father. You know na my son is a fighter?  And he can never leave us alone.


Maan hugged Daadi ma, and finally he let those tears coming down from his eyes, which he didn’t let down in front of his mother and his friend Adi


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