Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 25)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Sometimes fate plays its cruel game. It makes a pun of all your thoughts and plans and makes you face the exact situation that you wanted to avoid at any cost.”




Maan was thinking while sitting in the corridor chair in front of his father’s room.


Here his father is fighting with his life, doctors were trying their best to make the medicines working on him.


It’s been almost 24hours his father had been shot on his way to coming back from the airport. Still the police commissioner couldn’t able to find the person who was behind all these fiasco.


Every time he closed his eyes, he could see his mother’s numb state when he entered the hospital. He could still hear her mother’s crying while hugging him.


And among all these, he was worried about the condition of her family’s, to see him in the television as Maan Singh Khurana. He never thought in his wildest dream to leave Handa house like this. 


And later, in the flight, on the way back home, he thought to go to handa house and ask for forgiveness to all of them. That house gave him so much love in these 2weeks and he could not betray with their trust. Especially not with Geet’s.


But alas! Again destiny played its game. He had to face the media on absence of his father. And he could not let his father down by not facing the media and tried to ignore them.


Maan closed his eyes, and he could imagine clearly. He could see geet’s accused eyes in his closed eyes. May be she would never believe him now.


His thoughts were broken by the ringing tone. He received the voice and heard what the caller said to him


Maan: I am not paying you to call me and giving all these lame excuses. Next time when you will call me, make sure that you are giving me some positive news. Because I don’t love to spend money on useless people as I don’t believe in throwing water on the ocean.





He sighed and stood up. Went towards the room door and saw his father attached with so many wires on his body. It pierced his heart to see his father in this condition right now. He was feeling lonely without his father’s shadow. His family meant his world and no matter how much he had to face, he would not able to lose his family, his very own world.






On the car:



Geet was thinking the same. She thought about the reactions of her family. She looked at his father’s face, who was sitting beside him with a tensed face. 


She could see his brother’s grumpy face from the view glass, and could imagine her bhabi’s teary face to even think that her geetu would not stay for three whole months with them.


Geet sighed. She side hugged her father and kept her head on her father’s shoulder who hugged her back


Geet: bro, are you still planning to continue this silent treatment on me?


Arjun didn’t replied and geet heard her bhabi’s sniffing sound as a reply of her question.


Geet groaned and looked at her father with a baby face


Geet: papa please tell them na, to act as mature people


Arjun: look who’s talking about maturity


Geet: I know I was not mature, but




Arjun: lo. Finally you agreed on that


Geet: I said, I WAS not mature, but now, many people replaced in my place as right now you are behaving like a small boy, along with bhabi


Ria: tu to baat maat kar. You become so big to stay away from us now


Geet:papa, samjhao na please. It’s not easy for me as well, but it will be benefited for me. Don’t you guys want me to in a successful career?


Arjun: so we are completing your dream na?


Geet: but I don’t want to see you all sad bro, while completing my dreams




Her voice chocked and Arjun stopped the car hurriedly at the side of the road. He came behind and hugged Geet tightly who cried like a child, hugging her brother.


Mohinder looked at Arjun with a murderous look for making her cry, who himself made a puppy face. Mohinder shook his head to see his children behaving like babies


Ria wiped her own tears and tried to calm down the situation.


Ria: are are, why this rona dhona now? Come on, three months will pass in a glance.


Mohinder: aur nehi to kya? And we all will come on every weekend also, then why this much crying.


Arjun: and Pinky is also there with you na gudia? Don’t worry baby


Geet smiled in his brother’s chest, before sometime they were the one, who were making faces and telling all negative words, and now they are making her understand. This was her family, Geet Handa’s own world.


Suddenly her eyes became teary to think about Maan. Only Babaji knows that what was going through on him and his family.


Please babaji, unki family se musibaat ko dur kar dejiye, she silently prayed to God and hugged her brother more tightly.




In Hospital:


Doctor came out from the room and Maan went towards his hurriedly.


Doctor: Good news Mr. Khurana, your father is now in stable position. Medicines are now working on his. I hope he will be able to meet his family very soon.


Maan: thank you so much doctor


Doctor smiled and left. Maan looked behind and saw his daadi smiling at him with a look like I told you na. Natasha was sleeping on Savitri’s shoulder


Maan walked near them and sat beside his mother and shook her slowly


Maan: mom?


Natasha jerked open her eyes and looked at him with fear. Maan hold his mother’s both hand and kissed them softly with assurance in his eyes


Maan: Dad is fine now mom, relax, everything is fine


Natasha hugged her son and cried while Maan encircled her in his arm and started to tell her all soothing words.


Savitri smiled to see the scene in front of her. This mother son relation is something in this earth that no one can compare with other relationship. 


She herself died a thousand deaths to see her own son in the hospital bed, but didn’t flinch in front of Natasha and supported her to be strong. But now after getting the good news she cried too.


Maan hugged both the ladies together and said in a soft voice,


Maan: now don’t worry my crying ladies. Our Hitler is fine now, and in between some hours, he will open his eyes and shout at me for not being in Mumbai last two weeks.


Trio laughed at his words and Natasha slapped him lightly on his cheek.




Maan: don’t worry mom, I will never let anyone hurt my father, no matter who they were, from next time, they will have to face Maan Singh Khurana, even before looking at my family, forget about harming my family


He said in a determined face


Natasha smiled at him and kissed his forehead lovingly.









Geet trying to enter in the special word, but kamino guards are not letting her in, suddenly her eyes felt on the scene in front of him

One girl in very short n revealing dress hugging Maan

geet gasped out loud,



Chalo chalo, another twist in here on next part, Ragini in b2wn our Maaneet… LOL


next update will be after 100 likes, NO compromise this time, my likes are again decreasing… Confused

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