Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 26)

27 Dec


May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always…

1st of all, me really sorry. Lappy was in my Ammu’s custody and xm finished 4day’s before Eid. So was stuck up with my Eid shopping than.

Here is a BIG update as I promised. Well, late birthday treat from my side. Kya karu yaar, I’m really a poor scared child in front of my Ammu though sam is a uni going big girl Approve


Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Geet bid good bye to her family with a teary face, poor girl still trying to be brave and she put a smile on her face





She stood near the hostel gate and watched them go. Sighing she went back to her room with a plan to go to the hospital and came back at hall before pinky reached there.




In the hospital:


Maan was talking with the police commissioner and the doctor about the security issues.

Maan: how’s dad responding now?

Doctor: much better than before

Maan: I want to shift him to home as soon as possible

Doctor: we are trying our best. We will inform you as soon as he will get a little bit better to shift from hospital

Maan nodded his head and the doctor left


The police commissioner touched his shoulder and said

Commissioner: don’t worry beta, without our permission no one can even enter this floor

Maan: I’m not understanding one thing uncle, why would someone attack dad

Commissioner: as far as I talked with the employees, no one could give us any solid information. And now only one option left for us

Maan: and that is to wait for dad’s consciousness to come back

Commissioner: and until that, no one can touch his hair Maan, you just relax and go home. You must be tired

Maan sighed and replied,

Maan: I’m fine uncle, just make sure to arrange security in mansion as well.

Commissioner:  yes, I’m going there to check one more time by myself

Maan: thank you uncle

Commissioner: no need to say thanks, may be you forgot that I’m doing everything for my friend, now you go back home as well

Maan: I will but want to stay here for sometime

Commissioner: ok beta, take care of yourself. And if you noticed anything apprehensive, must inform me directly

Maan: yes I will, bye




After 2 hours:


The police constable: madam you can’t go their without sir’s permission.

Geet: dekhiye paji, Maan know me. You just let me go please

The police constable:  areee , i don’t want to lose my job madam

Geet: if you will not let me go there, you will definitely lose your job, mai bata rahi hoon na aapko?

The police constable: sorry madam I can’t. if you know him, then you can call him na?

Geet: ha but the problem is

The police constable: madam please, its really not in my hand. You please call any of the family member, only then I can help you

Geet: but

The police constable: sorry madam





Geet: thik hai

Saying so she turned to leave and all of a sudden turned back and pushed the door open to enter hurriedly

But the sight before her made her a stone and unable to move

The police constable poked her shoulder.

She looked back at him and whispered with a baby crying face





At the same time:


Maan was sitting on the chair outside his father’s room.





Suddenly he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. Maan looked up and was  shocked to see her there

He stood up and Ragini hugged him, making him more stunned by her act

Ragini: Maan you ok na? I was so scared

Maan pulled back from her hug and replied

Maan: what will happen to me? By the way,  It’s dad in the hospital ragini, not me

Ragini: ya of course, I know, I called home and came to know that uncle is much better now and you are here. So thought to come here

Maan: ohkk, but what are you doing here, I mean in Mumbai?

Ragini: ohh, I came here yesterday, for a three months course, you know, extra course in order to grab more experience

Maan: oh ya

Ragini: hey relax maan, don’t worry uncle will be fine

Maan: yah I know, you came alone

Ragini: papa mamma will be here tomorrow, papa had a urgent meeting today, so couldn’t manage to come

Maan: oh no problem at all, but I think you should go now, it’s getting dark and you are alone na?

Ragini: so sweet of you, you always care for everyone

Maan shook his head at her usual useless word and ignoring her words he said,

Maan: come on lets go, car tak chor deti hoon tum hai




Maan bid bye to Ragini and now was waiting for the lift to come down, but it was taking too much time. 

As the lift finally reached ground floor, maan noticed an old woman was also waiting in the line behind him and there was space for only one person. So he politely let the old woman go inside and decided to go by stairs

He got startled seeing Geet sitting on the floor and blabbing to herself.






Maan thought to himself,

Maan: maan how can Geet be here? You are out of your mind beta, shant ho ja

And here, the Geet Handa was still in a trance to digest the scene she saw for minutes before.Maan hugging Ragini, Ragini? His girlfriend is actually ragini.

And now busy in talking with her babaji.

Geet: I mean is it true? Gaddhe, khotte, ullu ki patthe, isse puri dunia mai ladki nehi mili kya?At least mujh se bol dete, but ye ragini hi kyun?

Maan came back from his thoughts because of her babbling. He got worried to see her in hospital and went near her

Maan: what are you doing here?

Geet looked up at him and stood up hurriedly

Geet: how’s uncle doing now?

Maan was stunned by her question

Maan: what?

Geet: I’m asking about your father? Is he alright now?

Maan: geet what the hell are you doing here?

Geet: pehle bolo to sahi

Maan: he is much better now

Geet: chalo thik hai phir, I should go now

Geet turned to leave, but Maan stopped her hurriedly by blocking her way with his hand

Maan: wait wait, what are you doing here Geet? Why you came here? Everyone in your home is ok na?

Geet: mere ghar walo ko kya hoga?

Maan: then what are you doing here?

Geet: ohhh, I came here to see your father. But that kharoos hawaldar was not letting me in, and then that

She stopped herself to say further

Maan was still confused to see her there, then ragini’s words came to his mind

Maan: so you also came here for the course

Geet: how’d you know that?

Then she told to herself in a meek voice, stupid, his girlfriend is also here na?

Maan poked her shoulder to get her attention

Maan: geet you actually came here to see my father?

Geet: I need to go

Maan: no first reply to my questions, you forgave me na?

Geet turned at him with pointed one finger at him

Geet: look mister, you lied to me, and faked friendship with me, but I didn’t, so its my responsibility to stand beside you in your bad times

Maan: so I’m forgiven

Geet: no, and never. You lied to me

Her voice cracked at the last line. Maan cupped her face in his palm and made her look at him.




Maan: I promise Geet, I can never think of doing anything bad to your family

Geet snapped his hand away

Geet: I’m not talking about that u fool. I’m talking about the lie. You could have atleast told me na?

Maan: I came that day to tell you sweety, but then you were so angry. And I thought of givng you some time alone and talking with you next day, but then at mid night I received daadi ma’s call and came to know that some people have shot dad

Geet was already calmed on the word sweety and then felt bad to see his sad face. So decided to leave this topic for now

Geet: I want to see uncle

Maan: so I’m forgiven now? See i’m saying sorry na?

He said while holding his ears




Geet: obviously not, we will quarrel about this issue later when uncle will be fine

Maan looked at her amused, she behaved like a small child, still a very caring person at heart

Maan: ok come

Geet: that kharoos didn’t let me go inside

Maan: geet, it’s their duty na? They are just doing their duty. You should call me na?

Geet: and how? Do I have your number?

Geet gave him an accusing look that it’s his entire fault that she didn’t have his number

Maan: ok sorry, my fault. Now don’t look at me like that

Both went upstairs to the special ward

Near the door, geet grabbed maan’s hand suddenly. The security looked at them. By seeing Geet with Maan, he gave a nervous smile at Maan.

Maan: she is our family member, don’t stop her in future

Man: yes sir

Both went inside and Geet looked at his father from the door.

Geet: Maan do you know, why all these happened all of a sudden?

Maan: still not

Geet: don’t worry everything will be fine

Maan held geet’s hand with his two hands, which was holding his hand,





Maan: I was so scared Geet, samajh hi nehi araha tha ki kya ho raha hai?

This was the very first time he actually said to someone that how was he feeling. The incident and his father’s blood filled shirt flashed back in front of his eyes and one drop of tear slipped from the corner of his eyes

Geet saw his fearful eyes and her heart pricked to see him like this. She hugged him tightly




Geet: don’t worry Maan, everything will be fine. I just hope I could have been with you at that time. But now see, I’m here with you. Together we will tackle this problem. Dekhna tum




Maan: wish you could be there with me all those time. I felt so helpless to see dad in Operation Theater. mom was crying and I was not understanding what to say to console her or daadi ma.

Geet came out of the hug and said,

Geet: don’t worry now. See I’m here na? Tomorrow I will come again.

Maan: ya you should leave now, come on let me have some words with the doctor. Then I will go with you and give you a lift

Geet: no maan, it’s ok. I will go in taxi

Maan: of course not. I’m not letting you go alone

Geet: but

Maan: geet I’m already tired. Not in a mood to argue ok?

Geet made a cute puppy face and nodded in agreement.

Maan: very good. Now be a good girl and sit here. I’m coming in few minutes

Geet: ok baba, jao


Precap: here daadi ma and there Ragini with her parents. And in middle our maaneet. Who will be in an encounter with Geet in hospital? Fass gaya hai Maan babu

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