Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 27)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Maan was driving towards Geet’s hostel. Both are busy on their own thoughts.

Maan was thinking about his father’s health, though the tests reports were not that much good, still he was not feeling that much sophisticated now. After meeting with Geet, his nerves calmed a lot and now he was also not feeling alone nor helpless

And poor Geet was busy on her own problems. How could she just decide to come in Mumbai, that too for three damn months. How she would be able to stay with her family, that too in a room with pinky.

She mumbled to herself, “ya kaha faas gayi hoon mai babaji? Kuch jyada emotional hokar galat decision to nehi lia na?”



Maan turned towards her and said in a taunted tone,

Maan: you can share your problems to me, rather than sharing it with your babaji. May be I can help you


Geet: how can you help me? When I’m stuck here in my own ghatia plan?


Maan: which plan?

Geet: I read the news where it’s written that someone attacked your father and he was in hospital. And within three hours I decided to come to Mumbai anyhow. And see what I did? I just accept the course.

Maan: but geet it’s a good decision to take the course, I mean it will be helpful for your future works na?

Geet: but now it’s night

Maan: geet what are you saying? I am really not understanding anything

Geet: what?

Maan: from how this night is related with your tensions?

Geet: I can’t leave here without them

She said in a meek voice and almost cried to think about her family

Maan stopped the car in the side of the road and looked at Geet. Geet sat on her sit, her hands on her lap, she was looking at her hands. Maan touched her hand and called her in a soft voice

Maan: Geet? Ghar ki yaad arahi hai kya?

Geet: I want to go home

Maan: hey cry baby, relax, its just 4 more days then you can go to delhi for one day

Geet shook her head and said with a cute cried voice (sam wondering no one can look cute while crying rather than our Geet handa)

Geet: mujhe abhi jana hai maan

Maan’s heart pricked to see his baby angel so much restless for her family,that doe shape eyes filled with unshed tears just bleed his heart.but he couldn’t do anything now to fulfill her wish, so he tried to do some thing else to divert her mind

Maan: waise Geet tum itni daarpok kyun ho?

Geet: Maan, from which angle you think that I’m a daarpok?

Maan raised his index finger and took one tear from the corner of her eye and pointed it towards her,

Maan: this angle

Geet made baby face and side hug Maan while sitting in her seat

Maan: hey come on now, its for some more days, then I will take you to delhi in your weekend


Geet: waise Maan, you didn’t introduce me with your girlfriend

Maan: ohh ha, ok tomorrow morning my gf will be with me in hospital, meet kar lena tab

Geet: why tomorrow, you can introduce me today

And she murmured to herself, “Though I hate her still lets sacrifice my choice for your happiness”


Maan looked at her all confused, Kya bola?

Geet: nothing, you just call her and ask her to come on the gate, and you can introduce me with her, you know?

Maan looked at her and asked her again, this time slowly to make her understand

Maan: Geet you want to go to my house now?

Geet: no buddhu, I just want to meet her

She stopped and looked at Maan with an O shape mouth and eyes wide open


Geet: Ragini is going to stay at your house?

Maan first looked at her like she just came down from another planet and then thw word RAGINI caught his brain

Maan: geet now from where this ragini came in between and why the hell she will be in my house?

Geet: but you just said na that your girl friend is in your house

Maan replied in an annoyed tone

Maan: Geet first of all just tell me what is the relation in between Ragini and my girlfriend?

Geet: Ragini tumhari girlfriend hai na? and then she replied by herself, of course she is, I just saw you both hugging each other and her consoling you in the hospital

Maan looked at her astonished to understand her misunderstanding and then made an yucky face to even think himself near Ragini

Maan: geet, ragini dad ki collogue ki beti hai, that’s it

Geet: really, then what about the hug? And wait a minute, then who is there in your house, che maan, thodi to sharam karti, your family members are there with you na?

Maan: ek minute, ek minute, don’t come to a conclusion this soon, first of all she hugged me, I didn’t hug her back, so you better ask her about this as she is staying in your hostel, and secondly, you need to wait a little more until tomorrow to get your other question’s answers

Geet pouted at him with a cute puppy pleading face but maan just chuckled and pulled her cheeks, then he started his car again



After some hours, maan came out from the washroom and called her again

Maan: hey, done with your dinner?

Geet; ya, and you?

Maan: no just came back after freshen up

Geet: finally, now complete your dinner

Maan: waise you sure na that you are fine with staying in the hostel?

Geet: ha baba, for the thirteenth time maan, I’m absolutely fine

Geet replied while laughing at his plight

Maan: what’s so funny in it? I’m just worried about you Geet

Geet: Maan I’m perfectly fine, now can you please go and and have your dinner

Maan: but first promise me that you will call me whenever you will find anything wrong, promise?

Geet: pakka wala promise, now go and eat something

Maan: ya I’m taking my food now

Geet: ok now complete it and go to sleep maan, you are irritating me now

Maan: ok rakh rahi hoon, bye

Geet: bye and yes good night, have a sound sleep

Maan: ya bye jaan

Both hang up, geet looked at the mobile, totally surprised with the word in which maan addressed her, and then smiled like a child, but she didn’t even knew why she was happy to hear that name from him

And maan on the other side also thinking the same, that why he felt so peaceful to stay near Geet. Like all his tension just vanished by her coming

Both totally confused on their own feelings  unaware of the new bond that was developing between them, a feeling called love, that was raising deep inside their heart and will connect their soul

Precap: same as previous part

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