Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 28)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Geet was standing in the street. No one is anywhere on this lonely road. Suddenly she heard something.




His prince charming is coming from far far away. Just to rescue her. To rescue her from this cruel world and ran away with her.


Coming. Coming. Coming.


She saw his shadow coming out from the fog. on a white horse’s back.





Coming. Coming. Coming


A little more to come. Then she would be able to see her prince charming’s face




Coming. Coming. Coming


BUT, suddenly she heard some voice


Geet hurry up now, otherwise we will be late, uttho na”


Geet whispered back in a frustrated mixed with restless voice,


Geet: how will I get up until you will not come near me


Voice: kamini uthh ja, warna pitegi tu mujhse



And then something heavy fell on her face. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw a fumed Pinky looking at her in an angry face with another pillow in her hand to throw towards Geet


Geet: pinky I’m warning you, if again you come between me and my prince charming, I will chop you in billion pieces and then will mix eggs and spices and will make your omelet to eat you


Pinky: very good at least you will not get hungry ever again after you will digest me, hehehe


Geet: Pinky shooo, now don’t make me angry and let me sleep


Pinky: accha, then who will go to the mall?


Geet: mall?


Pinky: Geet don’t tell me that in your lazy dream you forgot that you are in Mumbai now


Geet jerked opened her eyes and looked at Pinky with a puppy face, she actually forgot where she was


Pinky: chal now stop making faces and get up, we have only one day to roam around in mumbai


Geet: ohk, but pinku, what’s in breakfast 2day?


Pinky: teri Pinku ka omelet


Geet: mereko nehi khana, tasteless hai




Pinky threw the pillow on her face and laughed at her. Both completed their breakfast and went out from the hostel campus




In the taxi:


Pinky: accha after some shopping, we will go to a restaurant


Geet: but pinky I need to meet Maan


Pinky: geet don’t even utter his name, he’s a liar


Geet: nehi Pinku, it was nothing like what you are thinking


Pinky: accha, then why the hell he came in your house and lied to all of you in these days


Geet: pinky it’s just


Pinky: ek minute Geet, you already met with him?


Geet: vo Pinku, actually


Pinky: you should not do it Geet, that man just came there to harm your family


Geet: Maan was not wrong, he just came to take a help from papa, mana ki uss ka tarika galat tha, that doesn’t mean that he came to hurt us


Pinky: but geet


Geet: and don’t forget that he helped me that day and supported me when I was all alone in the house, lonely


Pinky: geet he came to met with you yesterday, and he said all these to you, right?


Geet: no, I went there only to meet him, because he needed me yesterday and I can never left him alone in his bad days


Pinky: that’s the point Geet. You were upset and he used that


Geet: I don’t know how you think that much bad about him pinky? He was your friend as well na? well, for your kind information, let me tell you, I knew about  when he was in delhi, in our house, he was ready to tell everything. But all of a sudden he came to know about his father’s condition, so he left


Pinky: and you are telling me this NOW


Geet kept silent


Pinky: you could tell me that.


Still Geet was in silence


Pinky: ok fine, bhaia ji, we want to go Bombay Hospital now


Driver: ji




Geet looked at Pinky with a confused look


Pinky: no need to give me that look, he deserves a punch from me, I’m just going there to give him a tight punch on his stomach


Both laughed together. Later in the traffic jam, Geet’s eyes fell on the boy who was selling different color roses.





So she bought red roses for Maan’s father




Both reached the hospital and saw Maan coming out from his car, with the bodyguards surrounding him




Pinky: there Maan is


Geet: wait, let him go inside hospital, then we will meet him there


Pinky: why not now?


Geet: because media people are here, and I don’t want to let my family watch me in live news report


Pinky: fine let’s go inside




Both went inside and reached in the special word, this time security didn’t stop Geet. Geet gave Pinky a proud look and said with a grin smile


Geet: Maan told them not to stop me, see he’s a good boy


Pinky: iss mai good kaise ho jate hai?


Geet rolled her eyes and choose to ignore her talks as she knew, once Pinky will meet Maan, everything will be fine.


PRECAP: Maan and Pinky ki pyaari si roothna maanana

AND Maan stuck in between Daadin ma and Geet

Poor Maan, aaj ka din hi kharab hai uss ka


Will update another part tomorrow, and yes more 2 or three parts are on its way’ as I made you all wait for a long time

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