Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 29)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


As soon as Maan came out from his father’s room, he saw Geet and Pinky coming towards him.


Geet: Maan how’s uncle now?


Maan: what are you doing here?


Geet: hum dono ne Mumbai ghumne ka plan banaya tha, socha usse pehle uncle ko ek baar dekh ke jaun


Maan: hey pinky, how are you?


Pinky didn’t reply and totally ignored him. 


Maan made a confused face and looked at Geet like asking her what happened all of a sudden. 


Geet mouthed “singing” and Maan made a baby face.


Geet giggled to see Maan’s face. Pinky looked at them and said in a frustrated voice


Pinky: are you guys laughing at me? O hello, you guys should be in guilt, ok?


Maan: Pinky vo


Pinky: no need to talk with me


Maan: but why


Pinky: grrr, obviously because I’m angry with you, very very much angry


Maan: ohk, very good, but why this much anger?


Pinky: nehi bol na


Maan:nehi bolna? Par vo kyun?


Geet: pinku at least let him talk na?


Pinky: geet don’t come in between, let me talk


Maan: wohi to, you are not telling me anything


Pinky: Maan I’m in a very strict mood now, don’t try to make me fool


Maan: ok ok sorry


Pinky: hmmm


Maan: pinky I thought to tell you both, sacchi mai, but later Geet


Geet interrupted Maan and said to Pinky


Geet: vo Pinky, later Maan got call from his family and he needed to come here


Pinky: but you could tell us earlier


Maan: i’m sorry for that, sacchi mai


Pinky: you will not harm geet’s family na?


Maanhow can I Pinky? They are like my family too


Pinky: and you better not make my geet cry again


Saying so pinky punched Maan on his stomach and Geet started giggling


Maan: ouch, what was that for?


Pinky: for made my Geet sad


Maan looked at geet in guilt and replied to pinky while looking at Geet


Maan: I didn’t do it intentionally, but now I promise you Pinky, I will never hurt Geet or her family


Both looked at each other lovingly, unaware of the deep feeling that was building between two hearts


They came out from their trance with the ringing sound of mobile


Maan smiled at them and answered the call,


Maan: hello daadi ma


Daadi ma: ha beta, doctor se baat huyi aap ki?


Maan: yes daadi ma, doctor said that dad is out of danger now also the wound is healing now


Daadi ma: but why he is still unconscious?


Maan:that’s for the medicine daadi ma, he will get his consciousness back today, so relax


Daadi ma: thanks God, accha listen we are on our way




Daadi ma: haan beta, vo aapki mom bohut pareshan lag rahi thi, so we thought to come here


Maan: ohk daadi ma


Maan cut the call and came towards them


Geet: any problem Maan?


Maan: nehi bas mom and daadi ma are coming


Pinky: then we should take leave now


Geetha Pinky chal hum chalte hain, Maan we will come later


Maan: why, wait for some time and meet with them


Pinky excused herself for receiving a phone call, leaving Maan and Geet alone


Geet: Maan I should leave now, they will come any moment


Maan: accha, tum bhag ne ka plan kyun kar rahi ho?


Geet: because I’m not well prepared to meet with them


Maan made a weird look and asked: from where you are not prepared? you don’t want to meet with them


Geet: no stupid, just look at my dress


Maan: dress ko kya hua?


Geet: I’m in jeans and t-shirt buddhu


Maan: and so


Geet: dekho, I will meet with them some other day


Maan: acchaa, you want to meet them wearing sari?


Geet: maan mera Mazak mat udao


Maan: hey, you are fine the way you are, ok?


Geet: but I don’t want to make any bad impression on the very 1st time


Maan: geet tum


Geet: bas na, I will come and meet them tomorrow


Maan: ok fine, but geet tell me one thing, why didn’t you tell Pinky that you knew about my real identity before I left from delhi


Geet: maan, it’s our own secret, so let’s be it as a secret


Maan: but I’m really sorry for that day


Geet: no maan, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be this much rude to you


Maan: but anyone in your place would react this way


Geet: nehi maan, I should trust you and listen to you 1st, and you tried to say, but I was the one who was not ready to listen anything


Pinky came back and both of them changed their topic


Pinky: chal lets go now, maan we will come later


Geet: come on now stop making faces, I will meet with them some time later


Maan: chalo ok, where are you guys going now


Pinky: obviously for shopping


Maan: accha then take my car, I will call driver to drop you in the mall


Geet:no maan, its ok, we will take a taxi


Maan: no need, you guys are are taking my car, now come on


Saying so, he started walking


Geet: kitni attitude dikhate hain, huh!


Pinky: chalo now, we don’t have any more choice left


Geet: hmm, come


PRECAP: Daadi ma called Maan while walking near the glass window

The scene outside made her eyes popped open to see Maan receiving roses from a girl and later their HUG.. Confused.. Ouch.. LOL

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