Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 3)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


It’s evening time in Handa Mansion. Mohindar Handa is in his room for a small nap. Arjun still didn’t come back from office.

And here trio girls were busy with their gossiping in the dining room. Pinky came as soon as she came to know that this time her news is 100% correct. She was busy in munching chocolates from last half an hour.

The whole discussion subject was about Maan (sam thinking, what else they can do without praising our Maan Singh Khurana)

Ria: I don’t think he comes for any music concert or show

Geet: But then why he come Delhi all of a sudden

Pinky replied while licking her fingers: I think he came to meet his girlfriend.

Geet shot an angry glare at pinky while Ria started laughing at pinky’s answer and geet’s reaction.

Pinky looked up innocently at both of their face then more innocently ask Kya hua?

Geet: Tu chup kar and continue your work, kuch acchi baat to bolti nehi.


What is discussing here?

Arjun asked while he was entering the room.Ria stood up to take the files and bag from her husband.

Ria: nothing important, you tell how was your day?

Arjun: Good and have one more good news.guess what?

Geet, Pinky, Ria: What?

Arjun: I found a driver for gudia’s car.

Geet: Kya bro, I thought you will give some truly good news like’

Arjun: well it is good news as now I don’t need to give you a lift for your university.

Geet: hawww, bro you are so mean?

Ria: You guys again start your quarreling? And arjun why are you always keep poking her? Geetu’s uni is on your way na?

Arjun: yes but your geetuuu always made me late with her uni going preparation.


Geet: Who asked for your lift? I am not a small kid that I cannot drive my own car

Arjun: You will not drive and that is already decided by dad


Geet: I don’t want any driver, all my friends drive their own car including pinky also, then why can’t I?

Arjun: Its final geet, now come on let me introduce you with your new driver.

Geet made a grumpy face and looked at Ria who shrugged her shoulder in reply.

Ria know very well that no matter how much Geet want, her papa and bro will not let her drive, well no let her do anything that has a single chance to hurt her.


Pinky laughed at Geet’s making faces as well as Arjun who side hugged geet and said, Come gudia

Both went to the sitting room followed by Pinky while Ria went to upstairs.


When they reached the room they found the man standing near the window, his back was on them.

Arjun: Gudia, here is your new driver.

The man turned and came face to face with them which made pinky’s chips pack fall down.

Geet murmured to herself, this small boy can drive car but not me.

Pinky replied back with same voice, haila geet, maan jah, aisa handsome driver mile to I will stop driving for sure.

Arjun smiled at both of them and said to the man, you don’t need to join from today.You can start your job from tomorrow morning.Geet has her class at 9am.

Man: Ok sir, I will come before that then

He was leaving when Geet asked from behind, what is your name?

As soon as geet heard his voice, it’s like she heard this voice before.

Maan turned back and replied with a little bit of nervousness

Maan: Its Maan mam.

Pinky: MSK’s name (sam: person same then name will be same na LOL)

Geet: Did I see you before, I mean where you worked before?

Maan: I came here before some days mam, I used to work in Mumbai before.

Geet murmured to herself: then where I heard his voice’

Maan lifted his one eyebrow: ji?


Geet:  Nothing, just don’t be late tomorrow; I don’t like those people who come late on work

Maan: I will keep it in my mind

Pinky: what’s your full name?

Maan: ji? Its Maan Sharma, why mam?

Geet: nothing, she just asked you. You can leave and DON’T be late.

Maan: I will come just on time mam, good bye

Geet: Hmmm


Arjun: Tomorrow don’t forget to bring your driving license with you, I need to check that.

Maan: Sure sir, if you want then you can talk with the person for whom I worked before.

Arjun: Its not important, just bring your license tomorrow.


After Maan left Geet poked on Pinky’s shoulder, Oyee what happened with you?

Pinky: His name is Maan and also he don’t look like a driver yaar

Geet: So what? He is smart enough but that doesn’t prove that he is from s good family

Pinky: His name is Maan yaar

Geet: Sharma hai Khurana nehi buddhu. Aab din mai sapne dekhna band kar aur chal upar

Pinky: cant he be the MSK?

Geet: what? Are you insane? Well actually yes, Geet handa hai hi itni famous.

Pinky: hai don’t know where my MSK is now

Geet: YOUR? Oyeee Pinky, MSK is only mine, okiee?

Arjun smiled at this two antics and went for freshen up.

Near the window from outside one more person is enjoying their conversation with amusement. He is none other than the Maan Singh Khurana ooopppsss Maan SHARMA.

 Maan: Two more crazy fans added in list



After some hours


Maan and adi were sitting in a tea stall.

Maan: I thought there has a little bit brain inside your head.but yaha to pura ka pura empty

Adi: maan seriously, there was no other choice, That Handa seriously will not even talk with you if he know that you are a singer

Maan: I don’t think so. Because his daughter loves music. If he don’t allow music in his house then how could that girl

Adi: How did you know that his daughter loves music

Maan: I heard her to talk about my songs.

Adi: your music fan? Ladki dikhne mai kaisi hai?

Maan:Shut up adi, just cut the crap

Adi: thik hai thik hai, gussa kyun hota hai, waise shundar hai kya dekhne mai

Maan: Adiii…

Adi: Chal chor. Did you meet with him?

Maan: Still not. He was not present when I went to the house today

Adi: Hmmm. When will you start your work Sharma ji?

Maan: from tomorrow Aditya ji.

Adi: Maan, thoda bachke rehna mera dost. If those girls recognize you then they will eat you alive.

Maan: They will not recognize you no matter how clever they are. But I need one driving license as Sharma sur name.

Adi: You will get it, don’t worry, you just try to find out he is still sing or not. Then we will meet him with our real identity.

Maan: Chal, I need to sleep now. Don’t know how I will handle all these girly stupid gossips for hours. The more they will irritate me, the more I will make plan to kill you, and god knows how many ways.

Adi: Maan, tujhe jaldi uthna hai ki nehi? Come come, we are getting late.

Maan smirked at Adi. No matter from how long they are good friends, how deep their friendship is, still Adi always get scared with Maan anger. Though Maan nevercrossed his limits in anger, not at least with his family members, and for Maan, Adi is his brother from his childhood.

PRECAP: Maan’s first day at work…Thumbs Up


Geet’s plan number 1 to trap Maan so that he can leave the job as like the other drivers…ROFL


WHAT WILL BE THE PLAN??? Socho socho socho’.

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