Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 30)

27 Dec
1st of all, i need some help from my story reader
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I need to post the “STORY SO FAR”
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Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Maan stopped both while they were walking towards the main entrance.


Pinky: kya hua?


Maan: we need to go out from the back door


Geet: but why?


Maan: media is all around the hospital, and if the catch you with me, then be ready to face the whole world


Pinky: no thank you, I don’t need the publicity, we will take the back door


Geet: waise Pinky, you will be famous then


Pinky: ha but if they will follow me, then I will not be able to eat my food in peace


Saying so Pinky made a sad and worried face in which Maan and Geet both giggled


Maan: come on now, this way


While walking Maan got a call from Naina,


Maan: ji mom


Naina: beta, where are you?


Maan: mai to hospital mai hi hu, where are you both?


Naina: we are in your dad’s cabin, but tum ho kaha


Maan: accha mom, you stay there, I’m coming


Naina: but beta


Maan: mom I’m just in an urgent work, coming in 2 minutes, ok?




Naina: thik hai beta, bye


Maan: bye mom


Trio reached near the car, Driver opened the door for them, Pinky went inside


Geet was about to open another side door, Maan hurriedly opened that for her


Geet: thank you


In reply Maan smile, Geet was about to went inside when she stopped and turned towards Maan


Geet: Maan I just forgot that


Maan: forgot what?


Geet: ye roses, I brought those for uncle


Maan: ohh accha, ye roses?


Geet: see I forgot the main work

Maan: accha thik hai, I will give them, don’t worry


Geet: you sure na?





Maan: of course baba, now give these to me


Geet: ok fine, here take these, and don’t forget to mention my name while giving these


Maan: ohk madam


Geet smiled and went inside, 


Pinky peeped from the window and told Maan,


Pinky: you can take one rose as the service tip (sam: rakh le beta Wink)


Maan laughed at her offer and bid them good bye


Maan: don’t forget to call me after reaching there


Geet: ya we will, bye now


Pinky: Bye Maan


Maan: bye guys


At that time, in hospital cabin:


As soon as Naina cut the call, Savitri asked her


Savitri: where is he? He said me that he’s in hospital


Naina: don’t know maa ji, he said he’s stuck in important work, just coming


Savitri: achanak se urgent work

Naina: aab ye to vo hi jaane


Savitri: ok you wait here, let me talk with the doctor


Savitri talk with the doctor and came to know that Anukalp, maan’s father can drink liquid when he would be back in sense


So Savitri called Nakul to make some soup for his son, while talking on the phone she went near the window and the scene outside made her rooted on the place


A girl in blue top and jeans, giving red rose bouquet, and that too none other than her own grandchild


And moreover her grandchild was also smiling while taking the bouquet from that unknown girl. 


She pinched her own hand in order to check whether she was dreaming or not.


Savitri mumbled to herself: My son’s bad luck, hospital per bhi ek rose tak nehi mila, and here my grandchild is getting a whole bunch of roses, while standing outside the hospital.


She saw Maan bidding bye to the girl, who just went away in Maan’s car,


As pinky was in another side, Daadi ma missed to see Pinky, and thought Geet was alone in car


PRECAP: Daadi pulling Maan’s leg, and Geet came to meet Maan’s family in Khurana mansion


i know, very short update, will try update on saturday after my xm Smile… and yes will wait for all ur response… Embarrassed

n sorry, no pm this tym, as i’m now running to my study table… or else Ammu will throw my lappy from 5th floor along with ME… LOL

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