Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 4)

27 Dec


Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Khurana Mansion:


It’s already 7am, normally Natasha woke up at 6am. Its her usual routine to wake up early and made breakfast for her family. But today she was not feeling to do anything. Her husband didn’t return from trip yet, and Maan was also not here.

Last night, Savitri Devi, the old lady noticed that her daughter in law is completely in silent mood . She tried to cheer her up talking about Anukalp’s childhood incident but after sometimes she noticed the silent tears that Natasha was trying to cover up while going to kitchen with a cause that she had some work there. No matter how much maa ji tried, she was feeling alone without her son now.

The loud ringing of the phone broke her thoughts, bringing her back to the reality. After watching the caller id her face became bright.

Maan: Good morning mom


Natasha: Good morning beta, kaha hai aap? And calling this early morning?


Maan knew it, whenever his mom addressed him as AAP, whether she is angry with him or upset for somrthing.

Maan: Kya hua mom?

Natasha: Nothing beta, just feeling a little bit low

Maan: You know what mom, I am really missing you


Natasha: Me too maan’ Chal ye bata when will you come back?


Maan: It will be late mom. You know me, if it is not that much urgent then I never stay alone here without you all.

Natasha: So the main cause of calling this early morning is my beta missing me, hai na?

Maan: No, the reason is my mom is upset from yesterday because of me.

Natasha: Nehi beta, there is nothing like that.

Maan: Daadi ma called me last night. And to be honest I don’t need anyone to understand my mom, her voice is enough to know her heart.

Natasha: Accha accha bohut hua. Tell me, what is going on there.

Maan: I already told you na, Mohindar Handa stopped singing from a long time, according to the reporters. Yesterday I went to visit his house, and there was not even any music instrument in anywhere in the house.

Natasha: How did you get inside? Maan what’s cooking in your mind?


Maan: Mom my plan was good enough to go directly to him and asked him to help me, but that Adi did everything whong and now I’m trap among all this.

Natasha: What? Maan tell me clearly what’s happening there.

Maan: I told everything to Daadi ma yesterday. Aap unse sun lena. I’m getting late for my new job?


Natasha: Job? Beta if you need money you could at least asked me, what’s the need to do any job. And you went there for your music issue and’

Maan: Mom mom mom, relax, me going now, aap daadi se sun lena. I’m really getting late.

Natasha: first promise me you will take care of yourself

Maan: I am taking good care of myself

Natasha: And don’t do anything wrong, don’t lie to anyone for your advantage


Maan: I will not mom. Now can I go?

Natasha: hmmm, bye beta.

Maan: Bye mom, just take care and don’t be sad, u know I cn’t concentrate if you are sad.

Natasha: I will you beta

Maan: Love you too mom.I’ll call you at night

Maan cut the call and talked with himself, “I will not tell lie to anyone, but first I need to know the truth. Did he really stop singing? If yes then what happened that he took this much big step when music was like his soul to him”

After getting fresh, Maan went for Handa house.


Handa house:


All were having breakfast when Maan entered the house.

Arjun: You come before time.I was talking about you to papa.

Maan: Vo geet ji told me that she don’t like late comers. So it is good to come before time then being late

Mohindar: geet told you that . My daughter can comment anything like this about time?

Maan: Namaste uncle I mean Sir.

Mohindar: Good bless you son. And its ok, you can call me uncle.No need to be that much formal. We are not going to be a tough boss for you.


Maan smiled at him. He didn’t seem to be an angry man like his father. Thinking about his father maan mumbled, Hitler dad

Arjun: Your only work is to drive geet’s car. You have to go with her wherever she want to go.

Mohindar: And don’t listen to her dimand. No need to speed up while driving car. Maintain normal speed and obey traffic rules.


Maan: definitely sir. Vo its already quite late, If we don’t leave now, geet ji will be late.

Mohindar: Ria beta, where is geet? She will be late again.

Arjun: papa it’s not new for her. Im leaving now. Bye

Mohindar smiled at his son while Ria stood up to bid Arjun bye until the main door.

Hearing the sound Maan looked up and saw Geet is coming down with her bag.

Geet: Good morning papa, where is bro?

Mohindar: Good morning beta, he already went for office. You hurry up, otherwise you will be late.

Geet wished Ria too and start eating her breakfast. But not for once she looked up at Maan. Like he is not any human who exist here.

After finishing her food, geet stood up to leave and turned to Maan.

Geet: What are you doing here? You should have leave already to take out the car nor standing here like a jombi.

Saying this she started walking again.

Mohindar didn’t say anything as he knew geet is angry as she always wanted to drive her car like her brother. 

Ria felt bad for Maan as she knew how much he was going to suffer now for Geet’s anger.

But Maan felt like replying her back that he is not here to see her stupid face or bak bak. But it would not look good as he is here as a driver. 

Planning to reply her back for this insult after coming here as Maan Singh Khurana, he followed her.


Near the garage Maan stood silently near Geet.

Geet: What? Go and start the car. I’m already getting late


Maan: If you don’t tell me which one is your car, how am I supposed to know this?

Geet: You don’t know which one is my car?

Maan: I can’t see your name written over in any car MAM

Geet understood she just took her bro’s and papa’s anger on him.

Geet: That red one is mine.


In the car:


Geet: Can you please speed up, I am getting late.

Maan: sorry mam, I’m already driving on the highest limit of normal speed.

Geet: but I am getting late.

Maan: I didn’t come late for my job.

Geet: so what, I am your boss na? so just increase the speed now or else I will tell papa that you are not good in your job.



Maan: 1st you were not hired me, Arjun sir hired me. And it’s his order to maintain traffic rule, so if you tell him anything like this I can reply that I only obeyed his order.

Geet: but

Maan: you can ask Arjun sir or mohindar uncle, if they will tell me to only then I will speed up



While leaving the tea stall with Adi, Maan heard two people talking something about Handa’s. They stood near those two men.

1st man: Why you broke the traffic rule? Ek taraf job vi gaya aur tere license vi.

2ndman: What could I do? Geet madam ji told that if she didn’t reach timely then she will tell Mohiindar sir that I told lies with him while taking my leave

1st man: Then why your geet mam was silent jab mohindar ji tujhe job se nikal dia.


2nd man: Don’t know why, but now I think that previous driver told me the thuth that geet mam always make plan to trap her drivers so that her father will give her the permission to drive her own car. Her drivers keep changing within 1 month.

1st man: Chal, lets search another job for you, I know a man who need a driver.

The two man left. Adi looked at maan with a half afraid half crying face.Sleepy

Adi: maan, will you be able to do this job. Otherwise lets plan something new.

Maan: No adi, now I really want to face that girl. If I can be good in the job, may be later Mohindar Handa will not get mad at me that much and will understand me.

Adi: still think one more time. I dnt think this girl is a good and innocent one to handle

Maan: Maan singh Khurana kisise darta nehi, aur ek ladki se to bilkul vi nehi

Adi smiled at him.

Flashback end


Geet pouted and mumbled to herself: My honorable family, never leave any chance to interfere in my life, and now ye fattu. Mohindar uncle. Huh’ Chal Geet kuch aur sochne main lag ja’ this one is much smarter to make fool than last one’

Maan smirked to hear her mumbling, “If you are planning to trap me in your stupid plans like the other drivers, then you are wrong. I already heard about your ideas from your previous driver. That how you made him leave his job with your stupid plans. It will not work on me Handa girl.”



PRECAP: Geet’s continuous plan to irritate Maan so that he replied badly and she can use that against him…


Maan trying his best to make all her plans flop


Who will win??? Geet will be successful in her plans or Maan to make her realize that all these will NOT work on him…

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