Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 6)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Maan stopped the car near the hawker market (sellers’ market where you can buy all types of products, from grocery to low priced toy)


Maan: Aap jaiye, I’m coming after parking the car


Geet went down from the car and stood silently in that place


Maan noticed that and again told her


Maan: Mam you can go and continue your shopping, I’m coming 

(self-thought: are yaar just go, I don’t even want to go there, jao yaar so that I can come after a long time when you will finish almost all your grocery shopping)



Geet: Jaldi jao na, I’m waiting for you here


Maan: But mam, you will be late then and it’s’


Geet: Nehi nehi’ I mean no problem, i’m waiting here, later where will you search me in this crowd?


Maan sighed and turned the car to search for a place to park the car


Geet looked at the crowd and mumbled to herself, geet puttar, kya jarurat thi yaha ane ki, you didn’t even come here before, see here is too many people, and all are looking at you viciously


Maan came and called her,


Geet turned at him a little bit worriedly,Maan looked around and asked her with concern.


Maan: What happened? Are you ok?


Geet made a brave face and replied: I’m fine, what will happen with me? What took this much time to park a car?



Maan: I didn’t tell you to wait for me here (self-thought: Here I was tensed why she was restless and this girl is always ready to curse me)


Maan started walking towards the grocery side, geet followed her silently.


Maan came near one vendor and asked geet,


Maan: Kya kya lena hai? Hurry up, it’s already getting late(Maan just want to escape from this place Tongue)


Geet: I know that, so stop playing tunes like an alarm clock


Maan looked at her annoyingly, but here Geet was too busy to talk with the vendor


Geet: Vaia, I need cucumber and tomato


Vendor: How much you need madam ji?


Geet looked at Maan and asked, how much?


Maan: I don’t know, ask Ria mam


Geet looked at Maan for some time and then again looked at the vendor



Geet: Give me two kilos of each


Maan looked at Geet suspiciously and asked in a low tone


Maan: You never came in hawker, right?


Geet: How do you know this? Meri shakal pe likkha hai kya?


Maan: Because you didn’t bargain the price first, yaha per bargain karna parta hai madam


Geet replied in same voise: So what, some of my classmates told me in hawkers, all products price are very less than the mall, so why not try it for one time


Maan looked at her like he was watching an alien, he remembered once daadi ma and mom was gossiping and they were talking that in hawkers, vendors are all ready to sell their products in almost double price from those who don’t know how to bargain


And here the vendor asked the price of cucumber 30 rupee per kilo. Before geet could reply Maan came in between and replied


Maan: Kya vai, you are asking double price


Vendor: Nehi vaia ji, I’m asking the price at which I bought these, there will be no profit  for me on it


Geet felt very sad for the vendor, she planned to give some extra money (sam: ROFL)


Maan: Ok then leave it, take your things back, we will go to another shop


Vendor: Why are you become angry vaia ji, tell me your suitable price


Geet: but Maan…


Maan stopped Geet and replied, 12 rupees


Geet looked at Maan with a shocked price, she was thinking that the vendor will hit hard on maan’s head when the vendor replied


Vendor: vaia ji, ye to bohut jyada kam ho gaya, chalo 15 mai le lo, apka vi baat raha, mera vi


Maan: Ok packed it, and how about the tomato?


Vendor:  Vo to mai 18 rupee se kam mai nehi chor sakta


Maan: ok ok, packed that also. Don’t think about giving less


Vendor: Nehi nehi, bilkul nehi


Geet looked at Maan’s face, then again at the vendor’s face, then again on Maan’s


Maan gave the packets to Geet and asked for money


Geet paid the money and started walking towards the car.


Suddenly she stopped and looked back at Maan with a bright smile


Geet: Maan, I want to buy bangles




This time Maan couldn’t able to bring up the same cause of getting late to see her twinkling eyes


Maan: Ya sure, you go and choose what color you want, until that I am going to put these packs in the car


Geet: ok ok, you go


Geet started walking towards the bangle shop with a high speed, Maan smiled to look at her retreating figure


Geet went to the bangle shop and asked the woman, Mujhe red and deep pink color ki churia dikhaiye jara


Geet started choosing bangles when her eyes caught the beautiful sight of the world



A woman was buying balloons for her daughter, and the daughter was making faces while choosing balloon colors


Though Geet was happy with her family, deep inside her heart she still craved for the love, the love she can only find from her mother


That mother daughter sight brought tears on Geet’s face. She looked at them while a single tear escaped from her eye



Maan called Geet twice, but no response. Finding no other way, he poked on her shoulder.


Geet looked back at Maan


Maan was shocked to look at her, she was so happy before some time, and then what happened all of a sudden that she was so sad now


Maan: what happened? Any problem?


Geet: No, I’m fine. I’m done with…


Maan didn’t miss the tear that escaped from her one eye. He asked her softly (for once he forgot his false identity here)


Maan: Geet batao mujhe, kya baat hai?


Both looked at each other



Geet looked at his eyes, his deep black eyes, which were now covered with concern for her


Where Maan was busy to search the reason for which the girl’s eyes became teary suddenly. He didn’t know why but something pinched his heart to see her right now


Both broke out from their thoughts to hear the bangle seller’s voice


Seller woman: didi, aur koi color dikhaun?


Geet: No, I’m done, I don’t need any more


Geet paid for the bangles and started to walk, where Maan followed her confusingly


The whole drive was on silence, Maan was stealing glances at Geet where Geet was busy in her own thoughts. 


She always tries to remember some memories, memories of her mothers. But alas, she didn’t remember anything related to her mother. She lost her mother when she was only five years old.


Maan stopped the car near the entrance, Geet silently came down from the car and entered the house, Maan followed her with the vegetable packets, still unsure of the cause of her sudden mood off.


Ria came and took the packets from Maan’s hand. She was going to the kitchen while opening the packets, her eyes popped out to see the tomatoes and cucumber… LOL


The cucumbers are so big in size that no one can ate them without cooking, its not suitable for making any kind of salad, and also the tomatoes are on green colors, not the red ones… ROFL


Ria: I asked cucumber for salad. Not to cook, and you guys don’t even know what type of tomatoes you eat every day in salad? They are not even ripe enough to use in salad. Who did this?


Both Maan and Geet replied at the same time


Maan: She did it


Geet: He did it


Both looked at each other angrily



Maan was thinking that she didn’t tell me that she need these for salad, we could have told the vendor that we need all these for making salad


Geet was thinking that he didn’t tell me that we can’t use them in salad

(here me, the poor sam, scratching my head, both are again ready to fight… Wacko)



PRECAP: Not sure’. Well off course the fight is on its way’ for now TO BE CONTINUE…Wink

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