Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 7)

27 Dec

Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love



Ria: I asked cucumber for salad, not to cook, and you guys don’t even know what type of tomatoes you eat every day in salad? They are not even ripe enough to use in salad. Who did this?


Both Maan and Geet replied  at the same time


MaanShe did this


Geet: He did this


Both looked at each other angrily


Geet: oyeee hello, I told you to help me na?




Maan: yes you asked help and obviously I helped you there in bargaining. Didn’t I?


Geet: But you didn’t tell me that we can’t make salad with these tomatoes. Why are you putting all the blames in my shoulder?


Maan: Me? You know what I am kind enough that I bargained with price; otherwise you were fool enough to give that vendor some more extra money as a vat there


Geet with greeted teeth: YOU CALLED ME FOOL, you vicious hilarious buffalo





Ria was looking at one to another with her mouth wide open. She knows Geet always reacts like this. But she thought, maybe this man is good enough to keep quiet to tackle situations, but here he was argueing with Geet more than her own husband can do with Geet.


Ria: ek minute, ek minute, Where did you go to shop Geet?


Geet looked at Maan with a i-will-kill-you look and replied meekly


Geet: hawker market bhabhi


Ria: I told you to go to shop in mall, not there geetu, that was not a good place for you and you never went there before


Ria looked at Maan and said firmly


Ria: And I thought Arjun hired you to stay with her, that doesn’t mean you will take her to those types of bazar without our permission


Maan: But mam, she didn’t tell me that she not even once went there before


Ria looked at geet angrily and then said to Maan


Ria: Next time whenever she wants to go, just call Arjun or me before going there,ok?


Maan: Yes mam


Ria: Good, geet you go and freshen up, I will call you after serving lunch


Before leaving, Geet glared at Maan, to which Maan replied with an evil smark




Ria: Arjun called me and said that if you want to stay here, you can use the servent quarter


Maan: Thank you mam, I will come before tonight


Ria: hmmm


Ria was leaving when Maan called her from behind


Maan: Ria mam?


Ria: Hai? You want something?


Maan: Sorry mam, I really didn’t know that you will be that much angry for this, from next time I will definitely inform any of you before going anywhere


Ria: And Maan, please take care of her also. Actually she is rally very nave to understand people


Maan: Don’t worry mam, I will surely take care of her, nothing wrong will happen with her


Ria smiled at his confidence


Ria; Thank you, now go and come back soon before dinner


Maan: Ji mam


Maan was leaving when something hit his head and dropped on the floor. He turned behind, it was some folding paper. He picked that and before Geet could move back, Maan looked above and saw her near the window.



Geet with full of attitude shut down the window glass with a bang


Maan smirked at her antics and murmured, either this girl is way too much innocent or only 5 years old


Maan went back to the hotel and freshen up, both Maan and Adi had their lunch together and then Adi left for Mumbai to complete some urgent woth with the music production.


Here in Handa house, Geet was busy in planning to blackmail her bhabhi so that she could not split out her visiting bazar in front of all family members. She knew her bhabi too well that whenever she opens her mouth, her bhabi ends up telling her bro every detail she has in her stomach.


After freshen up Geet went downstairs for lunch while cursing Maan under breath for today.


Geet: Bhabhi, are you still mad at me?


Ria: why did you go there Geetu? You don’t have any idea how bad people are there


Geet: But bhabhi, suddenly one excuse came to her mind and without thinking anything she split it out


I didn’t have much money that time, so I thought may be from hawker I can buy with fewer prices


Ria: You didn’t have money? Arjun gave you money for this week na?


Geet: hai,I expand all my money to buy notes and some books


Ria: You could have told us that you want money


Geet with puppy face


I thought I will spend this week with that little amount, I didn’t feel like disturbing bro


Ria hold her hand and said very soflty


Geetu, aise thodi nahai, and why are you thinking that it will disturb Arjun? You know na how much you meant to us


Geet: Sorry bhabhi, I didn’t know why I think all these stupid things that time


Ria: From next time if you don’t feel asking money to your bro , then ask from me, ok?


Geet:ok bhabhi, but you please promise me that you will not tell this to bro, he will feel bad na?


Ria: ok , but geetupromise me you will not go there again in future


GeetI will not, pakka wala promise


Rai: now go and sit, I’m bringing food


Geet:okieee boss


Ria smiled and went to kitchen to take launch


Geet went and sat in the dinning space, she looked at her babaji and murmured



Geet: Thank you babaji, for saving me this time. You know na your Geet really afraid to see her bro’s angry look


Here Maan spend his free times talking with his mom and daadi ma. Natasha’s mood was quite good now as her husband and son both were calling her all day long. And also both saas-bahu spend a good quantity of time to cook some fancy items together, though among them most of the food was too much horrible to eat and they had to bean them, and then laughed together on their stupid mixes planning in that food.


Later Maan reached to Handa House at night. While entering he noticed how Geet was busy showing her tantrums to each and every family members.


Maan with low tonenautanki kahike, you should have born as my father’s daughter. That Hitler never falls on your tantrums nor pampered you like this


(sam smiled with a huge grin, Maan beta this is our Geet who can melt anyone’s stone heart also)


Arjun: Maan, why are you standing there, come


Maan: Vo sir I don’t know which is my room here


Arjun: wait hari will take you, Hariii, come here and take Maan to his room


Ria: You go, I will send your dinner there


Maan: No mam, I already had my dinner outside


Mohindar: Why u had dinner outside, when you can have fresh homemade food? From tomorrow you will eat from home, ok?


Maan: Ji uncle


Arjun: don’t worry, your Ria mam is a good cook, at least that much good that you will not puke


Ria waked him at his comment and all laughed


Hari came and Maan left to see his new room


The room was good enough, one single bed, small table with a chair, some hangers to hang cloths near the window, but the main problem was, Maan was used to with AC from his childhood, here the room felt like fire house for him


Ria knocked the door, May I come in?


Maan: Sure mam, please come


Ria came inside.


Ria: Are you still upset at me for morning?

Maan: morning?


Ria: Vo I talked with you rudely, you know we all love Geetu so much, that’s why was tensed for her


Maan: I understand mam, and I already forgot all these in morning, but why you thought that I am mad at you


Ria: you didn’t have dinner here and


Maan: Aisa nehi hai mam


Ria gave him one mug lassi


Ria: Drink it, you will feel a little bit relax as it’s so hot here


Maan felt really touched at her caring nature


Maan: thank you mam


Ria: You welcome, and from tomorrpw no more food from outside, ok?


Maan: sure mam


Ria left and Maan went to washroom, coming back he looked back at his new room



Chal Maan beta, you have to stay here for few days na? After that you will go to Adi’s house and throw him out of his own room and sleep there, as you are facing all these for his stupid problem


PRECAP: In uni, Geet need to prove to her friends that she is good enough in driving though she is not at all. Wll Maan take the risk and allow her to drive the car???

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