Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 8)

27 Dec



Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


He was listening the sound from all most 10 minutes, but couldn’t able to open his eyes from his deep slumber.



After more four knocks, Maan opened his eyes and went to open the door.


Here Hari was continuously knocking the door of Maan’s room. If today Maan was late then Geet mam will firstly get mad at him, as last night Geet told him strictly to knock Maan’s door at 5.30 am to wake him up and to tell him to wash the car before going to her university.


The door opened and Hari looked at Maan with a horrible expression. He never thought that a man’s eyes can be that much red, he asked Maan with concern,


Hari: Maan bhaia, aap thik to haina?


Maan looked at Hari with a glare like he could eat Harialive right now,


Maan: You waked me up at this time to ask that Hari


Hari: No, vo Geet madam ji told you to wash her car before going to her university


Maan: Now? Ok you go, I’m coming


Hari was leaving but turned at him and asked, Maan bhaia, aapko nimbu pani du? Looks like you are suffering in headache


Maan: No I’m fyn. Couldn’t able to sleep last night maybe that’s why


Hari: ji thik hai, If you need any help, then do tell me bhaiaji


Maan smiled at him and replied, Thanks, I will


Maan came back after getting fresh. Last night he could not able to sleep because of the searing atmosphere of the room. The whole night he turned from one side to another and finally sleep came to his eyes at 5am. His whole body was still sweltering. This is the first time he was feeling like ran away from here and go back to his house, Then sleeping for 12 hours and opened his eyes to see his mom’s face first.


But what an irony of fate, he cursed Geet and went to complete his work.


Here Geet was still in her dream land.


She is in her bridal dress, the same color dress, just like her mother’s bridal dress. 



Standing in a desolated road… covering with mists… no one is here without her… Suddenly she hears a horse’s foot step… like someone is coming’ riding in a horse…


She then sees some shadow is coming towards her… the shadow was decreasing now… and then she understands its non-other than her dream boy… coming towards her… riding in a white horse’s back…



she smiled to look at his shadow’ he is coming to take her…


Then… then… then…


Like dark turning into day… Somehow we’ll come through

Now that I’ve found you, LOVE will find a way…


Geet opened her one eye under the pillow and received the phone.


(sam:hehehehehe’ baccha log, sab song sequence expect ki thi kya???…Evil Smile)


Geet: Pinky, why you always have to come at the wrong time?


Pinky: What did I do now?


Geet: I was just a centimeter away from him


Pinky: What? Geet where are you? And who is with you now?


Geet: Oyeee buddhu, I’m talking about my dream prince


Pinky: ohhh to ye bolna. I thought’hehehehehe


Geet made a pout face


Geet: You are making fun of me? Here I was just about to watch his face


Pinky: U didn’t see his face? hehehehe


Geet:Pinky, I swear I will kill you today


The door knocked.


Geet: Rukh, dekhti hu kaun hai


Geet went to open the door while talking with Pinky.


Hari came and told Geet that she was getting late so Ria send him to call Geet.


Geet: Ya you go, I’m coming


On the car, from the last half hour Geet was trying her level best to irritate Maan with her stupid questions and bakbak. So that he could reply and she would start arguing. But here don’t know what came to him that he was not replying.


Geet was stealing glances at Maan.She was wondering why he didn’t even replied properly to her any question. Whether he was nodding or just said hmmm


Geet: What happened? You quarreled with your gfkya?


Maan: No


Geet: then?


Maan: nothing


Again after some time,


Geet: U ok na?


Maan: hmmm


Geet: Yaar, if you don’t tell me then how will I supposed to know


Maan: nothing


After 5 minutes,


Geet: You ok na?


Maan: Hmmm


Geet: Then why are you not saying that properly?


Maan: I’m fine


Geet: Can’t you just smile and say that?


Maan avoided replying


Again after 5 minutes Geet poked Maan at his shoulder,


Geet: Can’t you just smile and say that you are fine?


Maan: No


Geet: Why?


Maan didn’t reply


GeetI also think you don’t know how to laugh


Again Maan didn’t reply, Here his head was about to burst with headache, and this girl is continuing her unnecessary talks


Geetnehi nehi, I think you look vicious when you smile. I know, I understand, you are aakroo type man na? You can’t laugh properly, forget about laughing, I think you can’t even give a small smile also. Only can give evil smirk like you did yesterday, don’t remember? After  you totally trapped me in front of my bhabhi, now remmem’


Suddenly Maan stopped the car with a jerk. With the force Geet jerked in front then again came back to the seat for the seat belt.


Geet: What the hell was..


Maan pressed his index finger in Geet’s lip




Maan: Chup bilkul chup (sam:yeyyy’ finally my favorite dialogue’ taras gayi thi iski liye)


Geet looked shockingly,



first at Maan’s finger that in on her lip now, and then at Maan, and then her eyes grew larger. Maan can saw fear on her eyes now.


Maan remove his finger guiltily and tried started the car engine, but something happed that he lost his track to start engine


Geet’s hand came on his forehead like he was checking something


Geet: You have fever kya?


Maan: No mam I’m fine


Geet: But your eyes are so red Maan


Maan: I’m fine Mam


Geet: but


Maan looked at Geet and shocked to see the same fear still in her eyes


Geet: What happened to you? Everything ok na? You cried last night kya? Everyone in your house are ok na?


Maan was amused to see her this sweet concern for him. He thought that she was afraid as Maan all on a sudden touch her. But here she was afraid for his health


Maan: I’m fine mam, it’s just I couldn’t sleep last night for headache, I’m totally fine


Geet: You sure na?


Maan: Ji mam, no can we go, otherwise you will be late again


Geet: Hmmm


When they reached the university, Geet turned to Maan and said softly,


Geet: You don’t need to wait here for me. You go and sleep for a while, then come back at 12.30pm. I will wait for you near the gate, ok?


Maan: But mam


Geet: its ok Maan, Don’t worry I will talk with Bhaia, he will understand, health is more important and you are not looking fine.


Maan: OK, but don’t wait outside, stay inside the gate, I will come before time


Geet:ok baba,now you go and take rest


Geet left from the car and started to walk towards the uni gate


She turned at Maan and said with attitude


Geet: Don’t be late.I don’t like those people who come late on work

And then smiled sweetly and started to walk again



Maan looked at her receding figure. and a smile came to his face.



Though she was always ready to fight with him, to trap him with her stupid and childish plans, but she was actually really very innocent. The way she concerned about Maan, it proved that how much pure she is from the heart, just like a small innocent girl.


Here Geet was walking towards her class room and mumbling to herself


Geet: Jhalli, what was the need to wake him up at that much early morning, bechara, he is in headache now, only because of you. But yesterday he did bad with you na? Fir bhigeet, you can’t do that much bad with him in reply na? 



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