Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 9)

27 Dec



Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


After Geet entered her classroom, Maan went back to Handa house

When Mohindar asked him why he came so early, he honestly told him about his sickness and knowingly hide the part that Geet told him to leave also as he thought Mohindar would be mad at him to come back to complete his sleep. But he received totally different behavior from all the family members from what he expected.

Mohindar affectionately touched his forehead to check if he had any fever or not, and advised him to go and freshen up and went directly to bed, he also said that he would tell Arjun to go and receive Geet later. But Maan assured him that he will be perfectly fine and could go back to picked Geet up.

Ria made launch earlier and gave Maan before he went to Geet’s university. Not only that, Arjun also called him and told him to stay and rest for one day completely.

Maan was really touched to see the family’s care not only for him, but also for the other workers here.

And now,

It’s already more than half hour, Maan was waiting for Geet outside the university campus, and was checking the time after some times…



but Geet is nowhere to be seen. Maan was getting worried now, he was thinking that Geet might be making him fool and left with her friends to somewhere. 


More than this, Maan was not the person who used to be waiting for anyone. And now with each minute, his temper was increasing.

Finally he saw Geet’s running towards him with her bag. 

Geet: Sorry Sorry, wo I had some assignment work, so needed to go library and didn’t notice how the time passed away

Maan: Your assignment work is done na?

Geet: Hmmm

Maan opened the car door and gave a water bottle to Geet,

Geet: Maan, you are ok na?

Maan: Yes, I’m fine, I was supposed to ask you now that

Geet: Why?

Maan: Look at you, who told you to run like this?

Geet: Wo you were waiting na? Upper se you were not good in morning

Maan: I’m perfectly fine, now let’s go

Geet: Wo I need to go to the mall for my launch, then added quickly, with my friends

Maan: Now?

Geet: Ha, if you are not feeling well then you can stay here, I will go with my friends, and later Piyush can bring me here

Maan: No need of that, I’m taking you there?

Geet: ok, wait Pinky is coming, she will go with me

Maan: hmmm

Geet: Here they are

Maan saw two girls and two boys were coming towards them. One of them was Pinky and he can guess Piyush was there also

Piyush came and stand near Geet, well way too much near and Maan noticed this

Piyush: So your driver is already here

Geet felt bad at Piyush’s word and ignored to answer this

Geet: guys, this is Maan, and Maan all of them are my friends

One of Geet’s friend looked at Maan from top to bottom (sam: well well well, our MSK driver kam hero jo jyada hai)

Pari: hi Maan

Pinky: hi Maan, how are you now?

Maan: I’m better now

Rahul: we are getting late yaar

Geet: Pari and Pinky will come with me, and Rahul you will go with Piyush

Piyush: Rahul can go in your car also, you and I will go together, come

He said that and held Geet’s hand

Before Geet could answer, Maan replied coldly

Maan: I will not allowed Geet to go anywhere without her car, it’s my work to go everywhere with her

Piyush looked angrily to Maan, but didn’t look back at him and opened the car door for Geet, but before geet, Pari sat on that seat near Maan’s driving seat.

Pari: Geet, I’m taking this seat, I thought you will like to seat with Pinky

Though Geet didn’t like the way Pari was drooling over Maan,but couldn’t express it in front of everyone.

Geet: It’s ok pari, sorry Piyush I can’t disobey bro’s order

Piyush: Ok honey, but one day you will have to go with me, that to with your bro’s order

Geet smiled at Piyush and said to Pinky

Geet: Come pinky, we are getting late

On the way,


Pari was trying to talk with Maan in many ways and told him so many times that how pleased she was to hear that he completed his undergraduate degree.

On the other hand, our  Geet Handa was fuming in anger, though Maan didn’t replied any of Pari’s bakwas without a small neglected smile or a Hmmm

Maan was quite enjoying the expressions in Geet’s face from the rear view mirror, sometimes she was repeating pari’s dialogues with making faces, and sometimes she was looking outside from the window with puppy face

And Pinky was looking at Geet to understand why she was getting angry all of a sudden


Pinky: Geet, kya hua tujhe


Geet: Mujhe kya hogi.


Pinky: Then why are your face…


Geet: What, am I looking like a joker???… shakal pe yehi likkha hai kya??


Pinky: Nehiii, kuch nehi…



All of a sudden, Pari selected Geet to taunt

Pari: Waise our Geet doesn’t know how to drive na?

Geet: Who told you this?! I know how to drive! But don’t feel like driving a car and come to university

Pari teasingly smiled at Geet and su
ddenly told Geet to prove that


Full university knew how his brother used to come to drop her and later picked her up

Geet: Pari, I don’t need to prove anything to you

Though Geet never allowed driving, but yes Arjun gave her all the basic trainings for the urgent need. And Geet knew much

Pari: I know I know, how good you are in driving a bicycle, but dear, it’s not a pushbike na? It’s a car

And then laughed out at her own joke

Geet: Maan stop the car

Maan looked at Geet and can see how much angry she was for Pari’s all the taunting

As soon as Maan stopped the car, Geet went down from the car, maan also came outside and told Geet with a low voice

Maan: Relax Geet, you don’t need to get hyped up to all these

Geet: I have to prove her that I can drive. Ok?

Maan: But…

Geet: hey, don’t talk like a fool, I know how to drive, Bro taught me well

Maan: but…

Geet: please Maan, I will never let anyone any slightest chance to insult me

Maan: Geet par…

Geet: Come on Maan, what kind of people you are, don’t you have any self respect for yourself

Maan: chup bilkul chup, 1st let me finish. Let me move in a
 highway, there you will face less traffic and can easily drive, ok?


Geet shockingly looked at Maan then gave him her super delighted 100 watt bright smile



Geet: Thank you so much Maan, you are such a cutie pie

Saying this Geet went back to sit, where our MSK stood there with a horrible facial expression



Maan self though: Never in my life, no one dared to call me cutie, Wo bhi pie??? Yucckkk


PRECAP: Geet need to speed up the car speed as Pari was comparing her driving speed as a snail speed’ Maan was sitting near Geet and suddenly Geet felt a leg pressing the accelerator over her own leg’

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