Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 31)

18 Jan


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Sargoshiyan-Whisper of Love


Maan entered the hospital room to see his mother and daadi ma talking about something. As soon as they saw Maan, they stopped their talking.


Maan raised his one eyebrow as like asking them what happened




Daadi ma: are beta aapaagaye? I was just waiting for you only


Maan: Daadi ma, I talked with doctor, he said dad is now out of danger and if we want we can shift him to house, as soon as he gained his sense


Natasha: accha, so you went to talk with the doctor?


Saying so she looked at savitridevi as like accusing her for telling something wrong


Daadi ma: arrre, maan you just came from doctor’s room? Just now?


And she too looked back at Natasha like now see who’s right and who’s wrong


Maan looked at both, totally confused to see their facial expressions and the way they were talking in eyes


Maan cleared his throat and asked in an angry tone,


Maan: can I please know that what you both are trying to do by your eyes


Natasha and Savitri Devi talked at the same time


Natasha & Daadi Ma: 1st you tell me who’s that girl maan?


Both looked at Maan like he did some very BIG mistake. And both are very very angry about this


Maan: which girl?


Daadi ma:maan no need to lie now, I saw you with a girl


Maan: accha, with a girl? I mean ONE girl?


Maan asked Daadi ma and folded his hand while smirking


Daadi ma: haa, to dekhana hum ne, that’s why I’m asking you na?


Natasha: maan you didn’t answer me. Who’s that girl? And you hide that from your own mother? didn’t we’re the persons who always supported you in your life’s ever decision?


Maan sighed at these two crazy women and placed the flower bouquet on the desk


Daadi ma: and this flower


Maan stopped her and said,


Maan: Please no need to end up in a very big story. Now 1stlet me complete my words, then you can start your questions


Maan looked at both and then said again


Maan: Geet and pinky came here to see dad, and they brought that flower bouquet for dad.


Natasha: ohh that was geet? Beta, why didn’t you let her meet us


Maan: I asked her mom, but she said she was in hurry so she will come again and meet you both


Daadi ma: waisebahu, I think she looks cute beside Maan


Maan frowned at this and said, Please daadi ma, not again, geet is just my friend, nothing else


Daadi ma naughtily asked maan,


Daadi ma: areee, when I talked about Geet? I was talking about Pinky na?


Maan: Kya? Daadi ma please, now it’s enough


Daadi ma: ohh so you want me to talk about geet and you?


Maan: mom, can you please tell daadi ma to stop all these


Daadi ma: kyun bhai? Can’t this old poor lady dream about her grand grand children?


Maan: what? Daadi ma, stop right there, no need to fast forward this dream anymore


Natasha and Daadi ma started to laugh at him while he left the room as he could not able to stop himself from blushing


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NIGHT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Maan was horribly tired after coming back home. Finally his father was back at home. Everything was again in its place perfectly.


He came out from the washroom and noticed the flower in his bed which was given by geet.



He smiled and picked the red rose. For the first time he was feeling like it’s really beautiful flower, well a special one as well. He opened his drawer and kept the rose in a beautiful box




Geet was preparing herself for sleeping. Today was a hectic day for her but she enjoyed it a lot. But somewhere after coming back to the hostel she started to miss her home


Her phone buzzed and she smiled to see the caller name, she picked up the call with a cute smiling face


Maan: so madam is still busy in shopping?


Geet: nehi to, I’m in my new colorless phika phika hostel room


Geet said in a cute pouting face


Maan: accha? But you did enjoy your shopping, that’s why totally forgot me the whole day


Geet: nehi nehi, I thought you need some time with your family


Maan: but you are also my family na?


Geet heartbeat raised to hear this while Maan became numb to realize what he actually said to her


Maan: I mean to say ki you family always behaved with me like a family member, and so, you know na? you are also the same for me, I mean us, I mean to say, for my family, members


Geet: I know


Both stayed in silence for some time, and then Geet tried to break the silence


Geet: how’s uncle now?


Maan: Ohh ha, I forgot to tell you, we brought dad in home and he is much better now


Geet: wow great,


geet exclaimed and jumped on the bed in excitement




Maan: dhire Geet, gir jao gi warna


Geet: chalo, now your problem solved


Maan: nope, another big problem is knocking on my door now




Geet: kya? Hua kya maan?


Maan: listen tomorrow after your class, I’m coming to take you to my house


Geet: what? No ways


Maan: kya matlab? Geet don’t even try to escape ok? You promised me


Geet: but Maan


Maan: no but Geet, you’re coming, and that’s it


Geet: per suno to


Maan: no more argument Geet. Waise I promised mom and Daadi ma that you are coming to meet with my family


Geet: they actually know about me?


Maan: off course they are


Geet: but I have my one class at 2pm


Maan: ok then you are going to have your breakfast with us. And yes Pinky abhi hai kya?


Geet: no she is is washroom. Why?


Maan: I need to invite her as well


Geet: ohk I will tell her to call you, thik hai?


Maan: accha, dinner kia?


Geet: ha kabka, aur tum?


Maan: no just going downstairs now


Geet: ok then you go and complete your dinner, I’m going to sleep now


Maan: ok then, you take rest, bye now


Geet: bye maan, good night


Maan: good night geet, sweet dreams


Geet: same to you, bye


Maan: bye


Both cut their call., Geet slept while thinking about maan, the way he’s taking care of her now a days




On the other hand, Maan went to downstairs while thinking about Geet.


In downstairs as soon as Maan informed his family that Geet will have breakfast with them the next day, both the lady of his life started to make breakfast menu while Maan just smiled at them and their antics, surely they’re going to love Geet, as somewhere she is absolutely same like his daadi ma 


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