Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 32)

18 Jan

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Part 32

Its already mid night, But Maan didn’t feel like sleeping. Whenever he was closing his eyes, Geet’s face was coming in front of his eyes. Her naughty grin, cute pouting, everything about Geet was like an open book to him now.


After tossing in the bed from one side to another, finally Maan sat up in the bed



Maan: kya yaar? After all these hectic schedules, finally when you are in peace, you don’t feel like sleeping?


He went to the balcony attached with his room and sat down with his guitar. In these days he missed his music a lot


He played some random tunes for some times, then took a piece of paper and started to write something on it


Unknowingly his mind was full with Geet and all their memories. And he felt like wrote it down. May be then he can be in relieve


He was confused. Confused with all these hidden feelings, that keeps peeping in his mind now a days.


?? Kuch ehsaas hone lagahai
kuch dil ye samajh ne laga hai… 



All those past events of last one month were coming in front of his eyes, like a flashback. Their first encounter on her house, their first face off in the very first day of his job. 


He corrected himself while laughing “HIS DRIVING JOB



Then their becoming friends, well close friends. 



Someone apart from Adi, who is this much close to him


?? Wo khubsurat se pal yaad aate hai

Honto pe halki muskan chod jaate hai.. ??


He smiled to himself while remembering her cute babbling,her cute pout face that can melt anyone, her non-stop cursing to each single person when she was angry  on them, And then her wide grin after patching up with them on next moment.


She’s an angel in every way, in every single angle. The real princess that all used to read in childhood in the fairy tale stories.


?? Uski wo baate in dil ko chu jaati hai
Ek choti Muskan uski din bana deti hai 


Indeed she believes in fairy tales. “Buddhu” ‘ Maan said to himself


But suddenly one thing pricked like needles in his mind, which pierced his mind with a dagger. He wrote down the next words, like telling more to himself


?? Kehne ko to sirf Dost hai hum
Rishta hai aisa jo hoga na kabhi khatam 





~~~~~~~Maan’s monolog~~~~~~~~



Yes, she considers me as her friend. They how could you Maan? How could you just think like this? You forgot how much afraid she was? 



When she faced piyush’s that face? She was shattered as she considered Piyush as only her friend.



Like she consider you.Her close friend.


Then why she came to Mumbai, this far only to see if I’m ok or not? – he questioned himself


Because she thinks you as her friend and care for you Maan ‘ in next moment he replied to himself



Maan don’t let your friend move away from you, don’t let Geet hate you, for your stupid irritating thoughts. She will hate you then.


~~~End of monolog~~~


He crashed the paper piece in his palm and was going to throw it, but he stopped. He couldn’t do it.



He went to his room and kept that paper in a drawer in his wardrobe. The way he crashed it, in that same way and went to the gym


He came back to him room after 2 hours. Two hours of continuous tai-chi, then swimming, in order to stop his heart from burning in guilt, or from the realization that he started to love Geet who considers him as a mere friend.


Finally sleep came on his eyes as he was hell tired for all the torture ‘ mentally and physically



Its morning 9


Geet is still busy in her dream land. In the dream of his prince charming. But today its different than her regular dream.


She saw her prince was going away from her. And she was calling him to come back to her, not to go away without her.


Pinky noticed Geet winching in sleep, like she was having any bad dreams


Pinky sat on her bed and shook her,


Pinky: Geet, kya hua tujhe? Geeet


Geet opened her eyes in a jerk and looked at pinky with her wide eyes


Pinky got worried to her in this state, she was sweating badly and looked like she’s afraid for something


Pinky: geet, what happened to you? Ha?


Geet: wo, nothing, nothing happened, why were you calling me?


Pinky: because it’s already 9 o’clock and we need to go to attend class, remember? Then we have to go in Maan’s house, remember?


Geet: ohhh, haan, you go and get ready, I will be ready till then


Pinky: ohk


Pinky was leaving for washroom when she stopped and looked back at Geet, geet was still in the same position, in bed looking at nowhere and thinking something very deeply


Pinky: Geet


Geet: haan


Pinky: you sure you ok?


Geet replied No orally but nodded her head as yes



Pinky smiled at her cute antics and sat near her


Pinky: good, abhi bol de ki kya hua?


Geet: he left me


Geet replied meekly while making a puppy face


Pinky made an weird face and said, who left you?


Geet: my prince charming buddhu


Pinky: geet seriously? Are you mad?


Geet: I’m serious Pinky. I saw him leaving me, you know I shouted to stop him, but he didn’t


Geet said while making a cry baby face.


Pinky slapped her own forehead


Pinky: geet I’m not asking you about your that same prince wala dream, I’m asking you, are you seriously going to cry on that stupid dream


Geet: don’t call my dreams stupid


Pinky: off course they are, it’s just dream geet. No prince charming is here for you in real. Princess and Prince are in fairy tale, grow up geet


Geet: he actually left me and went away?


She said to herself


Pinky rolled her eyes and said sacrificially,


Pinky: yes and you know what? there is a moral in this dream



Geet: Kya?


Pinky: your prince charming was telling you


Pinky stopped and looked at Geet who was very eagerly looking at her


Pinky came really close to her and continued the moral in a very dramatic tone


Pinky: To tell you… ohh my princess, you are still living in the stone period of time, and waiting for me? Please grow up as I’m going to marry the witch so that you can marry some hero from your modern age.


Saying so Pinky started to laugh while clinching her stomach and Geet looked at her with her mouth wide open. Never in her dreams had she thought pinky actually said something like that.


Geet: Pinkyyy. I will kill you


Saying so, she threw the pillows towards Pinky while Pinky ran out of the room in order to save herself.


Precap: Maan came out of his car and saw Geet looking at him while her nose is in tomato’s color in anger. If only looks could kill someone, he would be dead till now.


PS: the poem I used is written by Rituja Navale (thnx a lot my rittu baby for this awesome poem) for this story, I didn’t post the whole poem yet, you all will find it in upcoming update with a new twist

Next Update will be tomorrow. I’m already writing the next part. Will not make you all wait for too long, let’s see how many of you still want me to write this story on the tracks I thought while I started writing this story.

If I get less response, I will not give a second thought to stop my writing. Sorry guys if I’m rude, but I’m really low from last 1 week to see too less response from my readers. It’s already 32 parts and I’m not getting proper likes and comments at all, and this making me really sad all day long, affecting me personally as well.


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