Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 33)

19 Jan


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Part 33

Natasha knocked the door for the fifth time and then decided to enter in her usual style. By unlocking the door with the duplicate key


She entered the room and almost shouted to see the room’s condition.


The whole room is in total mess. Half of the bed cover was in bed and another half was on floor. And guitar was in the floor, like someone threw it carelessly.




And there, in the bed her son was sleeping in his tai chi dress.




Natasha: now what happened to him?


She went towards Maan and sat near him.


Natasha: Maan, beta it’s late, come on get up


She said and caressed Maan’s hair. In return Maan just snuggled closer to her but didn’t open his eyes.


She smiled at his son and caressed his hair for some more time. She actually missed this in these days. 


Waking up his only son, and then helping him in getting ready. And moreover, living without Maan, this place felt so empty


Natasha: beta now get up, it’s getting late


Maan: hmmmm


Natasha: kya hmmm? Get up


Maan: Mom this side,


he said and pointed in his head for more caressed


Natasha smiled and did the same in another side


Maan: aahhh, mom I missed it


Natasha: and I missed you


She said meekly, Maan opened his eyes and saw his mom in almost crying position. He got up and sat beside his mom


Maan: mom look, I’m now here na? Then why these tears are peeping from your eyes?


Natasha: I missed you so much beta,


And here tears came out from her eyes. Maan hugged his mother tight


Maan: I missed you too mom, only I know how much. And I promise I will never ever leave you


Natasha: promise?


Maan: pakka wala promise


Natasha knotted her brow,


Natasha: now from where this pakka wala came?


Maan: ohh, this is Geet’s famous promise


And both laughed,


Natasha: I’m now waiting to see her, so you better get ready and leave


Maan: ohh shit, moms please choose any cloth and keep in the bed, and I’m coming


Maan was about to enter the washroom, when Natasha called him from behind


Natasha: maan


Maan: ji mom


Natasha: you ok?


Maan: haan , of course, why?


Natasha pointed at the room, but all these are saying something else


Maan sighed, he could never hide anything from his mother


Maan: mom, right now I myself am totally confused. Give me some time, and then I will come to you


Natasha: pakka wala promise?


Natasha asked while smiling. She could guess there was something important that made her son this much worried, so she tried to erase the tension


Maan: come on mom, now you started talking like Geet as well


Natasha: hah hah, now go and get ready, I’m preparing your breakfast


Maan: and dad?


Natasha: ya he just finished his breakfast and took his medicines as well


Maan: ohk, I’m coming in ten minutes


Though he said he was coming in ten minutes, it took total 1 hour. And finally he sat on the driving seat


Maan: maan beta, now speed up and reach soon, or else Geet and pinky will kill you for being late



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On the other side ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Geet and pinky was waiting near the gate of the institution. It’s a sunny day and the horrible hot atmosphere was making Geet angrier in every single second


Poor Pinky was trying hard to control Geet. But she herself knew that she couldn’t do anything as Geet and Ragini’s encounter in the first day made Geet this much cranky




Geet: I’m telling you Pinky, I will wait for only five minutes, and then I’m leaving for my hostel


Pinky: Geet tune khud bhi to dekha how much traffic is in Mumbai


Geet: so? He also knows that, he should keep that on his mind and came out from his house early, right?


Pinky: ohk baba, now don’t blast


Geet continued her cursing program


Geet: aaj ka din hi bura hai mera. 1st my prince left me without even telling me the reason, then that ragini, hell bent on making my life a total mess, and now this ullu Maan. Doesn’t he has that much brain to calculate the time and reach in time


Pinky: there Maan is, now stop it Geet. Don’t start your slangs on him




Geet: huh, he deserves it


Maan came out of his car and saw Geet looking at him while her nose is in tomato’s color in anger. If only looks could kill someone, he would be dead till now.


But pyaar mai pagal maan, still found Geet cute with those red tomato like nose and grumpy cheeks


Maan: ohhh, Geet, stop giving me these looks, or I may eat you alive, maan control, remember? She is only your good friend, best friend, mostly FRIEND


Maan reached near them and said with a puppy sorry face


Maan: sorry yaar, wo I slept really late yesterday. And this traffic, horrible, really sorry


Pinky: its ok Maan, it happens


Maan asked while looking at Geet, You guys were waiting for a long time na?


Geet looked at Maan like will shake him by his neck any time and then started walking towards the car




Maan murmured, jyada gussa hai shayad


Pinky: don’t worry, she will calm down soon, now let’s go, I’m felling hungry again


Maan: hehehe, chalo, warna waha ki time bomb will burst in any second


PRECAP: Geet’s first time entry on Khurana Mansion, kuch to gadbar hone hi hai

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