Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 34)

23 Mar

Part 34


In the whole drive, Maan tried to pacify Geet


By taking her sides against Pinky’s comments, taunting her for what he only got angry glares and gulp down the next words


And mostly he was drooling on her cute little nose, which was looking like a small red tomato in anger, and the way she was behaving all cranky, it was making her look damn cute


(sam advising Maan to concentrate on the road now LOL or else OuchConfused)


Maan and Pinky was discussing about Maan’s new music album, when all of a sudden Geet screamed


Geet: stop stop, stop the car


Both Pinky and Maan almost jumped and Maan stopped the car with a hard break and looked at the back


Geet looked and them innocently and asked both


Geet: why you both are looking at me like you guys are watching an alien live


Pinky: why you shouted?


Geet to Maan: stupid, don’t you learn to stop the car a lil bit nicely?


Maan greeted his tooth: Geet is this a way to shout all of a sudden?


Geet: Now what I did?


She asked making an innocent face, though she was trying hard to hide her grin. Finally geet wass in peace to made Maan angry, as he was pulling her legs sometimes earlier


Pinky: Geet why you said to stop the car?


Geet: wo I need to buy something


Pinky: now?


Geet: Haan baba, how can we go to Maan’s house in empty hand, we are going for the 1st time na?


Maan: Geet stop being this much formal, ok?


Geet: oye its not formality, it’s just we are going for the 1st time and we can’t go like this


Maan: stop your bakwas, they all know about you too, so no need to be over formal


Geet: but maan


Maan: right now, I’m taking you to my house na? Then you have to listen to me, when you will come by yourself, feel free to buy the whole mall


Maan said mockingly


Geet: But at least some small


Maan: geeettt


Geet: fine then


Geet said making a cute pout. Maan smiled at her baby face,


But you can’t melt and let her enter your house maintaining so much formality– Maan’s brain said to his heart not to melt on her cute cute faces


After some hours, the car stopped in front of Khurana Mansion, Pinky and Geet looked at the big house in front of them.


Maan gave horn, and two guards opened the big size gate to let the car enter in the Khurana property.


Accoding to Pinky, Maan’s house totally looked like a palace in white, in front of the house, some gardeners were watering the plants, whole palace was surrounding with the garden, which Geet liked the most rather than looking at the size of the house like Pinky.


Geet: Maan, why you guys didn’t plant any flower plants, all are huge fruit trees here


Maan: hai na, but flower garden is inside the mansion, near my gym


Geet: I will visit there then


Geet said grinning, she loves flowers the most


Maan: accha baba, but first meet with my family na


Pinky: nehi Maan, let’s throw her in the garden first


Both laughed together and in return got dagger glares from Geet


They came out from the car, and the front door opened.


There Savitri and Natasha were standing for welcoming them


Trio walked near them


Maan: Mom, Daadi ma, here they are, she’s Pinky, n here Geet


Pinky n Geet: Namaste Daadi ma


They kneeled to take blessing from the older lady, but Daadi ma hugged both the girls affectionately


Daadi ma: arre, no need to do all that, I’m not a old fashion lady babies


All laughed all together


But it’s really a true fact, a mother’s eyes can never failed to understand her child, Natasha could see the extra glittering shine in her son’s eyes and also the dazzling broad smile on Maan’s face while he was introducing Geet or even looking at Geet.


Pinky: Namaste aunty, I’m Pinky, and ye rahi Geet


Natasha: how are you both?


Geet: I’m fine aunty


Daadi ma: accha, can’t we go inside and talk


Natasha: haan maa ji, aao na tum dono, aandar aao


All settled down in the hall room,


Daadi ma: I heard a lot about you both from Maan


Pinky: Daadi ma, he never said anything about you all


Natasha: hawww, maan, chi


Maan: but mom


Pinky started laughing and said


Pinky: waise aunty, he didn’t even said his real name


All started laughing


Maan looked at Geet who was sitting quite uncomfortably and looking at Natasha with her doe shape eyes. Maan felt that something was running on her head, neither she is participating in the conversations nor she is actually listening their talking.


So maan tried to make her feel comfortable


Maan: Geet u wanna see the garden?


Geet smiled meekly and said,


Geet: yes, wo I wanted to see that, can I aunty?


Natasha: haan beta, sure


Maan: Pinky you want to join us


Before Pinky could reply Daadima interfered,


Daadi ma: nehi nehi, u both go, and Pinky will go with me, I need to let her check all that chocolates Mrs. Bhatia gave me yesterday


Pinky gave a big grin that reached ear to ear on her round shape face


Pinky: haan Geet, you go with Maan, I don’t feel like going now


Daadi ma already had some wicked plan to settle his grandson, and she was already day dreaming geet in Natasha’s shaadi ka jora with Maan in sherwani



Maan took geet with him, and both headed towards the garden.


Maan: Geet what happened? Are you still angry with me?


Geet: nehi to, why are you saying this?


Maan: nehi, all of a sudden you are in silence


Geet gave a small smile,


Geet: I’m fine maan, no need to worry about me


Both sat down in the garden, Geet was looking at the garden, it’s just awesome in every sense, all her sad feeling flee away just to see the beauty



suddenly her eyes went towards the pink roses, her favorite one



Geet: it’s so sweet, it looks like someone took utmost care to grow each and every flower


Maan smiled at her bubbly self,


Maan: yes, mom loves gardening and all these it her hard work


Geet: She is a lovely mother na?


Maan: yes she is, she is the perfect one, perfect daughter in law, perfect wife and best mom, I never saw daadi ma considering her or taking her side as a daughter


Geet: you are a lucky person, you have everyone


Maan looked and her and just cursed himself to say this much. He can easily read her face and the pain for not having her mother near her


Maan cupped her face,


Maan: Geet, don’t you think I’m the unlucky one who doesn’t have any siblings like you have? And then you have Ria bhabi, who always loves you as her own kid


Geet: you too have daadi ma na? I don’t have any


Maan: yes, and I have one hitler dad, you don’t have someone like him


Geet slapped him playfully and both started to laugh. Maan just wanted to see this princess happy, and no sadness was allowed anywhere near her, but what they missed was the person who’s watching them and smiling


PRECAP: Geet and Maan’s mom cute sweet lovely conversation


thnx those who waited for the updates, i actually planned to give a lil more big, but my bad luck, hope this size is good enough for u all Smile



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