Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 35)

27 Apr


Before starting 2day’s part, i am going to make u all bore with my tiny miny speech


A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to all my readers to stay connected with me for last one year. Yes, 2day Sargoshiyan completed its one year, and all I can say is, it’s because of you all I am still here writing this story. The way you guys waited for this story, as this sam is very attached to accidents and sickness, and really hospital is my 2nd native home.



Thank you all for supporting this lazy writer and will always wish to see my all readers with me. And really wanna see more and more comments from you all.


NOW CAN I EXPECT MY SILENT READERS TO AT LEAST PRESS ONE LIKE, at least I can able to understand how many of you are actually reading this from last one year journey…


Happy Birthday Asmi n Vanshi Party this update is for you both Hug



Part 35


Maan looked and her and just cursed himself to say this much. He can easily read her face and the pain for not having her mother near her


Maan cupped her face,


Maan: Geet, don’t you think I’m the unlucky one who doesn’t have any siblings like you have? And then you have Riabhabi, who always loves you as her own kid


Geet: you too have daadi ma na? I don’t have any


Maan: yes, and I have one hitler dad, you don’t have someone like him


Geet slapped him playfully and both started to laugh. Maan just wanted to see this princess happy, and no sadness was allowed anywhere near her, but what they missed was the person who’s watching them and smiling






Natasha entered with soup for Anukalp, and saw him smiling while looking outside from the window


Natasha: kya baat hai? Today Sir is in too good mood


Anukalp: when I was in bad mood?


Natasha: no no, infact never, cause you were in worst mood, now should I count the worst mood days as that will be easy


Natasha replied while laughing


Anukalp tried to change the topic, so choose Mom kalaadlato distract Natasha


Anukalp: waise is this Geet about whom you were talking about?


Natasha looked outside and smiled,


Natasha: cute girl, but don’t know why, she was not comfortable with me


Anukalp: maybe not extroverts like your son


Natasha: now whats wrong with my son?


Anukalp: nehi nehi, I was just


Natasha: I will mix spicy with your soup, if you will not stop poking my son, yaadrakhna, now complete this, I’m going downstairs


Anukalp: hah hah, I will drink it


While going, Natasha turned back at her husband and asked again


Natasha: Jaan will you come downstairs, for the lunch?


Anukalp: ya sure


Natasha: ohk


Anukalp again looked at the garden, where he saw his son listening silently and the girl was talking something animatedly. He wondered how his son became so good listener




Maan: Geet why don’t you go to daadi ma n pinky, I will go and freshen up on that time


Geet: ummm, Maan can I stay here for some time? You go na? I will be here


Maan: but tum akele?


Geet: So what? Its your house, so no one will kidnap me


Geet said and winked at him, making Maan smile


Maan: ohk, you stay here then, I will go and come back soon


Geet: ohk, no problem, take your time


Geet assured Maan with her dazzling smile. Maan smiled back and went towards his room. And Geet stood up to see the plants


When Natasha entered the garden to call them, she saw Geet touching one red rose. Natasha went towards her and asked,


Natasha:you like the red roses?


Geet looked at her and smiled faintly


Geet: jii, wo, haan I like all red colors


Natasha: same goes with me, but Maan always prefer white and light colors in everything, boring colors


Geet smiled at her


Geet: aapki and meri bohut milti hai


Natasha: then we can make team


Geet: but how can we?


Natasha: why not beta?


Geet: I will go after sometimes na?


Natasha: haan but you can come anytime as well


Geet: but


Natasha: Geet, you are Maan’s good friend na? And now we all meet with you, you can come anytime here.Adi also come here and consider this home as his 2nd home


Geet: but aunty, im here only for 2 months. Then I will leave for Delhi


Natasha: but in these 2 months you can be in my team, right?


Geet: haan, and I will be with you


Geet said with a big grin. She was getting comfortable and coming back to her own bubbly nature


Natasha: aur waise bhi Geet. Who knows I will go behind you to Delhi for my team member?


Natasha said while winking at her. They both laughed together






That day went like a glimpse of eyes. All enjoyed the whole day with fullest fun. Geet and Pinky easily mixed up with Maan’s family.


According to Pinky:

Daadi ma is the sweetest daadi just like the yummy chocolaty flavor cream. Soft and easy going with all. And the most important side is, she knows how


Natasha aunty is just like juice. She can turn her nature like the person she will talk with. Just like juice can turn into any shape according to the size of the glass


Anukalp uncle is strict in nature, but at the same time his heart is very soft. Just like a cream roll. Hard from outside, but inside it, the cream is totally full on soft


(hehehehe, our Pinky can never be able to come out from her foodie nature)


According to Geet:

Daadi ma is like a pillar of the family. She is still that much strong to control the whole family. But not with any strictness, but with the love she keep showering towards each and every member of the house


Natasha Aunty made me feel like im in my own house. The way she kept looking after what I need what I want, may be mumma would be the same if he was with me today. While looking at Natasha Aunty, watching her taking of daadi ma, uncle n Maan, I understood from where Maan got that softness in his nature


Anukal Uncle is the man of words. His behavior reflects his thoughts, mentality, honesty and hard work. He’s just like my Papa. He too believes that the world is with you until you will be able to fight against all, if you can’t, no one will come to you to ask how are you or what you want. So one should work hard to make his/her own unique place to live the life with pride (well this is what my Abbu taught me from my childhood, coping his words here, thnx Abbu for your advices)






Days went like this. Its almost 2 weeks in Mumbai. On free times Pinky and Geet used to go to Khurana Mansion to spend their time with daadi ma, aunty and maan. Sometimes uncle too join with them specially in evening.


The most funiest thing is the homely rule made by Daadi ma and Maan’s mom. Maan’s father have to be in home before 8pm. After that the door will be closed and he have to spent his night in the outhouse along with his office files. 


But poor man, only he’s under that rule. Maan can go to anywhere at any time. As according to the ladies, Maan is still young and he has the right to live his life in masty.






It’s one Sunday. Both Pinky and Geet came back from Delhi the early morning. They spend last 2 days on their home and came back early to join the class. 


Pinky left for the class but Geet didn’t feel like going to class. So spend the whole morning in bed, sleeping soundly.


Near afternoon she went to Khurana Mansion to surprise Maan, as she was feeling bore alone in the hostel room.


Geet entered the khurana Mansion and met up with Daadi ma in the garden.


Geet: good afternoon Daadi ma


Geet chirpily wished her while hugging her from behind


Daadi ma: aree beta, aapyaha? when you came back Mumbai?


Geet: today morning Daadi, Pinky went to attend the class, but I was feeling tired, so stay in the room. But see, now I was feeling bore on that room, to yaha chali ayi


Daadi ma: bohut accha kia, come lets go inside


Both went inside.


Geet: Daadi ma where’s everyone?


Daadi ma: Natasha went to see her one friend. And Maan is still in his room, may be didn’t wake up


Geet: kyaaa? Its 2pm daadi. And that kumbhakaran is still in his dream land?


Daadi ma laughed at her comment.


Daadi ma: aap ek kam kyun nehi karti? Go and wake him up. Until then I will go to kitchen and see whats cooking today


Geet: main? I mean mai kaise?


Daadi ma: kyun, is there any restriction order hanging in front of his room?


Geet: nehi nehi, but daadi. Aap ka pota nangi pungi to nehi sota na?


Saying to Geet saw Daadi ma’s shocked face and hurriedly put her palm in her mouth to stop her babbling big mouth. But after some seconds, both laughed out together.


Daadi ma: accha you go now, i’m going to kitchen


Geet nodded her head and headed towards stairs for reaching Maan’s room


Daadi ma suddenly called her from behind,


Daadi ma: waise geet beta


Geet: Ji daadi?


Daadi ma: for extra security, you can close your eyes and enter his room


Geet: good idea Daadi


And both laughed one more time.






Geet was knocking the room for last 5 minutes. And after getting no response she opened the door as it’s not locked


Geet slightly opened the door and peeped inside. There he was. Sleeping soundly in the bed.


Geet: here I am knocking the door from so much time, and he’s sleeping so peacefully. Looks like if an elephant will cross above him, he will not wake up


Geet entered the room and went near his bed.


Geet poked him with her index finger


Geet: Maan come on yaar, get up, kitni soti ho tum


Maan just shove her hand and hide his face behind the pillow


Geet: grrr, maan don’t make me mad now. I hate it when someone avoid me. Maan get up now. It’s late


Maan: sho shogo away now, let me sleep


Geet: hawww, how dare you? Now you will face the worst of me


Saying so Geet grabbed the water jug and emptied it on Maan’s head


Sudden water attack made maan shirk and he felt like someone just dropped him on the middle sea


He almost jumped and sat on the bed totally dumb folded


Geet started laughing while looking at his face.


Maan: what the hell are you doing here? And what’s the meaning of throwing water on me Geet.


Geet was still laughing like a maniac to see Maan all wet


Maan: stop laughing now, you are looking like a horrible witch you know?


Geet stopped her laughing to hear Maan, and looking at him all angry while putting her hands on her hips


Geet: how dare you called me a witch? You monster


Saying so geet tried to hit him with the jug that she was still holding in her head. Maan tried to snatch the jug, and in this process the sudden jerk made Geet fall on Maan, while the jug was on Maan’s hand.


Geet: how dare you call me that, samajhti kya ho aap ne aapko? Tum koi raaj kumar ho kya?


Geet started her pouting talking totally unaware of the position. She was sitting on Maan but is her complaining babbling she didn’t even notice that


And here, the poor Maan was niharofyingGeet. From last two weeks, every night she is the one who keep peeping in his dreams. 


And today also he thought Geet as one of his dream. After the water splash he actually understood that it’s really her


Geet: now what made you numb? bolna nehi ata kya?


Geet asked her while putting a full stop on her babbling. Maan came out from his dream land and looked at her with a mischief smile that was playing near his lips


Geet: what?


Maan: you know Geet? I never workout with so much weight


Geet: oyee hello, wake up, kya bole jarahi ho?


Maan: Nehi samajh aya?


Geet: nehi


Maan: You have gain much weight now, aab samajh aya?


Geet: maaannn, tell me directly rather than playing the hint game


Maan smiled at her and then came close to her, which made Geet startled


Maan softly tell her: I’m trying to tell that you are sitting on me Geet and I can’t take that much weight for a longer time.


Geet looked at him horrified and stood up from him like she got some current shock


Maan controlled his laughter to see her uncomfortable.


Geet: sorry… wo


Maan: relax Geet, chill, by the way what are you doing here?


Maan asked geet in order to change the topic


Geet: wo daadi send to wake you up


Maan: what a unique way to wake me up, wah


Maan said to himself and then looked at the watch and saw its already so late


Maan: oh its actually late, you wait here, I am coming in 10 minutes


Geet: ohk


Maan went to the wash room while taking his towel. Geet looked around the room


The whole room’s wall was surrounded with his framed pictures, with his family, friend Adi. But one picture made her walk towards it



Black and white picture of a cute little boy. Sun light was falling on his cute little hands and he’stotal concentration was there, and that time the picture was clicked


Maan came out of the washroom and saw Geet looking at the picture.


Maan: Daada ji clicked that picture when I was only 6 months old


Geet: it’s actually you?


Maan: yes, why are you giving me this look?


Geet: you were so golumolu type, pehle jyada accha look tha


Maan: geet, what’s that golu molu means?


Geet: hmmm, it means cutie fluffy pie type (sam: I actually have a sister whom I call by this name, hehehe)


Maan: ermmm, stop using these horrible names on me Geet. You are actually cutting my famous singer image yaar


Geet: cute is not a bad word, waise you still have that fluffy look you know?


Maan: no ways, I work out every morning for two hours


Maan said while showing his two fingers in front of her eyes


Geet: not bad, but still you are cute, after cutting that fluffy portion for the workout


Maan: Geet, dare you change my name


Geet: dare you threat me or else I will call you as khambe


Maan: what? Geet from where you get all these names?


Geet: from my intelligent brain, you know?


Geet replied while giving him a wide cheeky smile 


Maan: mere pe use maat karo, pleaseee


Geet: then don’t call me witch


Maan: ohk done, but don’t throw water on me again


Geet: I will do it, sorry can’t help on it. But tum mujhe witch boli to you will come to know your more new names


Geet said while winking at him


Geet: now come downstairs, I’m going to Daadi ma


Saying so Geet left the room, while maan looking at her retreating figure with a puppy look


Maan: don’t know how many colorful dendrites and axon she has inside her brain


Precap: ermmm, not sure


Everyone happy with the update??? hope you all like today’s part Smile


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  1. trs1391

    April 27, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    awsem update geet mixing with maan family maneet moments fab

  2. ushankitvc

    April 27, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    awesum updt…loved it….continue sooon….

  3. tichluvgurti

    April 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    It’s my name Fluffy Pie, dare u give it to Maan… 😡

    • Dipti Sam

      April 28, 2013 at 11:43 am

      hahahaha… ohk vl chng d name :-*

  4. nishamna

    April 28, 2013 at 4:49 am

    it was awesome. i loved geet and maan’s nok jhok. geet is attached with maan’s family. i loved geet and natasha’s bonding too. it was beautiful moment when geet and natasha were making a team. waiting for next dear.

  5. kirannn

    April 28, 2013 at 5:35 am

    awesome update dear
    congrates for completing one year

    • Dipti Sam

      May 12, 2013 at 5:18 pm

      thnx a lot dear for being with this story from one year 😀


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