Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 36)

05 May

Part 36

Maan: Geet, dare you change my name


Geet: dare you threat me or else I will call you as khambe


Maan: what? Geet from where you get all these names?


Geet: from my intelligent brain, you know?


Geet replied while giving him a wide cheeky smile 


Maan: mere pe use maatkaro, pleaseee


Geet: then don’t call me witch


Maan: ohk done, but don’t throw water on me again


Geet: I will do it, sorry can’t help on it. But tum mujhe witch boli to you will come to know your more new names


Geet said while winking at him


Geet: now come downstairs, I’m going to Daadi ma


Saying so Geet left the room, while maan looking at her retreating figure with a puppy look


Maan: don’t know how many colorful dendrites and axon she has inside her brain




Maan came down and heard laughing sounds are coming from kitchen. He want there and saw Daadi ma and Geet totally engrossed in cooking and in between they are taunting someone and laughing together.




She’s actually my daadina, right?


Maan thought to himself


No she can’t, I mean I was her one and only laadla whom she used to take the side blindly. Then why on earth she’s actually mimicking my dialogues what I always give dad when he’s after me to join family business


Grrr ye ladki mere jeena mushkil hi nehi namumkin kar degi


Here both the ladies are totally busy with their own new hobby.


Daadi is mimicking Maan’s dialogue which was actually from the father son convo. And geet started to laugh just after each dialogue. 

And later on would crack some joke about that convo, and both the ladies started to laugh together


Maan: May I join with you ladies? Zara maibhi to sunu ki aisa konsa hansne wali baate chal rahi hai?


Maan asked while standing near the kitchen door


Geet: Chi maan, don’t you learn to knock before coming anywhere. We ladies need some privacy, you know?


Geet said to Maan mockingly, while giving him a cunning smile.


Maan felt like cutting her in billion opsss trillion pieces, but can’t even think of trying this right now, that too in front of daadi


Maan: Ye mera ghar hai, samjhi?And by the way this is kitchen, not the ladies kitty party place.


Maan said almost in bursting mood. Don’t know why this geet was behind him in every dialogue


Maan behave, Daadi said to Maan


Maan: Kya Daadi, aab maine kya kia? She is continuously poking me, and aap ho ki mera koi parwa hi nehi


Daadi ma smile to see Maan talking like that


Daadi ma: Go and sit in the table, nakul already served the foods, and we are coming with the desert


Daadi said Maan as she’s almost done in making the desert


Maan: But daadi


Maan tried to say something, but interrupted by geet


Geet: Daadi, may be Maan want to help us, come na maan


Said geet while giving her famous wicked grin to maan


Maan: Chup, mai ja rahi hoon


Maan said and almost ran away from the kitchen and sat on the table. Geet looked at Daadi ma and gave a puzzled look


Geet: Daadi ye koi ghost dekhi kya?


Daadi ma laughed to see her face


Daadi ma: Maan hate cooking, he don’t even make one cup coffee for himself


Daadi told Geet


Geet: Maan don’t even know how to make one cup of coffee?


Geet said astonished as Arjun bhai almost knew all types of cooking and used to help her bhabi when there were many guests in their house


Daadi ma: Nehi beta, he knows much about cooking, when he and Adi used to go for camping, both make all their foods there. And you know he’s good in making cake, Natasha ki birthday mai surprise di thiaap ne mom ko


Daadi told her how maan gave surprise to his mother


Geet: Then he’s surely a kam chor


Geet said while making a face


Both again started to laugh. According to daadi, geet is an unique piece who can make anyone smile even in worst mood.


And all the family members already love geet for her innocence, even anukalp used to enjoy geet’s company, which is quite a surprise thing for others


Their laughing moment came to an full stop to hear maan shouting for food.


Geet: Chaliye daadi, warna bhukkad ko itna bhug lagega ki wo table bhi khalega


Geet said smiling while hearing maan shouting for foods


Daadi ma: Chaliye beta, let’s have our lunch, it’s already late


Both went to the dining room and joined maan to have their lunch





Geet and Maan came back to Maan’s room after the lunch, whereas Daadi ma went to take a small nap after completing her lunch.


Geet: Maan you actually sleep from this long time?


Geet asked maan all of a sudden


Maan: Aree nehi, I was awake the whole night with a song, that’s why was late today?


Maan replied to Geet while looking through the files and came back to geet who was sitting on his bed.


Maan: Ye dekho, for this I was all awake yesterday night


Geet took the paper and read some lines of the song


Geet: All love of mine, with a song and a whine. You’reharsh and divine, like truths and a lie.

Ermmm, ye kaisi song hai maan?


She again started to read the lines further


Geet: But the tale ends not here, I have nothing to fear. For my love is hell of giving and hold on.

Maan ye kaisi song hai?


Geet asked while making a face


Maan: Kyun kya burayi hai iss mai? And by the way its not finished yet, let me complete first, then comment maar na, samjhi?


Maan said all hyper.


Geet: Oyee why are you getting so hyper? I just said what I felt like?


Geet tried to give her point of view


Maan: Rehne do, I know. Later on you will like it, waise bhi I still remember your that dreams?


Maan said to geet while smirking


Geet: Which dream?


Geet asked while knotting her brows, she looked at maan all confused to see him smirking


Maan: Wohi, mujh per latto hoke whatever dialogues you used and planned to marry me


Maan replied while giving her his most wicked grin, and then bow down to save his head from the pillow that geet threw on him


Geet: If I knew that you look like this, then I would never say all that, so stop dreaming, samjhi?

and correction, tumpe nehi latto thi, tumhari song pe thi, but aab ye dekhke ye lagraha hai ki im not gonna listen your upcoming songs


Geet said while trying hard to control her blushing


Maan: song ki baad choro? ye batao ki mujh mai kya burayi hai?


Maan asked while checking himself in the mirror


Geet: You are not my type you know? Well actually not anywhere near my dream boy


Geet said to maan showing so much attitudes


Maan: Accha tell me about your that dream boy. I mean what you want to see in your future life partner


Maan asked while sitting next to Geet


Geet: He will be totally unique, you know? That’s why he will be my prince charming


Geet said as a matter of fact


Maan: Haan to tell me na, what quality you want to see in your prince charming


Maan asked totally in a serious tone. He himself didn’t know why he felt this much jealous to see geet talking about someone else so dreamingly, though maan knew it’s just her imagination, still maan felt something not right. Somewhere he didn’t want geet to talk about someone else


PRECAP: what will be Geet’s description about her prince charming? Will it match with Maan, or someone will come in between their life?


chalo chalo, i need some unique funny characteristics that Geet will tell to Maan about her prince charming, something childish, send me some if you can, itna to help karhi sakte ho na tum sab??? (PM me if u hav any idea in ur mind)


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3 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 36)

  1. trs1391

    May 5, 2013 at 11:39 am

    awsem geet dadi bond geet dream boy maan jealous

  2. nishamna

    May 5, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    it was great. i loved geet and dadi’s bonding. maan is feeling jealous. i am very very exited to know geet’s answer. waiting for next dear.

  3. ushankitvc

    May 6, 2013 at 5:29 am

    awesum updt…J maan seeing the bond between dadi and geet…J maan hearing abt geets dream boy….loved it….continue sooon…..


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