Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 37)

14 May

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDI (Rakhi Dutta).. this one is espicially for you today, lubbb u Hug
Part 37

Geet: You are not my type you know? Well actually not anywhere near my dream boy


Geet said to maan showing so much attitudes


Maan: Accha tell me about your that dream boy. I mean what you want to see in your future life partner


Maan asked while sitting next to Geet


Geet: He will be totally unique, you know? That’s why he will be my prince charming


Geet said as a matter of fact


Maan: Haan to tell me na, what quality you want to see in your prince charming


Maan asked totally in a serious tone. He himself didn’t know why he felt this much jealous to see geet talking about someone else so dreamingly, though maan knew it’s just her imagination, still maan felt something not right. Somewhere he didn’t want geet to talk about someone else






Geet: well, let me think. You know I always see him in my dreams


Maan: ermmm dreams?


Geet: haan, coming for me in a horse


Maan: kya? Geet, you are living in the modern era of science


Geet: haan to?


Maan: you can dream that he’s coming in BMW or may be in Ferrari, but horse. Seriously?


Geet made a pouting face.


Geet: chaddo, mai nehi bolti kuch bhi


Maan: areee, nehi nehi, please yaar, I want to know


Geet: my dreamy boy has to cook for me


Maan made a horrible face like someone put bitter in his mouth


Maan: if he will cooks for you then what will you do in home


Geet: I will go to uni na?


Maan: puri zindegi uni jaogi?


Geet: nehi, but mujhe kitty parties bhi to jana na? wo jaise aunty log jate hai


Maan shook his head and said her,


Maan: next


Geet: well he can never ever shout on me?


Maan: if you will be in fault then?


Geet: still not


Maan: ye to sarasaar na insafi ho rahi hai


Geet: haan to? Mai bhi aap na life time use de rahi hoon na?


Maan: next bolo, age kitna hazam hogi nehi pata


Geet: he have to take me in vacation in every week


Maan: accha? per week one day, chalega?


Geet: haan chalega, as for another 2 days we will go to meet with papa


Maan: phir wo kam kab karega?


Geet: kar lega, tension kyun le rahi ho, wo to superman type hogi na


Geet said while winking at him


Maan uss ki bare mai kuch sochna bhi maat, warna zindegi bhar bina kam kare bekar rehna parega � Maan thought to himself


Geet: aur bolu mai?


Maan: nehi nehi, abhi ki liye you go and talk with Daadi ma, she will need your help in planning as two days later, mom’s birthday coming.


Geet: wow, you are telling me now? Waise what’s your plan for aunty?


Maan: it’s my secret. For now, u go and make plans with daadi ma, I need to complete this song


Geet made a face and was going out of his room, when maan called her from behind


Maan: geet, aaj raat I will drop you, thodi late jaogi to problem hogi kya?


Geet: before 10pm hogi to chalega, per kyun?


Maan: I want you to hear my this song first


Geet: really?


Geet asked while grinning ear to ear


Maan: haan baba, but in one condition


Geet: what?


Maan: you have to erase the earlier words you told against my song


Geet: pehle sunne to do, only then


Maan: thik hai, im sure you are going to love this song. Now go, I need to give it a final touch first






Geet entered maan’s room after 2 hours, when he had sends Nakul for calling Geet. In last two hours, two ladies planned the decorations and half completed the guest list.


Geet: Maan


Geet called maan when she didn’t see him in his room.


Maan: geet yaha ajao


Maan called from another room, which was joined with his bed room


Geet entered the room to find Maan in front of the piano.


Maan: come and sit here


Geet came and sit beside Maan


~~ The song is Emptiness by Rohan Rathod~~


Maan started the music using the Prelude, which made geet looked at his fingers which was running perfectly on the piano keys


The music just mesmerized Geet and she understood how wrong she was to say this song horrible


All love of mine
With a song and a wine
You’re harsh and divine
Like truths and a lie

But the tale ends not here
I have nothing to fear
For my love is yell of giving and hold on


Just when Geet thought that he’s music was superb, Maan changed the piano tune into Mukhra, and also the whole song became more beautiful with Maan’s voice.


In the bright emptiness
In a room full of it
Is a cruel mistress
Whoa oh!

I feel this unrest
That nest all hollowness
For I have nowhere to go and I’m cold


In the meantime, Geet was already gaping at him. He was looking too cute while his whole concentration was on the song. She remembered the times, when she always wanted to see him once face to face. But sitting near him and listening him singing that too live, was something she never ever imagined


And I feel so lonely yeah…
There’s a better place than this


Maan looked at Geet and saw her looking at him unbelievingly. Maan winked at her while singing which made Geet looked away towards the piano. Maan smiled at her and then again changed the tune into Interlude while humming the music softly this time

And I’m so lonely yeah…
There’s a better place than this
Emptiness, yeah!


This time Maan started the song’s Hindi portion with piano’s Stanza.


Tune mere jaana
Kabhi nahi jaana
Ishq mera, dard mera, haaye!

Tune mere jaana
Kabhi nahi jaana
Ishq mera, dard mera


Maan looked at geet again and found a red blush in her cheeks which made maan startled. He thought he just imagined it, and sung the next lines which were actually meant for her in some case.


Aashiq tera
Bhid me khoya rehta hai, jaane jahaan
Poocho to itna kehta hai


Geet looked back at him when Geet heard those lines. But Maan again looked back at the piano to hide his feelings for her. Because he’s still not sure what Geet thought about him


That I feel so lonely yeah…
There’s a better place than this

And I’m so lonely yeah
There’s a better place than this
Emptiness, yeah!


The song ended with Maan hammering softly the lines again and again.


PRECAP: Ragini in Natasha’s birthday party, Maan bana burger between Geet and Ragini


How’s it? More songs to come in next few parts. And about the words  Prelude, Mukhra, Stanza, these are cords for piano, I just add my own piano knowledge here,nothing else, hehehehe LOL



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6 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 37)

  1. neethuraj

    May 14, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    nice update….

  2. nishamna

    May 14, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    it was great part dear. i really loved it. geet ‘s description for her perfect man is great. poor maan don’t want listen more. oh that song was really very beautiful. i loved their emotion while song. i hope geet also realize her feeling for maan. waiting for next dear.

    • Dipti Sam

      May 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm

      im glad tht u liked the part 🙂

  3. trs1391

    May 14, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    awsem update geet description fab maan jealous and geet listening maan song precap awsem


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