Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 38)

16 May

Part 38
This update is as a treat to all of my readers, its just im way too happy and sad together, so wrote this part 2day Confused Smile will share the reason at the end of the update Smile

Maan looked at geet again and found a red blush in her cheeks which made maan startled. He thought he just imagined it, and sung the next lines which were actually meant for her in some case.


Aashiq tera
Bhid me khoya rehta hai, jaane jahaan
Poocho to itna kehta hai


Geet looked back at him when Geet heard those lines. But Maan again looked back at the piano to hide his feelings for her. Because he’s still not sure what Geet thought about him


That I feel so lonely yeah…
There’s a better place than this

And I’m so lonely yeah
There’s a better place than this
Emptiness, yeah!


The song ended with Maan hammering softly the lines again and again.






The whole drive to the hostel was in silence. Both of them were totally engrossed in their own thoughts. Both of them were feeling something new.


For Maan, he knew what was that feelings all about. He knew he’s growing feelings for Geet was beyond the relations between two friends.


Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances,

Losing and finding happiness,

Appreciating the memories,

And realizing the changed relation change
Love is not about finding the right person,

But creating a right relationship.

It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning

But how much love you build till the end

(Copied from Books of Quotes)



For geet, everything around her was making her all confused. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to run away from this, so that it could not able to drawn her deeper. But it’s the fate


You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see

But you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel

No matter how much you try

You cannot stop your heart to beat in this new 

tune of love


The car stopped near the hostel Gate, Maan looked at Geet and saw her looking ahead but not actually looking at any object particularly


Maan: Geet, we’ve reached


Still getting no response, he put his one hand on Geet’s shoulder, making Geet aware that she reached her hostel


Geet: oh haan maan, tum kuch bol rahi thi?


Maan: you ok?


Geet: haan, what will happen to me?


Geet said uncomfortably. Maan saw her getting restless from last 2 hours. Even Daadi ma asked her again and again she was feeling ok or not.


Maan cupped her face and asked her softly


Maan: you are looking tensed. Kuch pareshani hai kya?


Geet nodded her head negatively and said meekly


Geet: I’m feeling tired, nothing else


Maan: ohk, then you go and take some rest. You will feel better


Geet: hmmm, I’m going now, bye maan


Maan: accha suno


Geet: Haan?


Maan: tomorrow late maat karna, you and pinky both ek saath aajna. And raat ko outhouse me rehna, ok?


Geet: ohk, will tell pinky. Good night


Maan: Good night, take care, aur suno, call me to inform when you will reach your room


Geet: Maan no tiger will eat me, really  


Maan shrugged his shoulder and said cheekily


Maan: I know, but you can at least inform me of the number of tigers who got scared to see you face to face


Geet: grrr, I hate you


Saying so Geet went away while cribbing to her babaji


Maan saw her going away and replied softly to himself


Maan: and I love you


he smiled sweetly while keep looking at her retreating figure in the darkness




Geet reached the room and saw Pinky in the study table, doing her assignment

Geet asked Pinky while sitting on her own bed


Geet: aaj kuch jyada miss kia kya?


Pinky: no not that much, accha sun, tere study table per lemonade rakha maine, kha lena


Geet: wo kyun? Tu mujhe khana de rahi hai, I mean food? You didn’t hit you head in wall, right?


Pinky: are hurrr, maan called me to tell that you are feeling tired and was restless, uss ne dene bola


Geet look at her mobile where Maan’s name was flashing in the screen. 

She felt happy to learn how much he took care of her. A small smile crept her lips and she received the call


Geet: hmmm


Maan: pouch gayi


Geet: hmmm


Maan: lemonade mili?


Geet: hmmm


Maan: chalo then go and freshen up, and sleep early


Geet: hmmm


Maan: waise geet


Geet: haan


Maan: raaste mai kitni tiger ko daraya aaj ki liye?


Geet: bad night and horrible dreams


Saying so Geet cut the call


Pinky looked at her red tomato face and asked


Pinky: saab thik hai na?


Geet: haan kyun?


Pinky: nehi kuch nehi, tu so ja


Geet: haan, accha sun, kal jaldi nikalni hai, maan will come to take us


Pinky: haan daadi ma called me to tell this. Maza ayega


Geet: wo to ayega hi, but what we will tell in our house?


Pinky: daadi ma or Natasha aunty will manage, simple


Geet: hope so


Pinky: waise Geet don’t you have any problem with her now?


Geet: with whom?


Geet asked while knotting her eye brow


Pinky: Daadi ma told me that tomorrow maan will take 3 of us together


Geet: three?


Pinky: u, me aur Ragini


Geet: what?


Geet asked while her eyes almost popped out to hear that chudail will go with them




After an hour,


In geet’s hostel


Geet sleeping in her bed and busy in talking with herself


Geet: tomorrow the first thing I will do is binding your and that rigini’s head all together. You stupid didn’t even tell me, no way I will go with her there. Aur maan, yaad rakhna, my babaji also can’t save you from me this time


In Maan’s room


Maan was sleeping peacefully in his room while all of sudden he woke up like he saw some horrible bad dreams actually


Maan: oh shit! I didn’t tell Geet that ragini will be coming with hem tomorrow. Geet ki babaji, bacha lena kal


PRECAP: Ragini: Angry

          Maan: Ouch

          Geet: Angry

          Pinky: Sleepy

          Sam: LOL


Abhi next update will be after 85 likes Wink jyada nehi mangi maine, to chappal maat pheko, and yes, dhamaka ane wala hai big big, almost 3 dhamaka, to jitni jaldi ho sake mere se update le lo, as from monday im starting my new semester LOL


ohk the real news now, for what this treat is, finally its confirmed and i can share with u all. i’ve got scholarship from Canada Big smile So i am finishing my both stories within October. as after that i don’t know when i will be able to come here even for reading any ff. don’t know how many of you will miss me, but yes i will miss you all, really Ouch


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5 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 38)

  1. Pam Kaur

    May 16, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    loved geets cribbing to herself and maans teasing lets see what happens with the 3 of them together maan ragini and geet lol

  2. trs1391

    May 16, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    awsem update realisation of love maan didn’t told about ragini

  3. ushankitvc

    May 17, 2013 at 4:25 am

    awesum updt….maan realised his love fr hr….ooops Ragini???kya hoga maan ka???continue sooon…..

  4. mishty

    May 17, 2013 at 7:59 am

    awesone……………. maan to gaya

  5. nisha

    May 20, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    it was awesome. i really loved it. maan loves geet. geet also feeling same but she is not aware with this truth. precap is really interesting and funny. now what will be the next. waiting dear.


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