Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 39)

01 Jul

Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short Hug
Part 39

Maan checked the last minutes decorations. 


It’s almost the time. Only half hours left to reach the clock at 12. It’s been a horrible day for him, first of all the planning, then making his mother believe that her son forgot her birthday, making her angry that she left for sleeping at 9 pm.


The most difficult part of his work was to stop two ladies from starting their cat fights in every 10 minutes. Yes, he was thinking about Geet and Ragini’s cat fights


Maan’s thoughts went back to the morning incidents, face of number 1


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback of morning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Maan was waiting near the hostel gate and checking his watch in every 2 minutes from last 2 hours. But here, there was not even a shadow of any of the girls.


Finally when he planned that he will go back to KM, Pinky came up with a huge bag.


Pinky: sorry sorry, I didn’t make you wait for a long time na?


Maan: nehi nehi, bilkul bhi nehi. Only some minutes u know, 120 minutes, hours nehi


Pinky: chalo thik hai phir, as Geet will take some more time


Pinky told with a sigh of relief




Maan almost shouted in anger, here he was waiting in the road from last 2 hours, that too in this sunny day, and God knows what that girl is actually doing. 


In frustration, he started to punch his mobile buttons to call geet, when pinky said from behind


Pinky: waise don’t call your own danger Maan


Maan: kya?


Pinky: Madam is already in a very cranky mood from last night as someone is taking her jaan ki dushmaan with her in same car, and also didn’t inform her earlier


Maan’s hand stopped dialing and looked at pinky in puppy face


Maan: I forgot yaar, sacchi mai


Pinky: aab bolke no faida, as I already knew from Daadi ma, n I didn’t know that you didn’t tell her yesterday, and in between talks, I told her that, sorry


Maan: aaj ka din marwana jaruri tha?


Maan murmured in low tone


At that time, ragini too came out from hostel gate, and her direct question was towards pinky


Ragini: ohh come on girl, now don’t waste Maan’s time, he’s busy in his personal work


Both Maan and Pinky made weird face and looked at her like two horns grew in her head


Maan: what’s that mean ragini?


Ragini: maan, if she will get one autograph then she will go to her best friend and you don’t know her nature, whole hostel will come here then for autographs, and then will come photo sessions with you


I don’t need his autograph when I already know him quite well rather than a signature and a photo


Geet answered from behind


Maan smiled at her answer, he came close to geet and looked at ragini


Maan: Ragini I understand you already know geet as your classmate but let me introduce you as a very close friend of mine,


Ragini: what? You know her? But she used to say that she wants to meet with you for at least one day


Maan: ohh that? I told geet and pinky not to tell anyone, you know, security? Hai na geet?


Geet looked at maan which made Maan gulped down his next words before spilling them. 


If looks could kill someone, maan would be in his last stage of life now


Geet: aren’t we getting late now? Or you already completed all the preparations?


Geet asked still looking at Maan with her famous grave like look


Maan: haan lets go then


All four of them came near the car, Pinky opened the car door and sit behind, and ragini and geet went to another side. 


Maan opened the front sit door for Geet while giving her an apologetic smile. In between ragini came and sit there with a 1000 bolts smile


Ragini: that’s so sweet of you maan


Before Maan could say anything to anyone, he heard a loud bang sound of the car’s door. In which speed geet close the back seat door, 


Maan actually thought his car’s all parts would be shattered in the road apart from the car door as it was in Geet’s hand


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of the flashbacks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


And from then Geet was avoiding him. She was busy with daadima and his dad in all the work and planning, but for her the person Maan is not even exists in this world.


Maan bete, Daadima asked from behind


Maan: ji daadi ma?


Daadima: it’s awesome. Natasha will be so much happy to see all the preparations today


Maan: but daadi ma, the way mom went to her room, I have some doubt she will be here or not


Daadi ma: easy boy, your dad will make her come, you don’t worry


Maan: but what if she won’t come


Daadi ma: do you think your dad that much unromantic that he cannot manofy her wife? Mera beta kharush hai, akru hai, but for his wife, he is still a chuha


Both laughed together at this


Maan: daadima I’m nervous


Daadima: kyun beta?


Maan: I don’t know


Daadi ma patted his one cheek lovingly and said


Daadi ma: your mom will love it, as its by his favorite son, if you would come with a single rose and wished her, still for her that gift would be the best gift rather than anyone’s gift, even much more beautiful from her husband’s gift


Maan gave a wide grin to that


Daadima: chalien, I will go and check whether the girls are ready or not.


Maan: thik hai daadi ma




All the lights were off. The room was totally in darkness. No one can even imagine the room is filled with loads of flowers and candles which were ready to light up by all the workers of the house. Pinky , Adi, Maan, ragini all are ready in darkness, they heard Natasha’s voice


Natasha: Anukalp aap kaha le jarahi hai mujhe? It’s already night and I’m really not in a mood to walk in the garden now


Anukalp: come on na? you can’t even give me your 10 minutes in a small walk with me


Natasha: as if you guys have so much time for me


Natasha replied in taunt


Maan smiled at her mother’s taunt, soon her complain would be removed by all of them.


Adi: daadi ma abhi tak nehi ayi


Pinky: Geet bhi to nehi ayi


Suddenly maan felt the aroma, the similar aroma, and a smile came on his face along with a whisper


Geet: hum dono agayi Pinky, don’t worry, all are ready


All count all together














next part will be tomorrow with loads of rocking and shocking scenes… so stay connected with me for some days as im going to update regularly again Big smile

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  1. ushankitvc

    July 2, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    awesum updt..surprise fr natasha….continue sooon


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