Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 41)

07 Jul

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Part 40

Pinky: geet, you go ahead, I forgot to bring the door key from daadi ma, and I’m coming in 2 minutes


Geet: grrr, tu bhi na, jaldi aaja


Pinky went back while geet started to walk towards the outside while yawning


But before she could complete her yawn, one hand came from behind and closed her mouth, so that she could not able to shout, and in another hand clasped her tightly




Geet started to fight against the fluffy hand, when Pinky whispered near her ear


Pinky: why are you fighting yaar? It’s me


Geet pushed her and almost shouted


Geet: stupid, moron, gaddhe, what the hell is wrong with you? Is it a way to come from behind and clinch my mouth?


Pinky: wo I thought I will seal your mouth so that you will not shout if you get scared?


Geetis it a way to say don’t shout? You could call me rather than following these kind of kidnapping style


Pinky started laughing at Geet


Pinky: so Geet the sherni actually got scared, hehehehehehehehe


Geet: Shut up pinky, and you better stop watching detective movies and yes stop eating that much, you are so tough like a man now


Pinky: aise mat bol, I can’t stop eating, it’s my hobby yaar


Geet rolled her eyes at her cribbing


Geet: by the way, where is the key?


Pinky: wohi to, you go and take that


Geet: pinkyyy, then where were you?


Pinky: I didn’t feel like going all alone in this dark, so came back to tell you to go


Geet: grrr, I hate you


Saying so Geet started to walk towards the Mansion




Geet entered the mansion and saw the workers switching off the lights after completing their works. Geet asked one of the workers


Geet: bhaia, where’s the outhouse key?


Worker: Madam it’s on upstairs shelf, near the big balcony, you wait for 5 minutes, I will go and get the keys


Geet: nehi nehi, its ok, I will go and take it, no problem, you do your work, its already late


Saying so Geet started to walk, She went near the shelf and saw the balcony door was slightly open.


It was already cloudy, would start raining any time. Geet thought the servants might forget to close the gate. So geet went to close the gate.


She peeped inside and saw the whole balcony was decorated with red roses, orchids and colorful lights. She went inside totally mesmerized by the gorgeous decoration.


In one corner, there was a small tent type to cover the small table and two chairs from rain. A small bouquet kept on the table along with a card. Geet went near the table and picked up the card.


Kuch ehsaas hone laga hai
kuch dil ye samajhne laga hai…

Wo khubsurat se pal yaad aate hai
Honto pe halki muskan chod jaate hai…

Uski wo baatein dil ko chu jaati hai
Ek choti Muskan uski din bana deti hai…

Kehne ko to sirf Dost hai hum
Rishta hai aisa jo hoga na kabhi khatam…


Geet smiled while reading those lines. It’s like she was cherishing the times when she first met with Maan, oppsss their driver Maan


Wo roti hai to mera bhi dil tut ta hai
Uska dard mujhe apna sa kyu lagta hai…


One small smile crept her lips when she remembered Maan punching Piyush and also all the tactics to make her smill that time


Aaj kuch ehsaas dil ne mehsus kiye
Uski ek jhalak ke liye hum taras gaye…

Jab use bina kahe dur ja raha tha
Mano jaise dil ka koi hissa piche chut raha tha…


She remembered how sad she was when she came to know that Maan left Delhi, the way she felt one part of her heart was shattered and only a glimpse of Maan can make everything better


Uske bin har ek din berang sa lagta tha
Usko mere liye waha dekh ye dil naach utha tha…

Kya ye ehsaas hai jo dosti se jyaada hai
Kya ye pyaar hai jo dil ne mehsus kiya hai…


Geet’s eyes widened to read those lines, was it for her? She looked around and saw the decorations again.


But Maan always said that she is his best friend, then for whom he wrote these lines, is there someone else in his life? Is it Ragini?


As soon as those thoughts came in her mind, tears clouded in her eyes. She felt like she is going to lose her precious thing.


Her chain of thoughts broke when she heard Maan’s voice


Maan: It’s really bad to peep in someone’s personal things, don’t you think the same Geet?


Geet turned behind and saw him standing near the gate with a smirk. Geet felt like she did a very big sin, she wouldn’t come here in the first place. It’s not her house, nor did she have the right to roam around the house.


Geet: I’m sorry Maan, wo, wo I just ca,,, came to take the,,, the key,,, and ,,, and then,,, I should leave


Saying so Geet started to leave the balcony but Maan caught her hand


Maan: now when you came here, won’t you tell how it is?


Geet felt tears coming from her eyes, the mere thought of Maan love Ragini and both together as couple make her weak, but she didn’t want to show her weakness in front of Maan. She tried to took off her hand from Maan’s grip


Geet: I need to go maan,,, pinky mus,,, must be,,, waiting


Maan heard her chocked voice and turned her slowly to see the tears brimming her eyes


Maan: hey, geet, kya hua?


Geet:sorry,,, I’m,,, I’m sorry,,, I should,,, should not come here


Maan cupped her face totally unsure of what was running inside Geet’s dumb brain.


Maan: didn’t you like the decoration?


Geet nodded her head negatively


Maan: ohk leave the decoration, didn’t you like the writing on the card?


Now that made Geet furious, she snapped and freed herself from Maan’s grip.


Geet: why are you asking me, go and ask.,,, ask Ragini


Geet said while controlling her whimper for going out in front of Maan


Now that made Maan startled, he did so much for her, and here why she is talking about Ragini


Maan: why will I go to Ragini, that’s bull shits Geet. I mean, if you don’t like my plan, and then fine, say no to me, why are you including ragini in all these?


Maan jerked Geet towards him in anger


Geet: Why are you asking me?


Geet asked in same anger


Maan:aab tumhare liye hai to tumhi se nehi to kisse puchunga mai?


Geet looked at Maan in wide eyes, that answer was something Geet never expected in all these.


Maan: now why are you looking at me like this? I didn’t hire any ghost here, well may be that would be better rather than all those flowers and lights


Geet: say it again?


Maan: say what? Geet do you seriously want ghost instead of flowers?


Geet wacked him


Maan: ouch, now what was that for?


Geet: tell na? For whom you did all these?


Maan knotted his brow and asked


Maan:now don’t tell me you didn’t understand that it’s all for you


Geet hugged Maan tightly  all of a sudden making Maan surprised


Geet: I thought it’s for Ragini, as you said I was peeping in someone else’s personal thing


Maan broke the hug and gave an angry look to Geet


Maan: seriously Geet? It’s too much


Geet touched her ears with her hands and made a puppy face


Geet: sorry


Maan: didn’t you find any suitable girl at least, why on earth you got Ragini to think with me?


Geet: aur koi to thi nehi yaha, without pinky and ragini


MaanI hate you


Geet:hawww, you did all these to say you hate me


Geet wacked him again


Maan: I shouldn’t do all these for you


Geet: thik hai, to jarahi hoon mai


Saying so geet started to go, Maan pulled her towards him and brought her close to himself


Maan: aab jake dikhao


Geet felt herself melting in his soft voice


Geet:Maan leave me, koi ajayega


Maan:its midnight geet, all are busy in good night sleep


Maan brought her more closely while talking with her


Geet: pinky is waiting


Geet said while unknowingly snaking her hands around Maan’s neck


Maan: she has the keys, I told her to send you here


Geet: what? She knew it? She lied with me


geet said making a sad face


Maan: that’s because I wanted to give you a surprise


Maan replied while playing with her curls near her face


It’s so natural for both of them. Both of them didn’t feel like they are new in this path of starting a new relation with each other.


PRECAP: jana maat, picture abhi baki hai… as propose to kia hi nehi maan ne Embarrassed


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5 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 41)

  1. monikaseth

    July 7, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    Awwww geet bhi na amazing maan tooo good

  2. trs1391

    July 7, 2013 at 3:11 pm


  3. nisha

    July 7, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    it’s amazing. wow maan is going to perpose geet. i loved geet’s jealousy. she is so innocent. i really love her. i am waiting for next dear.

  4. ushankitvc

    July 7, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    awesum…loved maneets convo in tons…waiting eagerly fr proposal…continue sooon…


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