Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 42)

19 Aug

Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short Hug

Okey, before starting I wanted to clear some doubt that I noticed among the readers. 


All were asking why Maan proposed her all of a sudden when it’s just few days that they met.

In Part 35, I’ve already mentioned that “Its almost 3 weeks in Mumbai.” That means all in all Geet is in mumbai from last one month, and also they were close in delhi as well, and maan started to feel for her when he was in delhi, and later on his feelings were getting stronger when he left her in delhi and came back in mumbai all alone.


And about Geet? Well , she was the girl who fall in love with the singer Maan just by hearing his voice, and when she saw his true caring and loving nature, off course she vl fall again and again on him, after all our maan is a prince, right?


Hope now everyone’s confusion will be cleared Smile


Part 42


Geet: pinky is waiting


Geet said while unknowingly snaking her hands around Maan’s neck


Maan: she has the keys, I told her to send you here


Geet: what? She knew it? She lied with me


geet said making a sad face


Maan: that’s because I wanted to give you a surprise


Maan replied while playing with her curls near her face


It’s so natural for both of them. Both of them didn’t feel like they are new in this path of starting a new relation with each other.






They were sitting and lost in each other’s arms, when suddenly Geet came out from Maan’s arm. Maan looked at her and saw a small frown appeared in her forehead.


Maan: What happened geet?


Geet: you still didn’t confess your love, you actually love me na?


Geet asked while looking at him with a fear in her eyes. Maan sighed and cupped her face in both his palm.


Maan: geet I really mean what I wrote on that paper, whenever I saw tears on your eyes, I felt the need to protect you and save you, when I left you in Delhi I felt like a left a part of mine over there, I really didn’t planned to cheat on you by telling you lies about my identity, I would reveal to you, but everything changed and you found out everything.


Geet noticed the sadness and guiltiness on his face when he was saying


Maan: the time I saw hatred in your eyes, I thought may be death was good that time and


Geet stopped him in mid-way by placing her hand on his lips.


Geet: sshhh, I was angry Maan, but trust me, I always have full faith on you, that time I was angry that why you didn’t tell me all those days, I just needed some time to calm my anger, and when in the morning I woke up and went for you, you already left. I felt someone stabbed my heart when I saw the news on newspaper that I could not be there to support you when you needed me as a friend


Tears slipped from her eyes thinking about those two days.


Maan pulled her in his embrace and rocked her slowly in order to sooth her


Maan: I do love you my child woman


Geet wiped her nose on his shirt and cuddled more in his embrace while maan embraced her more tightly


Maan: jaan you ok?


Geet: don’t call me jaan?


Maan: why?


Maan asked with a frown


Geet: mujhe gudgudi hota hai


Maan laughed at her comment and thought what to do with this child woman, that’s why he brought balloons and teddy instead of flowers to surprise her


They talked until it’s the time of sun rise, and then both went for their rooms. Maan left with Geet to leave her in her room and then returned for his room to have a good sleep





All went for breakfast at around 11 as all went to sleep in late night. But for Maan and Geet it’s different, as both were wide awake the whole night.


Geet was yawning in every two minutes, and Pinky kept poking her to control in front of all. On the other hand Maan was finding it hard to keep open his eyes and his eyes were totally red due to less sleep.


Natasha: Geet, beta are you alright?


Geet: ji aunty, just feeling sleepy, could not able to sleep whole night


Geet said with a pout


Daadi ma: aree, kyun beta? Did you face any problem here?


Geet: nehi daadi ma, wo kya hai na, wo


Maan felt like banging his head on her stupidity, while Geet made pouting face not to find a cause to explain


Pinky: Daadi ma, wo geet was so much used to with her pillow, you know she even brought her own pillow from Delhi, that’s she couldn’t able to sleep soundly all night, hai na geet?


Geet: haan daadi ma


Geet said grinning while nodding her head to agree with Pinky. Geet looked at Maan and found her giving angry glares to her to which she made a cute puppy face.


Ragini: it’s so childish yaar, if she has so much problem then why to come for somewhere for night stay


Anurag: are, ye kaise baat hua? It’s obviously not childish, it’s her habit, and it’s not only her, but my habit as well, I used to go to my sasural with my pillow


All laughed while hearing this and Ragini thought to change this topic as she without knowing that called Maan’s father as a child


Ragini: accha, what’s todays plan uncle?


Anurag: whatever the birthday girl want to do


Natasha: hum sab beach per chale, I missed those days when we four used to go in beach for outing, but now you are so busy in your works and


Anurag: accha accha, we will go to the beach then, no need to continue more


Daadi ma: topic change karna to koi aap ka pati dev se sikhe beta


Daadi ma told to Natasha, and then all headed to get ready for going out




Will update another part at night 


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3 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 42)

  1. impoojaverma

    August 19, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    superb update
    poor them puri raat jaagne ke baad din me aankhen kholna bhi mushqil ho gya woh bhi sabke saamne
    but they r just newly lovers toh chalta hai

  2. trs1391

    August 19, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    awsem confession of love maan father and geet ki jamegi good update poor maneet didn’t got sleep

  3. ushankitvc

    August 19, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    awesum updt…loved it….loved maans confession to geet…also loved maans papas confession abt the pillow…continue sooon….


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