Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 43)

19 Aug

Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short Hug
Part 43

Days started to went like this. Days turned into another month. Maan and Geet’s love started blossoming more strongly. And here Geet’s training started to come into end, only few days left for her going back to Delhi.


Though Maan was quite sad and upset with her going back, but always tried to act normal and helped her in shopping for her family. But poor Geet started to feel down in every hour, and either Maan or Pinky needed to distract her for breaking down.


Three days left for going back in Delhi


Geet and Pinky went to shopping


Pinky: geet, will you now stop calling him and concentrate here?


Geet: bas 2 minutes pinky, he said he will come here, and help me in for buying something for papa


Pinky: geet, maan must be busy, and he was with you in shopping for the last 2 days as well, maybe he’s stuck in some work


Geet: but he’s not picking up my call


Pinky: you already called him so many times, he will call you back when he will check his phone, now come on, let’s go to that shop


Geet made a pouting face and went with Pinky. All the time Pinky saw her sad face, she was not concentrating on anything, 


When Pinky choose a tops for her, she went to change on that without even noticing its 2 points smaller than her usual size. Then Pinky had to call her in mid-way to change the size and then told her to go and try that in trial room


Pinky’s phone rang and she picked up the phone while looking at trial room to check on Geet


Pinky: Maan you better complete everything in hurry, here madam is either angry or worried


Maan: either and or? Matlab?


Pinky: she is not in sense in short


Maan laughed at her words


Maan: I just called you to ask in which floor you guys are now


Pinky: you are here


Maan: haan baba, that’s why I’m asking na?


Pinky: come in 4th floor, we are in x shop


Maan cut the call and went towards the lift, today everything was turning wrong with him. 


In morning Daadi ma came to wake him up, he still didn’t know how much of their conversation Daadi ma heard, but her suspicious look could say she heard a way too much to understand that daal mai kuch kala hai.





On other hand, in Khurana Mansion:


Daadi ma: daal mai kala kitna? Pura ka pura daal ki kala hai bahu, I’m telling you


Natasha: but my little boy hides things from me?


Natasha sighed with a sad face


Daadi ma: little boy? Didn’t you notice your little boy’s growing age?


Daadi ma rolled her eyes and told in a taunt


Natasha: maa ji my son is still a boy in heart, may be you misunderstood his convo, may be… haan… he was talking with adi, hai na?


Daadi ma: are haan, may be your boy still don’t know the Indian law that gay is not acceptable in india publically


Natasha: kya?


Natasha spilled the juice she was drinking


Daadi ma: haan, otherwise why he will call adi as jaan and babu, hai na? aur I love you bhi? Awww my poor boy, so little by brain


Natasha made a sad face and looked at daadi ma


Natasha: aab kya karu maa ji


Daadi ma: hmmm, let him come today, we will ask him directly, how he dare hide things from us ladies


Natasha: what if he will not tell us


Daadi ma: simple, we will go and tell Anurag


Daadi ma answered shrugging her shoulders


Natasha: nehi nehi maa ji, let’s not do this, you know na your son always ready to find fault on Maan, mai baat karti hoon na Maan se?


Daadi ma smiled at her innocent bahu, after so many years she still has the same innocence what she has when she came to this house as Khurana Bahu


Natasha: maa ji please, don’t tell anything to Anurag


Daadi ma: I will not tell beti, don’t worry, I was just pulling your leg


Natasha: How I wished to see Geet as Khurana Bahu


Daadi ma: me too


Daadi ma said while sitting beside her and both the Khurana ladies sighed in sadness all together. Well they didn’t realize their little boy also has the same choice as them





In mall:


Geet came out from trial room and found Maan along with Adi talking with Pinky. After they met with Adi on Natasha aunty’s birthday party, and after that they became good friends and started to be in a group wherever they go


Geet came and stood near Pinky while glaring at Maan. Adi laughed at Maan while both of them shout at the same time


Geet+Maan: adi


Adi: hehehehe, sorry sorry, hehehehehehehe


Geet: where is your damn phone?


Maan: baby I was driving that time


Geet: you could tell adi to pick up the phone na? i was so tensed that you were not picking up my call


Geet said with a sad face, Maan pulled her by her hand and side hugged her


Maan: sorry jaan, will never do that again, pakka


Pinky: jezzz, sharam karo yaar, you guys are in public


Maan: if you are too shy to look then go and buy your things na?


Pinky: fine, im going, you guyz carry on, bye babu


Pinky and Adi laughed as Geet winched at her taunt


Adi: wait Pinky, im coming with you, me too don’t want to see their public romance, chi chi


Geet: She always does that


Geet complained to Maan pouting with a sad baby face. Maan smiled at her while snacking his one hand around her waist


Maan: hey, they were just kidding babu, don’t take their words seriously


Geet: but i don’t like it, you are only my pucchu na? Then how can Pinky called you by this name when you call me yesterday


Maan felt like eating her pouting lips while she was busy in complaining


Maan: control maan, warna geet is going to hit you if you dare to do something stupid like that


Maan said to himself


Geet: are you listening?


Maan: haan jaan, let’s avoid them and buy something for my hone wala papa


Geet grinned at him calling her papa as his papa, excitedly she just kissed Maan on his cheek and went to another side while telling him to follow her


And here poor Maan stood rotted on that place while trying to realize what actually his Geet did some times ago


Precap: will not give, i want at least 80 likes for next update, or else will not post another part, and yes I’M READY WITH NEXT PART AS WELL 


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5 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 43)

  1. ushankitvc

    August 19, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    awesum…loving this child woman of maan…she is so cute and naive…continue sooon

  2. impoojaverma

    August 19, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    lovely update
    daadi is getting suspicious over maan

  3. amrithanair

    August 19, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Frm now i wil cmnt on wp.its really nice to see maaneet 2getr, enjoyed maaneet cute nick names. Uff.. Geet is so possessive 2wards d name also.waiting for d nxt part

  4. kaurparamjit32

    August 19, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    So sweet their cut little scenes like how she stands by him

  5. trs1391

    August 20, 2013 at 12:58 am

    awsem update geet leaving time coming maneet sad dadi natasha confused


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