Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 44)

23 Aug

Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short 

Ohk one important news for my Sargoshiyan reader, i was thinking about my future scenes for this story and thinking about changing my plan a lil bit, and yes, which MAY include a NOT HAPPY ENDING at all… sowwiieeee gals… as u all know its my 1st story i i pen down and mayy be after that i will not be here in IF as a writer, so i want to make u all remember my story even if it will be in ur chappals n galias… LOL
I’m thinking over it, do share what you want from me as a ending Smile like the way i want, or like the way you all want?
Now enjoy Big smile


Part 44

Maan: control maan, warna geet is going to hit you if you dare to do something stupid like that


Maan said to himself

Geet: are you listening?


Maan: haan jaan, let’s avoid them and buy something for my hone wala papa


Geet grinned at him calling her papa as his papa, excitedly she just kissed Maan on his cheek and went to another side while telling him to follow her


And here poor Maan stood rotted on that place while trying to realize what actually his Geet did some times ago


All came out from the shopping mall, among them Pinky was laughing and Geet was coming with a long pout on her face


Pinky: waise Geet, it’s of no use re, see Maan already left for taking out his car


Geet: I hate him, what’s wrong in only one small tiny miny scope of ice cream?


Pinky: accha? Who was the girl who was coughing the last week and could not able to sleep properly the whole week?


Geet again pouted in response


They look forward, when adi came towards them.


Adi: I will drop Pinky on my way, let’s go


Geet: oyee hello? Am I invisible?


Adi chuckled to see her cranky mood


Adi: for you, your prince charming is coming baby


Pinky: haan, with a horse, ohh I forgot, with a white horse, hai na geet?


Geet: prince charming, my foot? He didn’t give me my dessert, he’s not a prince charming but a ravan, wo bhi kanjus ravan


Maan: accha? Chalo then you go with Adi, im taking Pinky


Geet didn’t reply and stormed towards Maan’s car, opned it and sat while making a hell angry face


Adi:  you sure, she will be fine?


Maan: I guess yes


Pinky: but you sure you will be fine maan? I mean geet mam is going to beat you up


Pinky said with a very serious face while trying hard to control her laugh


Maan: hell yes, now you guyz go , bye


Pinky and Adi bid bye to Maan and sat on Adi’s car




Maan kept looking at her frown face, while she ignored him as if he is some non-visible ghost, and his girlfriend is more interested on the lights on the roads rather than looking and taking with him


Geet noticed Maan changing the route of her hostel but choose not to ask, and decided not to come out from the car until and unless the car would stop in front her hostel


But poor girl’s innocent heart seemed to be melting when maan stopped the car near juhu beach, it’s almost the time of sunset


Maan unlocked his seat belt and told geet


Maan: let’s go jaan, you will love the sun set if we can reach near the south end of the beach timely.

(Well that’s what I uncle suggested us when we visited there, I don’t know how much perfect sunset look from other angle )


Geet didn’t reply and moved her face and looked outside. Maan sighed at her jhoota gussa when he can see her eyes were twinkling in excitement. For Maan, her eyes look the most attracting which are the direct windows of her heart.  


Maan: you really don’t wanna go?


Maan asked again and again awarded with her ignorance. Maan signed and went near her. He made her face him and cupped her face in both his palms


Maan: Jaan you remember the way you were coughing the whole week? And you are still not perfectly fine, so how could I let you eat ice cream?


Geet looked at his face which was clearly showing his concern for her


Ohh, I’m fully in love with this hotty boy – Geet mentally told herself. But controlled her smile and said in a pouting face


Geet: but one scope vl not harm that much


Maan: let’s go or you will miss the sunset


Maan said while avoiding the ice cream topic, which geet could easily understand


Geet: I hate you


Maan: I love you too, now come on, hurry up




Both started to walk down the beach on the white sands with no shoes, hand in hand. The wet sands under the feet made them feel relaxed and after many days, finally geet felt like she is away from the tension of leaving maan here in Mumbai.


Finally both reached their destination and sat down on the beach, Geet sat in between Maan’s legs and slightly left her weight on maan’s chest, while maan hugged her from behind and kept his head in Geet’s shoulder.


Both stayed quiet and enjoyed the scenario. After the sun set many started to leave and only few was left here, where both of them stay like that


Sometimes words are not needed to express the feelings, here same happened on their case. Both had the same feelings of sadness for leaving each other’s and had to be in two different cities.


Maan asked Geet while playing with her fingers


Maan: what are you worrying for?


Geet sighed and cuddled more towards him


Geet: I don’t know


Maan: come on jaan, speak up


Geet: how papa will react about us babu?


Maan: you trust me?


Geet nodded while looking at him side way


Maan: then keep that trust on me, I will manage everything


Geet: but how Maan?


Maan: I will go just after two days when you will leave for delhi, will talk with Arjun bhaia first, and then with your papa


Geet: you know Maan, they will ask for your identity, and moreover, what about your family? will they like me? i always acted childishly in front of them?


Maan: don’t you think they already like you the way you are? then they will love you this was as my life partner as well. and about my identity as Maan Singh Khurana, I think they already know that geet, as because the media and their publicity when I came in front of flash after dad’s attack. But I am sure he will forgive me for my one mistake


Geet: but maan you know papa don’t like music n singers and we are not even allowed


Maan: sshhh, the person for whom music was the passion years ago, he can never hate music geet, at least I can know that deep inside that love for music is still alive in your papa’s heart, now stop all these, and let’s talk enjoy our time


Maan said while hugged her tightly from back. Geet looked around checking if anyone noticing them or not, and then blushed in crimson red


They started to talk about many things, in one topic where geet said that she started to love romantic novels, maan whispered near Geet’s ear hoarsely


Maan: I wanted give you something jaan, will you allow me?


Geet could feel his breath on her earlobe, she didn’t reply in shyness and just nodded her head in acceptance


PRECAP: what’s the gift, socho socho


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3 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 44)

  1. impoojaverma

    August 24, 2013 at 8:29 am

    superb update
    awww geet is angry on maan for not letting her to eat ice-cream but poor guy is worrying about her health

  2. ushankitvc

    August 24, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    awesum…loved geet cribbing fr icecream and maan not allowing hr to hav it…..continue sooon

  3. Mishu

    August 29, 2013 at 9:10 am

    wohhooo beautiful.. now surprise would be cute kiss…maaneet first lovely kiss.


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