Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 45)

03 Sep

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Part 45

They started to talk about many things, in one topic where geet said that she started to love romantic novels, maan whispered near Geet’s ear hoarsely


Maan: I wanted give you something jaan, will you allow me?


Geet could feel his breath on her earlobe, she didn’t reply in shyness and just nodded her head in acceptance


Maan smiled to see this avatar, now days the bold Geet Handa who used to say loudly that she will marry the Maan Singh Khurana, is even shy to talk while looking directly at him, when she is actually his girlfriend now


Maan: I’m waiting Geet


Geet: waise what are you going to give me


Maan: you need to leave your shyness behind and look at me, only then im going to give you that


Geet: ye kaise baat hui


Geet asked while turning towards him while making a confused face, she looked at him and saw his darken eyes looking at her lips. Geet smiled shyly and started chewing her lower lips absent mindedly.


Maan: geet don’t do it, or you will regret


Geet did the same thing more seductively while smiling naughtily


Maan put his hands inside her tops and caressed her waist lightly while gluing her soft chest with his hard one completely


Maannn..nn, Geet moaned feeling his body this much closely


Maan cupped her face with his one hand and slowly stroked her right cheek with his thumb, while other hand was still inside her tops softly creasing. 


Geet entwined her hands around Maan’s neck. Maan bumped his nose with her nose instead of kissing her and saw a frown occurred in her face


He smiled and slowly touched the corner of her lips with his. Both were totally naive on this matter. Geet felt small kiss in one side of her lips, then again on another side of her lips, and then maan kissed her more deeply on the middle of her lips.


Then Geet felt some butterfly dancing inside her tummy when maan’s tongue touched her lips softly, she moaned and came closer while tightening her holds on around Maan’s neck. 



Whereas Maan’s feelings were not less, just by the slightest touch of her soft pink lips creating havoc inside him and he felt himself getting hard


He bites softly which made geet to open her lips, and then both of their tongue came in contact with each other. Neither of them knew who did what first but both of their tongues played on their own way. Maan angled her face and deepened the kiss.


Her nails dug in his neck makin him groan and he hungrily suck her lips n tongue. she moaned and pull him by his hair pressing herself more to him. He caresses her lips with his tongue and last time with his lips before pulling away. Geet felt Maan pressing a soft peck on her forehead and shyly hugged him tightly




Maan stopped the car near Geet’s hostel gate


Geet: I’m late today, I just hope that hyper angry lady will not noticed me missing


Maan: relax geet, pinky will manage


Geet: haan, so that she can happily taunt me all night long


Maan chuckled at her mimic and pulled her closer to himself


Maan: now give me one proper good night


Maan asked huskily


Geet: babu control now, we are in public


Maan: accha to beach was private place


Maan asked in a naughty voice to which Geet nodded her head grinning sheepishly


Maan kissed on her forehead and wished her good night. She unlocked the door to go out when all of a sudden turned and placed one gentle peck on Maan’s lips


Geet: Good night pucchu


She wished and ran away hurriedly making Maan numb. After like 5 minutes, Maan understand what his little woman actually did. Maan grinned like a fool at his Jaan’s naughtiness




Maan entered his house like a thief concentrated not to make any noise. He sighed in relief after reaching near the stairs and put his foots on the 1st stair when the hall room’s light went on. He turned and found Natasha with an angry no no in a very angry avatar


Maan: geet ki babaji, today you are the only one to save me


Maan mimicked while started to walk near his mother


Maan: mom you didn’t sleep?


Natasha: did you check the time Maan? And is it a right time of a good boy to return home?


Maan knotted his brow and said to himself,


Maan: seems like it’s my dad, not my soft mom, jarur dad ka bhoot ghuss gaya mom pe


Natasha: shut up maan, and stop thinking against your dad for once. It’s not like he shout on you for his own benefit


Maan: mom I just went with Adi and


Natasha: no Maan enough of you’re lying, and yes I had a talk with Mrs. Kashyap and she informed Aditya was in home, not will you care to explain Mr. Maan Singh Khurana


Precap: Fass Gaya Maan Babu


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2 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 45)

  1. ushankitvc

    September 3, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    ooops…what willl maan reply now????continue sooon

  2. impoojaverma

    September 4, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    awesome update
    n maaneet first kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oppss MSk is now in danger as his mom is highly angry on him


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