Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 46)

20 Sep
Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short 
Part 46

Maan knotted his brow and said to himself,


Maan: seems like it’s my dad, not my soft mom, jarur dad ka bhoot ghuss gaya mom pe


Natasha: shut up maan, and stop thinking against your dad for once. It’s not like he shout on you for his own benefit


Maan: mom I just went with Adi and


Natasha: no Maan enough of you’re lying, and yes I had a talk with Mrs. Kashyap and she informed Aditya was in home, now will you care to explain Mr. Maan Singh Khurana


Maan made a puppy face and sit near his mom


Natasha: Maan I will not force you, but I had a belief on my own son, that at least he will come to me to share his secrets, is it a bigger want for a mother?


Maan: mom it’s not like that, I just needed some time to make sure that we both love each other, and promise mom, I planned to talk with you and Daadi ma tomorrow morning


Natasha: not another lie Maan


Maan: I’m not lying mom, seriously, trust me please. I don’t want to hurt you, but, I’m sorry


Natasha: you are telling the truth na?


Maan: yes mom, sacchi


All of a sudden his mother shouted in excitement that made Maan jump min horror, as he thought his mother is going to shout on him, just like his Hitler father


Natasha: see Maa ji, I told you na? My son can never hide anything from me


Daadi ma came out from the shadow and almost laughed to see her daughter in law’s face shinning with so much happiness


Maan: daadi ma, to ye aap ki plan thi? That’s not right


Daadi ma: accha? And what you did? Was that right? We thought we are in same team


Maan went and side hugged his daadi ma,


Maan: off course we are in team, but I wanted to show her with you both directly


Natasha: now tell us, who’s she?


Daadi ma: not here, you both come with me, I want to know everything, and u know? i want to know in details


Daadi ma said and winked at Maan, while Maan made a face


Maan: but I do have some secrets that I will not share with you both


Daadi ma: oh really? I just hope you didn’t marry that girl without our approval


Daadi said in a mock voice


Maan: stop it now, or else I will not tell anything at all


Daadi ma: ohh you can’t run away from me now


Saying so Daadi ma brought him in her room almost in force, while Natasha laughed to see their drama and followed them.


Trio sat in daadi ma’s bed, and both started asking so many questions


Maan: I met her and yes i don’t know her from too long time, it’s like love at first sight, you used to tell na mom? Time don’t matter that how much you know a person, if that person in meant to be, in day 1 you will understand that the person is only for you


Daadi ma: do we know her?


Maan: yes yes, you guyz know her, and you both will definitely like her as your adarsh bahu


Natasha: don’t tell me that you love Pinky


Natasha said with a sad face.


Maan: mom, from where Pinky came in between


Natasha: you only said that you know her from a small period of times


Maan: haan but


Daadi ma: though I will not be that much happy, but if you like the girl, we will support you, but do tell her that she has to go to the gym before the marriage, or else she won’t be fit in my wedding sari


Natasha: haan, me too wear that sari, it’s our ritual, hai na maa ji?


Maan: what is wrong with you both, it’s not Pinky , now can you stop planning my wedding with my friend Pinky?


Natasha: then?


Daadi ma: is it?


Maan nodded with a shy smile, he suddenly realized his cheeks are getting hot in embarrassment in front of his two crazy loves


“Yessss” – Both of the ladies jumped in excitement and hugged him in between of them


Natasha: I’m so happy beta


Daadi ma: when we are going in Delhi and talk with her family?


Daadi ma: areee, first we need to talk with Geet na? whether she too has the same feelings for Maan or not


Saying so Daadi ma winked at Natasha ma, making sure Maan didn’t notice her act


Natasha: haan, wo bhi sahi hai, we need to know whether Geet likes someone else or not


That made Maan angry


Maan: no need to think like that, she only loves me, I asked her already


Maan spilled in in anger and looked at them to see their mischievous smile


Daadi ma: so how my pota proposed her would be bride?


Maan: that, you need to find out, now I’m going to sleep, I’m tired


Maan kissed both of his ladies with a good night wish


Daadi ma: but it’s not right? You are again hiding from this old lady


Maan smirked at her and said in a super cute voice


Maan: try hard Daadi ma, it’s your old version, you need to upgrade your blackmail therapy


Saying so Maan blew a flying kiss and left for his room


Natasha: chalo I’m happy that he chooses a perfect life partner for himself


Daadi ma: yes, just like you


Both smiled and hugged each other






Anukalp came downstairs and saw trio whispering something with one another, when they noticed him, trio grin like thieves and concentrated on the foods in front of them


Anukalp: may I know what new work your boy did that you all are trying to hide?


Anukalp asked his wife


Natasha: is it necessary to poke my son every single day? stop throwing blames on my son and eat


Anukalp: accha? Maan what were you talking?


Daadi ma: son I will talk with you about that, now you complete your breakfast and go to office


Anukalp: that means something very urgent is cooking on my son’s brain, mai bhi to sunu?


Maan: dad can we talk now/ if you have time


Maan asked his dad, making the others shocked. Previously its Daadi ma and his mom, who used to save him and post all his demand in front of his dad, now from when  Maan became so sincere?



Maan: at least let me explain please, i really didn’t


before maan could complete his sentence, a loud sound echoed the room and all saw widely at Maan’s face, where a red hand mark was visible within 5 seconds of the slap


Aab konsi naya musibaat mai fasa Maan babu? 


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2 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 46)

  1. kaurparamjit32

    September 20, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    so sad i hope its an accident him getting slaped don’t want him parted from geet

  2. Mishu

    September 23, 2013 at 8:07 am

    waoww amazing.. finally his secret out but why he behave like its Love at one side.. anyways its beautiful update. take cares


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