Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 47)

23 Sep

Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short 
Part 47


Anukalp: accha? Maan what were you talking?


Daadi ma: son I will talk with you about that, now you complete your breakfast and go to office


Anukalp: that means something very urgent is cooking on my son’s brain, mai bhi to sunu?


Maan: dad can we talk now? if you have time


Maan asked his dad, making the others shocked. Previously its Daadi ma and his mom, who used to save him and post all his demand in front of his dad, now from when  Maan became so sincere?


Anukalp frowned to see his son talking to sincerely with him,


Anukalp: I do have time for my family, but let’s hope you didn’t do anything wrong


Maan: no dad, it’s something else, ermmm something serious, really


Just then Anukalp’s the phone rang and his secretary reminded him about his meeting


Anukalp: yes I’m coming, just complete all the printing, so that everything will be on place when I will enter for the meeting


After cutting the call, Anukalp looked at Maan


Anukalp: come to my study


Maan: its ok dad, you go, we can talk at night


Anukalp: no problem lets go and talk in study


Maan: no dad, it will take much time and you will get late, we will talk at night


Anukalp: you sure? Everything ok na son?


Maan: yes dad, it’s just I want to share something important with you, but its not that urgent and can wait till night


Anukalp: ok, we will talk at night, bye now


Saying so Anukalp started to go towards the exits, while Maan’s mom following him to bid good bye. Near the door Anukalp stopped and turned towards Maan


Anukalp: if its anything urgent, give me a call, I will come home, or you can come to the office anytime, ok?


Maan: yes dad


Maan smiled at his dad. No matter how much he tried to wear the angry man mask, somewhere deep within he has a very soft corner just for his family with a determination to safe his family from all bad deeds. May be that’s why daadi ma never get afraid of his anger. Or mom always talk calmly in between their dad and son fight, cause somewhere all know that his dad is worried for his bright career, nothing else.


His chain of thoughts broke when Daadi ma poked him on his shoulder


Maan: you want something daadi?


Daadi ma: when are you going to meet her with us?


Maan: meet whom?


Daadi ma: with Geet you fool


Maan: now what type of question is this daadi ma? you are asking like you don’t know who she is and how she looks like. You all already know her, right?


Natasha: yes but officially as Khurana Bahu you need to bring her, right? Or you don’t want our blessings?


Natasha asked from behind,


Daadi ma: waise tomorrow she is going back in delhi na?


Maan: yes daadi


Maan replied making a sad face


Natasha: arree, then when are you planning to bring her here? accha wait, bring her today


Maan: today? But she wants to go for the shopping again


Natasha: haan, then go for shopping now, and let’s have the dinner together, you know family dinner?


Maan: but dad


Daadi ma: first let him join the dinner, then you mom will talk with him seperately, I’m sure he likes geet


Daadi ma said while patting his cheek making maan grin from ear to ear




In hostel waiting room:


Maan was waiting for Geet from checking his watch in every 5 minutes. Finally after half hour he saw Geet running towards him in his normal t shirt and jeans


Maan: oh god, I told her to be ready in something formal and here madam is in jeans, what will I do with her?


When Geet came a little near him, Maan asked her,


Maan: what took you so much time geet? And why are you not ready yet?


But geet didn’t stop. She came running towards him and hugged him tightly.


Maan: wow, what a good welcome by my love


Maan joked but stopped in mid when he heard Geet sniffing


Maan: Geet, what happened? Geet, is everything ok?


Maan tried to come out of the hug but Geet just tightened her arms around him, and cried more hiding her face in his neck


Maan hugged her back when he guessed she is not going to stop so soon. He cocooned her in his arms and started to tell soothing words to make her calm. After some time Geet broke the hug , while Maan became more worried to see her red eyes.


Maan: geet, what


Geet: papa’s here


Maan: what? Where?


Geet: in my room Maan. He came to surprise me, and he’s taking me to Delhi, tonight


Maan: but you were supposed to go tomorrow


Geet: Maan, tomorrow bro’s office boss coming with his son


Maan felt like someone stabbed him with a sharp knife.


Maan: but when all these took part? You never said me that


Geet: I didn’t know, I never knew why they were telling me to come as soon as possible, I thought they were missing me


Geet cried more while telling that


Maan: but


Maan couldn’t complete his words, when someone places one hand on his shoulder and turned him in a jerk, making both of them startled


What are you doing here? Why are you here with my daughter?


Geet: papa main


But Mohindar stopped her in middle


Mohindar: You said you need to return notes to your friends? Where are the notes Geet? And is this your friend?


Geet: Papa, papa maan


Mohindar: I know he’s Maan, I do know him. ? He was in my house, did you forgot?


Maan: Uncle I


Mohindar: yes, I know you, no need to introduce yourself. I know you are not Maan Sharma at all. But you are the famous singer MSK, am I right Sir?


Geet: papa, he was going to tell


Mohindar: geet go and pack your bags


But geet kept looking at his father’s angry face. Never in her life, she saw her papa in this much anger


Mohindar: didn’t you hear what I said? Go right now. I will not repeat my words again


Maan: at least let me explain please. I really didn’t


Before Maan could complete his sentence, a loud sound echoed the room and Geet saw widely at Maan’s face, where a red hand mark was visible just within 5 seconds of the slap




Chalo chalo, ye part khatam, aur mood nehi hai aaj likhne ka


Next part after 8 pages with at least 80 likes. Sam too wants to complete the rona dhona parts soon 



Maan’s family vs Geet’s Family

Anukalp and Mohindar = Angry

Daadi ma and Arjun= in explanation

Natasha and Ria= helpless

Maan and Geet = well you need to fulfill the quota to know


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2 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 47)

  1. Simran kaur

    September 23, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Ahhhhhh…… kaha pe end ki bechare maaneet phas gayeee uffff angry fathers waiting for nxt yrrrr

  2. ushankitvc

    September 25, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    OMG!!!!maans family agreed but mohinder?????what will happen now???continue sooon


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