Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 48)

11 Oct


Thnx a lot Shruthe Diii for this awesome blossom banner… its just what i always tried to portray my story in short 

Part 48

Geet: papa, he was going to tell


Mohindar: geet go and pack your bags


But geet kept looking at his father’s angry face. Never in her life, she saw her papa in this much anger


Mohindar: didn’t you hear what I said? Go right now. I will not repeat my words again


Maan: at least let me explain please. I really didn’t


Before Maan could complete his sentence, a loud sound echoed the room and Geet saw widely at Maan’s face, where a red hand mark was visible just within 5 seconds of the slap


Geet: papa aap


Mohindar: I gave you place to live in my own house, treat you like a family member, so that you can betray with my family? You have a hobby to do investigation like those news reporter? Or you want to show the world that I actually left your dark world? What you wanted to prove in front of the media Mr. Maan Singh Khurana? That you are a famous singer and want to make fun of mine in front of the world?


Geet was crying to face all that, each of her father’s words were like throwing needles on her heart. One side she understood her father’s pain for Maan’s lie. But on other side, He was misunderstanding Maan and hurting Maan with his words as well


Maan saw Geet whimpering and looking helplessly from her father to his face. Though Mohindar’s words were harsh on him, still he tried again to handle the situation and make him understand the truth


Maan: uncle, please just give me one chance to explain. After that I will do whatever you want me to do, please uncle


Mohindar: you, stay away from me and my family, and next time if I ever see you anywhere near my family, trust me, I will not waste a second to file a case against you


Saying so Mohindar grabbed Geet’s elbow and took her inside her hall, geet kept telling her father to lister to Maan for once and continue crying






Khurana Mansion:


Anukalp was looking at her mother to her son’s mother, as if both of them had horns on their heads.


Anukalp: how can it possible, Maan and that too choosing a girl like Geet, isn’t it weird?


Natasha: Aap kehna kya chahti hai? Geet is a good girl Anu, so stop talking about Geet like that


Anukalp: who’s is telling against Geet? I’m telling about your foolish boy, from when some brains started to grow inside his head


Daadi ma: Anukalp Singh Khurana, you better learn how to talk about your son now? After some days Geet’s family will be talking with us, and I want you to think before talking anything that can ruin Maan’s image in front of Geet’s family


Anukalp: maa, he is already in an image of a driver


Saying so Anukalp started to laugh, where both the ladies try hard to put a straight face, but failed miserably


Anukalp: but one thing is important here. As Geet’s completing her graduation, we need to talk with her family, before they choose someone else for Geet


Daadi ma: that’s why we need to think something very soon, let Maan come, you talk with him, and then we will decide when to meet with Geet’s family


Natasha: but I heard that Geet’s father stopped singing and had a bad impression about this music world. I just wish he will not reject our son


Anukalp: don’t worry. If Handa ji will close music door, then I will shake hand with him and open Khurana Construction door for Maan


Anukalp joked while making a mischievous face


Natasha: aap na aap na plan khud ki pass rakhiye, you just need a chance to go against Maan, always after my son


Anukalp: areee, I was joking jaan


Daadi ma: chaliye ye saab choriye, let’s make some plan that what to give as shagun of the marriage from our side. When Geet n Maan will come, they will add if they want something more


Natasha: aap log plan karo, im going to bake the cake


Anukalp: cake? Who’s birthday cake?


Natasha: actually Maan was telling that geet love to eat dark chocolate cake, so thought about baking one


Both of them continue their discussion, while Natasha went to the kitchen with a happy face






It’s raining outside, the sky turned like a dark black sheet. He was sitting outside the hostel gate from last 3 hours.


Everything was flashing in front of his eyes. How he went to Handa House, geet’s all those mischivious pranks, his and Geet’s developing relations, a friendly relation with Geet’s family, his father’s accident, his coming back here, Geet and his close moments, his mom and daadi ma’s hopeful faces.


Everything was going good. He planned to go to Delhi just after Geet would leave for her home. He would ask for forgiveness to Geet’s family. He would manage his dad as well to go with him. But one lie, his one lie


Geet’s crying face coming in front of his eyes. Her father took her away from him, in front of his eyes. But he couldn’t stop him.


How Mohindar told him that he would not let Maan to destroy Geet’s life. Mohindar blamed him that he is playing with his daughter just to destroy her life. So that he can have some fun and tell that once famous singer’s daughter is in a relation with another singer.


He couldn’t do anything. He stood there, near the gate. And saw mohindar taking Geet. Geet’s continuous pleading to his father, Geet’s tears, Geet’s pain.


(Maan’s monologue)


Yes I am in fault, my one lie made everything worst, made my Geet cry, made Mohindar uncle angry. But im not playing with anyone, how I can make them realize that I truly love Geet. More than my own life.


How can I destroy that person’s life, when that person is already my life? Did I make this much huge mistake that I will lost my life (geet) as a punishment


(End of Monologue)



His chain of thoughts broke when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. Looking up he found Adi looking at him painfully.


When Pinky called Adi, he was busy in family Puja. But he had to leave it behind when he heard everything and understood that his friend needed him the most at this time.


The moment he found Maan sitting near the gate in this heavy rain, he realized the situation turned worse than he thought. Hurriedly he ran with an umbrella towards Maan


Adi: maan


Maan: He took her Adi


Adi: maan it’s raining, let’s go home first, then we will talk about it


Maan: I promised her adi, I promised her that I will make everything fine for her. But my one mistake pained her this much. I lost her for my own mistake adi


Adi hugged Maan tightly, where his friend kept chanting the same lines again and again


He took her


I lost her



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


So how was the update, i wrote this part, lost time ago, but couldn’t post, as i was not satisfied with this part, so wrote again. the teaser will come on next part, hopefully will post on 17th 


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2 responses to “Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 48)

  1. kaurparamjit32

    October 11, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    good but sad geets father o blind in anger to see his daughters pain hope he realises soon hurting maan only hurts geet more love it

  2. Kathrina Pheonix( Dumas )

    October 17, 2013 at 2:46 am

    that was so sad poor geet and maan separated her dad did not give him a chance to explain


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