Sargoshiyan – Whisper of Love (Part 49)

11 Dec



Part 49


His chain of thoughts broke when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. Looking up he found Adi looking at him painfully.


When Pinky called Adi, he was busy in family Puja. But he had to leave it behind when he heard everything and understood that his friend needed him the most at this time.


The moment he found Maan sitting near the gate in this heavy rain, he realized the situation turned worse than he thought. Hurriedly he ran with an umbrella towards Maan


Adi: maan


Maan: He took her Adi


Adi: maan it’s raining, let’s go home first, then we will talk about it


Maan: I promised her adi, I promised her that I will make everything fine for her. But my one mistake pained her this much. I lost her for my own mistake adi


Adi hugged Maan tightly, where his friend kept chanting the same lines again and again


He took her


I lost her






Adi kept stealing glances at Maan while driving Maan’s car, who was sitting in the passenger seat quietly.


When he understood that Maan need some time to understand or react on any words, he called his driver to come and take his car back home.


Adi was driving Maan’s car to make sure that Maan reached safe in his home. He didn’t know what to do now or whom to blame now.


That lie’s intension was not bad, nor his friend wanted to harm anyone here. But the ultimate result is by ending up hurting the two people who were close to him


In all those, now one person’s name came in his mind, who can only help them to come out from this situation. And it’s none other than Maan’s father.


I have to control the situation now. I need to explain everything to Maan’s family while making sure that uncle won’t burst on Maan. If it’s necessary to tell that it was my plan to go Delhi and enter Mohindar uncle’s house, then will tell that as well. I am ready to take all blame on my shoulder, but I have to help both of them now


Adi thought to himself and pressed the horn in front of Khurana Mansion’s gate.






Natasha’s smile was not wiping from her face, an image of her son with the sweetest girl Geet keep flashing in front of her eyes, making her smile wider and wider.


Her chain of thoughts broke with the horn of the car. Finally her son felt like coming back home with her soon to be daughter in law. Checking the cake for the last time she took the thali.


While lightened the dia to take the aarti for the two, when she heard a loud shriek of her mother in law, followed by her husband’s shouting voice.


She ran quickly with the aarti thali in her hand and came out of the kitchen, but she stopped in middle to see the person in front of her eyes. And there her aarti also fall down from her eyes to see the scenario in front of her eyes.


Natasha: Maan


She almost chocked in pain to see her son standing there with the help of Adi, and her husband running towards them for helping Adi


Daadi ma: Anukalp ,samhaal k beta. Gir jayegi warna


Natasha: adi, kya hua usse? Is he hurt? Maa ji dekhiye na, kahi chot to nehi lagi usse


As soon as Anukalp put his arm around Maan’s shoulder, Maan turned towards him and hugged him tightly, making all startled. Anukalp hugged him back and asked in an assured voice


Anukalp: maan? What happened son?


Maan: He took her


He heard Maan whispering something continuously while hugging him more tightly. He focused on the words but didn’t understand anything at all.


Anukalp: Who took whom?


Daai ma: im not understanding anything. Anukalp, bring him in this couch. And Adi you tell me what happened to Maan? And then where is Geet? I do not understand anything


Both Anukalp and Adi made Maan sit in the couch, after that Adi told what Maan was telling


Adi: Mohindar uncle came and took Geet with him in Delhi. Before that he saw Maan and Geet together. And without listening to him, geet’s father slapped Maan


Natasha pressed a hand near her mouth to subside her shriek whereas all other’s eyes went to the deep red mark on Maan’s cheek


Natasha: aise kaise? I mean he should at least listen to my son? It was all misunderstanding and then


Anukalp: take him to his room Natasha


Natasha: Anukalp aap zara Geet ki papa se


Anukalp: I said to take him to his room. I will talk with him later. He need some time


Then he looked at Maan who was sitting in the couch beside him


Anukalp: Maan you go and freshen up. It’s not a way to react on bad time. Go and take some rest. Natasha you too go with him


Natasha followed Maan silently who was walking towards his room when Anukalp again said to Natasha


Anukalp: don’t leave him alone for some time, be with him


Natasha: ji






In Delhi:


Ria and Arjun was standing near the door for Geet, after 3 months their Geet was coming back to her own house. Both of them planned so many surprises for her.


As the car stopped near the door, Geet rushed outside of the car and ran inside making both of them shocked


Ria: Geet, geet, hua kya hai? Sun to sahi, geet


Arjun looked at his father’s angry face who just entered into the house


Arjun: papa what happened to Geet? Why she was crying?


Mohindar: no need to worry about her.


Ria: but papa, she was crying. She never cried after


Mohindar: Arjun call your boss and confirm tomorrow’s plan, so that Ria can make all the arrangements perfectly


Arjun: I will. But first let me talk with Geet that hse is ready for this proposal or not


Mohindar: she is no one to decide. I know what is good for her and I will do that only


Arjun: I will not let you take any decision without my sister’s approval. May be you forget that she is the one who’s going to marry on that house. So let her decide where her happiness lies


Saying thatArjun left for checking on Geet. Somewhere geet’s face showed that she was not happy with this and he will not move forward if her sister was sad on it






Khurana Mansion:


Anukalp was furious after hearing everything. First for his son’s stupid plan to go in Handa house.Then for coming back in Mumbai in a hurry without explaining everything to Geet’s family. And mostly on Geet’s father for not giving him the chance to explain and slap his son


Though Adi tried his best to save his friend and take all the blames on his shoulder. But Maan’s father knew his son too well. And then one angry glance at Adi, he end up telling everything word to word


Anukalp: who the hell he thinks about himself? He is not a God to judge my son just my reading his face. And how dare he slap my son?


Daadi ma: calm down beta. It’s not his fault as well


Anukalp: maa how can you say that? That person doesn’t have the right to touch my son. He doesn’t have any slightest idea what I can do to him for raising his hand on my son


Daadi ma: that person does have the right to do anything to protect her daughter from any evil eyes Anukalp. As a father of a girl he did that, and you cannot blame him


Anukalp: but maa. He should have given a chance to Maan to explain. And your pota, he should have explain all this long back before coming back to Mumbai


Daadi ma: first calm down your anger son and think carefully. He had a bad past about music and after his wife’s death he left music, we all know that. Maan stayed with them and after his departure all of them came to know that Maan himself in a singer. So what will they think about him? Something like he’s a good person? And then all of a sudden after 3 months he saw his own daughter with the same person, how would he react rather than the way he acted? Geet is his daughter Anukalp. And what he did was to protect her daughter with a thought that Maan can harm his daughter emotionally. And he thought all this just for the image Maan imprinted on his mind


Anukalp: Maan should have tell them the truth before leaving, may be then it would not happen


Daadi ma: but Maan is also not in fault son. The news of your shot, then you’re staying in critical position and here Natasha’s situation. Maan had to come in hurry to tackle here. And you should be proud of how he handled the situation that time. But yes one thing Maan did very bad, when you came back home from hospital, he could go and talk with Geet’s family to say sorry for his lie


Adi felt like hugging Daadi tight. Right now only he could handle Anukalp uncle’s anger and make him understand


Adi: now what to do Daadi ma


Daadi ma: now? Now the elders need to talk beta. Cause it’s now went very far. Anukalp you make arrangements to go to Delhi. And adi, can you go with us?


Adi: sure Daadi ma, then I’m going now. Will come tomorrow


Daadi ma: ok beta, and thanks a lot for bringing Maan safely here


Adi: you forget that he is my best friend Daadi no needs to thank me. I am leaving now. Bye


Daadi ma: good bye beta


After Adi left, Daadi ma looked as her son, who was thinking something deeply.


Daadi ma: yes you should talk with him beta. I think Maan is frightened to lose Geet, and thinking himself responsible for all these. You should talk with him and make him understand we are here to support him, and he has to be strong enough to win Geet’s father’s trust


Anukalp: thanks maa, I was thinking the same that it’s high time that I should talk with Maan.




Handa house, Geet’s room:


Geet was lying on Ria’s lap and tears were nowhere to stop.


Arjun: you should at least talk with Ria and tell about Maan


Geet: he’s not bad bro


Arjun: I don’t care whether he’s good or bad. But his act was wrong Geet.


Ria: Papa was more angry as you hide from us Geetu. Arjun, can’t you talk with him.


Arjun: I have to talk with him. But things are different here as because Maan is a singer.


Ria: and what about your boss. They are coming tomorrow na?


Geet: I will not meet with them bhabhi, please don’t do this


Geet whimpered loudly while saying so. Ria looked at Arjun worriedly while Arjun started to think what to do next



Father and Son discussion: Mohindar and Arjun , Anukalp and Maan


I went through some comments tht many blming Mohindar for raising hand on Maan. but according to me he was also ryt on his place. I just tried to reflect my thought & describe it by Daadi ma n anukalp’s convo. Hope you guys like this 

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