Toote Huwe Khwaab – Part 2

11 Dec

Toote Huwe Khwaab

Part 2

After freshening up from the shower, his hand went into his drawer and collected a picture, one most likely from his college days.

Sweetheart, I miss you but don’t worry. Your maan is coming to you soon




Maan went downstairs and saw all the people waiting for him in the table.


Come beta, we are just waiting for you only“, daadi ma said


aah after so many days we all are going to eat all together, I truly missed those days“, aniee said while pouting


Maan smiled at her little sister. He missed his family, his friends and everyone


Sitting back on London and eating his every time meals in hurry, never gave him any pleasure rather than just filling his hungry stomach for working more hard. 


All started eating while enjoying their togetherness the most possible ways.


Daadi ma – waise Maan, what are you planning about the London branch? I mean you are going to take care of the Indian branch of KC, right?


Maan ‘ for now, I will take care of the both. I mean will be here and handling the London branch from here only, until dev complete his graduation. After that, if he wants to settle here then he will take Indian branch, or else the London one. It’s up to his decision.


Daadi ma ‘ but how will you manage everything all alone? Don’t you think we also need some of your time beta? You are not going to stay here all alone, remember you have some family?


Maan ‘ relax daadi ma, no need to get hyper. I will go to London only when its needed, and all the works will handle Arjun, he’s a good boy whom I can trust actually. Fresh graduate hai so will think about honesty rather than thinking about being a fraud and ran away with money


Dev ‘ ye kaun hai?


Maan ‘ I found him back there in London. Really a good boy graduated from my university actually. It took only 1 years to make him understand every works perfectly. 


Maan continued while munching the pasta


Maan – And he’s preety good in doing hardwork. We can let him handle there until you complete you studies.


Aniee ‘ can we stop the business talks now? Please?


Maan ‘ ohk ohk, no business talks right now.


After sometime maan asked everyone while mixing curry with rice.


Maan – Waise where is geet? Use pata bhi hai ki I’m coming?


Getting no response from anyone, Maan looked up and found all in tense


Maan ‘ Daadi ma, where’s geet? Didn’t you tell her that I’m coming back?


Daadi ma ‘ we don’t know about her whereabouts


Maan ‘ matlab? what’s it mean? 


Getting no response, Maan again asked


Maan – daadi ma why are saying like that?


Daadi ma ‘ beta it’s better for you not to think about the girl like her, don’t know how she spoilt that much after being the child of Mohindar


Aniee ‘ but daadi ma, its not only her fault. She is innocent and easily


Daadi ma ‘ aniee don’t talk about something what you don’t know at all. And don’t forget that you are to younger to talk about all these issues


Maan- wait a minute, can I know what is actually happening, and what she did?


Daadi ma ‘ maan complete your dinner, then take some rest, you are tired


Maan tried to ask daadi ma again but she started talking to dev about something. So maan decided to talk about it later. 


Maan – What on earth happened that daadi ma is so much angry on geet.


Maan though to himself.


He looked at aniee and found her sad and playing with her foods. 


So he said aniee to cheer up her mood


Maan ‘ aniee hurry up and finish your food, then come to my room, I have something for you


Saying so maan stood up


Daadi ma: beta khana to khatam ki jiye


Maan: I’m done daadi, good night




Maan was taking out his dresses and other belongings from suitcases and keeping them on his wardrobe, when aniee peeped inside of his room


Aniee ‘ may I come in bhai?


Maan ‘ haan ajaa na,


Aniee came inside and took the milk glass on the side table near the bed.


Aniee ‘ daadi ma told you to have the milk before going to sleep


Maan ‘ daadi ma will never change, she knows that I hate the milk’s smell, still she will make me drink it


Aniee ‘ you want to mix chocolate Horlicks in it?


Maan knotted his brows


Maan ‘ you still put 4 spoons of horlicksin one glass milk?

(Sam laughing her heart out as its my fanda to drink milks ROFL)


Aniee shrugged her shoulders


Aniee ‘ what can I do when I hate the milk’s scent? And you know daadi ma, she will not let me sleep until I finish the milk


Maan laughed at her.


Maan ‘ you will never change na?


Aniee ‘ why will I, after 5 whole years you still hate to drink the milk, then why cant I add Horlicks on my milk?


Maan ‘ ohk ohk, now no need to start the fight all over again, eat as much Horlicks as you want to


Aniee ‘ bhai, im waiting for my gifts, aaj dena bhi hai ya nehi


Maan ‘ oh haan, ek kam kar, go and open that suitcase.


Aniee went and open, the whole briefcase was filled with wrapping gifts. He wrote names on every gift.


Aniee ‘ itni saari gifts? Bhai you brought the whole mall kya?


Maan ‘ hah hah, nehi, I missed you guys birthday and all, so thought to gave gifts for those 5 years


Aniee- but you always send me gifts na?


Maan ‘ but I was not there to see all yours smile and happiness while opening those gifts na?


Aniee- bhai aap bhi na


Aniee took out all her gifts. Total 7 different packs only for her


Aniee looked at her bhai and gave him her dazzling grin, then sat down on the bed and started to open all her gifts one after another


Aniee ‘ wow bhai, I was cribbing to daadi ma for buying this one


Aniee almost shouted in excitement to see the latest Samsung S4 that too all her


Maan chuckled to see his small sister’s excitement


Maan  –its for your uni admission, new uni life, so new mobile


Aniee ‘ you are the best


Aniee said while giving him a said hug. Soon she started to open another gift pack


Maan’s thought went to the dinner convo. What happened all of a sudden that daadi ma was not even ready to listen Geet’s name, forget about discussing the matters


He need to go to Handa mansion and talk with mohindar uncle. He needed to know everything. 


He thought went to Geet. The time they both were in college. The way he saw her today, its not the geet whom he knew from his childhood, not the geet whom he left 5 years ago


Something is not right, he could guess that


He looked at aniee who’s busy in opening the gifts and talking with herself, completely unaware of her surroundings


He smiled to see her. And decided to ask her


Maan- waise aniee


Aniee ‘ ji bhai


Aniee replied still busy on her own task


Maan ‘ what happened in handa house after I left?


Aniee looked up at him and chewed her lips, like hesitant to tell anything


Aniee ‘ wo bhai, geet did some mistake and all are angry on her.


Maan knotted his brow.


Maan- angry for 4 years?


Aniee shrugged her shoulder


Aniee- mohindar uncle is still in same condition, may be that’s why all blamed her. But i don’t think she’s the only the person to be in fault


Maan- mohindar uncle ko kya hua? And what she did?


Maan almost snatched the red wrapping box from aniee


Aniee- bhai kya kar rahi hai aap?


Maan- aniee first tell me what happened between geet and all the people in these 4 years?


Aniee- wo bhai


PRECAP: what will be aniee’sanswer. Geet’s last 4 years will reveal


Loads of Love


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